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TRON - Resources & Information

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If you missed the migration don't worry, the following exchanges have been confirmed to be doing the swap moving forward:

Binance - You won't see a TRX deposit option for ERC20, but you can send your TRX to any ERC20/Ethereum address because you only have 1 for your Binance account. They will then swap your tokens. Consider sending a small amount first, when you see the TRX appear in your balance, you will know it worked. - You can send you ERC20 tokens here. If you are an American this is not the recommended exchange. They will require you to do advanced KYC. A lot of US customers have complained about this exchange not allowing them to withdraw.

MAX Exchange has completed the TRON mainnet token migration, and support deposits of both Mainnet TRX and ERC20 TRX. You can deposit ERC20 TRX at MAX exchange and withdraw TRON mainnet TRX.

There is a description of the project in the sidebar, as well as more links, some general security information, and our sub rules. Please look at the links in this post, and around the sub for the answers to most questions.

How to vote in Tron Super Representatives Elections

Exchanges that have finished the token migration - updated as needed

Discontinuation of ERC20 Services for Tron Official Website - Withdraw tokens by June 22 and move to a supporting exchange

Official links and other helpful information

Create a new Wallet

View Super Representatives

Vote for Super Representatives

View Tokens - Digital assets can be issued by anyone for 1024 TRX. This does not give them any value in and of itself. Do your research and be careful what you buy.


Official website

Tron Explorer

Tron Explorer - FAQ

Twitter - Tron Foundation

Twitter - Justin Sun (CEO)

Telegram - Main Chat

Instagram - Tron Foundation

Youtube - Tron Foundation

Medium - Tron Labs

GitHub - Tron Protocol

Tron Wiki

TRON Wallets


TRON Help - Telegram

TRON Project Genesis

Official Initiation of TRON’s $20K “Incentive” Plan

TRON Developer Programming Competition - $1,000,000 reward pool

TRON $100,000 USD development loans to encourage entrepreneurship and expand the ecosystem - Instructions & Additional Information

Bug Bounties

TRON Super Representative Election Information

How to vote for Super Representatives

June 25th, TRON Independence Day - To commemorate this exciting moment, TRON Foundation will conduct a burn of 1,000,000,000 TRX all at once, which is worth 50 million USD according to today’s market price - burn completed

Letter to the Community: Odyssey 2.0 - May 31

Letter to TRON community: On Progress of TRON Mainnet And Ecosystem - May 9

Letter to the TRON Community: On Super Representative Elections - April 12

TRON SR Guidelines

STEPS for Applying as TRON Super Representatives

Criteria for TRONSR ranking

TRON Super Representative Election Candidates

Tron Live - SR Candidate interviews

See the candidate list and rankings HERE

Cryptocurrency Security Guides

Tron (TRX) can be managed from a Ledger Nano S through the use of Tronscan Desktop and the Tron app on your Ledger device - Guide

Tips for Keeping Your Cryptos Safe

How Not to get Scammed & Phished


For engineering related jobs, you can email


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[July 18, 2018] Daily Thread: Tron Discussion & Price Talk Welcome Here!

Welcome to the /r/Tronix daily discussion thread

Thread Guidelines:


Cryptocurrency Security Guides

Daily discussions will be used for:

  • Quick questions that do not warrant a separate post.
  • General discussion related to the day's events.
  • Price discussion and predictions.
  • All things TRON related

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and other information on the sub!


Value of Dapps to TRX Price

The imminent launch of the Virtual Machine is important to the structure and growth of Tron.

I've found myself explaining it a few times so I wanted to take a quick post in case people are interested.

Supply and Demand is always going to be the main driver of a currency price. Raising the price requires more adopters or for the supply to be limited.

One of the innovative parts of the Tron ecosystem is that both the these are factored into the system in various ways.

Dapps will increase adoption. People who would otherwise might not be interested in coins can use Dapps and still strengthen the ecosystem. I've seen all sorts of ideas from streaming apps to games, but even if someone is playing a free game there are ways the supply gets affected.

