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Stickied post

Someone made a post but I wanted to make an official one and sticky it. We are currently in talks about what the plans are for this one. The date for it is June 9th, and if you're doing your calendar math, is in the middle of Ramadan.

Someone suggested actually having Iftar and that is something we will check into as well. Stay tuned for details. Most likely, when we have details.


Greetings I am Canadian but currently finishing high school in Saudi Arabia, I am interested in studying law in a university in Tunisia (preferably Sousse). How do I apply and what are the requirements? (Also I completed high school in English but I speak Canadian French) Thanks for the help


everyone gotta have a taxi story , you might as well tell it


Hello peeps, anyone has any recommendations about places to go in the morning that are female friendly (and are not like 8dt for a watered down piss flavored tea) ?

u/karim2k suggested bistrot1910 which I'm probably going to go to if there are no other recommendations.

Help a fater out!


Any suggestions on renting an automatic car in Tunisia? There doesn’t seem to be many current websites in English. I’m looking for something affordable (~80 TND / Day , 100 TND max) possible or no? I will need it for 8 weeks. Also, is it normal to rent through a website or should I wait until I arrive to discuss prices? Any info is helpful! Thanks


Hey mods, are we having the meetup this year in Tunisia (June 17), any idea about the location? Who is in charge?

Reddit global Meetup details here:


Hey guys, I will be flying from London to Lamezia on the 14th and would like to leave Lamezia (perhaps by train to Rome, and then fly out from there) and arrive in Tunisia on the night of the 20th-21st. What is the cheapest way of doing this? I can fly to France (for example) and then go from there, take a ferry or do a reverse illegal immigration boat trip. What is the cheapest method of completing my journey?


Hey there, i know that this sub is relatively dead,but i am just curious if there is even one person who share the same views as me, is there any Facebook group or page were you guys meet and share thoughts !

sometimes you just feel like you are alone.

i would love to get any PM or comment, but i will not expect a lot honestly...have a nice day, Tunisians.

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The subreddit for both citizens and visitors of Tunisia to discuss.

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