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This video was recently posted on YouTube. It's an interesting conversation between these two men, and runs fourteen-plus minutes. Pizzolatto is incredibly eloquent and it's obvious that he's deeply invested in his characters.


I'm from New Zealand so not familiar with the american cars. Thanks


Do you think there's any possibility we'll get a teaser after the season 2 finale of Westworld?


please explain me what is mean that tattoo ?

there is much mean, as , it means, "last, light is winning"

maybe it mean, evolution, or just generation formating generation !!

i want exactly !


As title suggests, I've landed on the subreddit a few times and enjoyed it. I am currently rewatching season 1 while paying particular attention to the concept of the Unrealiable Narrator. I'm enjoying it because this has little to do with the director/actor portrayals-I know that's debatable-but really makes the focus on Nic Pizzolatto'a writing.

The unreliable narrator concept normally involves an author/writer pulling a trick on the consumer (American Psycho, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects). This show was hotly contested on the subject when the episodes were premiering; then when the big-bad turned out to be Rust's religious orientated, conspiracy theory it was largely dropped.

I believe this show is an excellent example of unreliable narration in that we discover the two main characters are largely lying to themselves. Marty tries to make himself believe that his story is from the perspective of family man, whose faults do not cross the line of decency, while Rust is trying to convince himself that the concepts of individualism and eternity are a fruitless grasp to find meaning in life.

Would greatly appreciate anyone else chiming in on this...cheers.


Something I always wondered and figured it would be a good topic of discussion for a post on here. In Season 2, when Frank is having his final showdown with Blake in his office, he says "Me ... I always saw a difference between a whore and a pimp, a whore can still have integrity."

I've always wondered what exactly about a whore/pimp he meant gives or doesn't give them integrity. I get the gist of what he's saying, but I'm wondering if anyone on here might have a more articulate explanation? Also, what do you all think? Can a pimp have integrity?

PS, sorry if someone already posted about this, I just never saw it mentioned so I figured I'd post.


That season 3 is incredible like the first. I’m about to start season 2. Wish me luck. Going in with LOW expectations, I consider myself lucky that I watched this show late. Cus everyone went into season 2 with of the chart expectations. I think I’m gonna really enjoy this.


Did anybody ever get him out of that ditch?


I thoroughly enjoyed watching those clips after every episode. It helped me to better understand the show, plus there are some really great quotes. My favorite is Nic explaining Rust's "light vs dark" quote. Nic said that Rust finally realized that "optimism is no more necessarily an illusion than pessimism." What do you guys think?

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