First is bandwidth. Similar to freezing TRX to vote, you can also freeze TRX to give your account more bandwidth. The creator of a Dapp will have to freeze TRX to increase the number of available daily transactions. This is good for the supply side. It's not a coin burn, but it locks up those assets to a similar affect. Some freezes will be more temporary like voting, but the goal is to provide incentives to freeze some of your personal supply Proof of Stake style. Currently I see developers having the biggest incentives for freezing. ( Though voting rewards are nice and I encourage you all to vote! )

Also note: Tron has a great Freemium type setup where everyone gets a certain number of transactions on the network each day even without freezing. TRX that are frozen are not used up and can be unfrozen after 3 days.

The next way the coin's supply gets affected is by the actual "coin burn". It's actually pretty simple. This just means that anyone creating a token on the TRX network has to spend 1024 TRX, which gets forever locked away.

These tokens open up all sorts of doors for other things like microtransactions and customer rewards, which if utilized well will also help push up the demand for TRX and it's tokens. The numerous use cases for TRX could fill it's own discussion so I won't go far down that rabbit hole aside from that I'm excited to see where it leads.

While there is a massive supply of Tron I want people to keep in mind where this is leading. Imagine a Dapp Store where all games games and apps have exchangeable currencies.

It breaks the closed loop of digital stores. It will require a massive supply and I also suspect it'll take some time for developers to fully get the hang of the new platform.

I fully believe creating and learning about Dapps is the best way to promote adoption and control the supply side of TRX. Do your part and Dapp!


TRX on ledger blue?

Hello all. Does anyone know if the TRX so works on ledger blue? All I can find when I search is reference to ledger nano (just got a ledger blue for the first time!) Thanks!


Question abouts SRs.

I must admit I am a little confused. A couple of things. Sorry in advance if this is trivial stuff. If their is a link that could give me this info instead of typing it out it would be much appreciated.

Do SRs need a certain amount of votes to be a SR or just hit the 27 list?

Are rewards given out until they hit the top 27 or when they actually are an SR?

Is there a certain amount that needs to be voted on order to get rewards?

I transferred 10 trx to test tronscan, the voting, and the freezing/unfreezing. I'm now comfortable enough to transfer over more trx to vote.

So now I'm trying to get more info about the SR system.

Also is there any reason to participate in tokens? It seems a lot of people are just making random tokens that contribute nothing other than basically hey donate to me.


Zadea TRON SR – Vote for people.

Before start let’s, as usual ,post our payment page, we dedicate 100% of all rewards to voters:

So, as you know in TRON, SR candidates are people or companies run for top 27 position, take a look here:

Now, what are these ??

These are the genesis nodes, one of them created the first genesis block, the block who starts Tron blockchain.

When you vote for an SR you vote for a person or a company that will represent your ideas, when you do not vote, or you vote for any SR in top 27 you just extend the time genesis node remain in top 27.

Why this is not good?

Genesis nodes do not represent any of us, you will never know who’s behind a genesis node, TRON hide their identity on purpose to protect the network. However GR nodes must stay there to protect the network. Why? Because they setting the barrier to enter in top 27 to 100 millions, this avoid that anyone with a bunch of TRX will take the control

GR get reward as other SR but none can withdraw this rewards, it’s hardcode in tron protocol. In other words they continuing burning money but almost none know this, so this do not help TRX price.

If you want to support Tron network help the community to remove GR from tops 27 as soon as possible, there is only one way, VOTE!

Now if you strong believe in one of the SR that already reach top 27, vote for him, but if you do not know who vote or you want to really help the community vote for who is not in top 27, at least until all GR disappear.

This will terminate the constitutional era and TRON will enter in next ERA.

Vote for people, and for sure vote for ZADEA!


Did I miss something?

Hi all,

Sorry for being totally out of sync here.

Back at the start of the year I bought some TRX to hodl. Today is the first time I have come back to the crypto world and I’m reading stuff about exchanging TRX and/or an end of June migration? I ha e no idea what this means.

Might someone please be able to give me a quick 101 on it?

Thanks in advance.


GameofTrons - Trading Card Game [dAPP] for TRON (TRX)

Hello Tron Community!

we are working on a Trading Card Game for TRON and put today our Token Sale on Tronscan.

Who are we?

We’re working for Industries - since 17 years. We’re Programmer, Designer and Animators from Germany. We love decentralization and we love TRON. We are working on a Trading Card dAPP for the TRON Blockchain. And we think this could be a milestone for the community.

Tell me more about the Game?

The game is a mix of: Cyberspace, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, Beat 'em up (Streetfighter) and Final Fantasy 7 combat system. By Dec we want to put a working version online. But only with 2 characters. You do not need an account to play the game. Go on the Site and Play. At this stage we need your support. You have to tell us what you like and what you don´t like.

From Jan - July 19, we implement the game in the Blockchain. From then it is possible to register and create your own character and buy equipment.

Important: Game stay always Free-To-Play

Why should we buy GameofTrons Token?

We think that TRON can be the NEXT BIG THING and a real NEW better Internet. If we compare Apple and Microsoft in the Past. Microsoft had Programms like Word, Excel and GAMES. And Apple Lose a lot of Users

So, please support Us on

and buy some Token – we have a really great Project and a funny cool Game for the Tron Community.

On Our Website, we will report weekly and collaborate with the community.

We are not a big agency. Thus, we need the support of the community.


TRX is FAST and the Ledger Wallet is great

Up until now the only other coin this fast was Ripple (XRP). I am pleased to finally see another coin just as fast.

Also congratulations on the working Ledger Wallet. Now I can tuck my TRX safe and sound away there.

I honestly expected the ledger wallet to take longer. Super happy and pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work!

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[July 17, 2018] Daily Thread: Tron Discussion & Price Talk Welcome Here!

Welcome to the /r/Tronix daily discussion thread

Thread Guidelines:


Cryptocurrency Security Guides

Daily discussions will be used for:

  • Quick questions that do not warrant a separate post.
  • General discussion related to the day's events.
  • Price discussion and predictions.
  • All things TRON related

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and other information on the sub!


🎉🎊We did it together! 🎊🎉 Starting next round we will be SR!!!!!🔝🔝🔝

🙏Thank you for supporting us and electing us to represent YOU in TRONSR.
We worked very hard for this and now we did it, we have reached over 100MM votes.😍
This is just the beginning, please continue to #VoteCryptoGirls and we will keep up the good work for TRON community!


Zade TRON SR: let tell you how this begun.

It was during the night , it started at 4:00 AM, here in Italy , we was there with more or less 20 more candidates, few us now are in top 27 now, most of us are still fighting to reach the “forging zone”.

Before mainnet started TRON asked us to conduct 2 tests, the first test was in the morning (western Europe time), the second one during the night. It was not easy to coordinate more tan 20 people all over to world so the 2 tests started with a delay then more than an hour.

After the second test TRON created GRs and announced that they support the network during constitutional phase, big disappointment for most of us, but none surrendered we believed (and believe) that we reach top 27.

So, after mainnet launch the first SR candidates came online, but we needed 10K trx to become a candidate. All exchanges didn’t permit any transaction, so how to do that?

Each of us, sent 15k TRX before launch and, after the launch, TRON foundation sent this amount to our wallet.

In this period we knew Zoe, she was the girl in charge to transfer our TRX.

“Zadea please confirm that you received 2 TRX on testnet”, “Zadea please confirm that you recive 2.23 on the mainnet”, “Zadea did you receive all TRX?”.

We are still in contact with other SR and candidates, but it is a lot of time that we do not hear Zoe. We miss a lot our mascot.

After this, first exchanges started to open “Houbi open” said Marcus the first time, and we arrived till now.

It seem it was a year ago but it is less than a month , maybe because thing accelerated in tremendous mode.

The “Forging Zone” is every day nearer but will be a long path for most of us, we really hope that all people that stayed there during that night will became SR.

We want to say thank you to all, even if we are still here, thanks to TRON to let us starts in first position, thanks to other SR and acandidates to continue to support each other, and thank to Zoe during that funny night.

See you there guys.

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