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They might as well get Donald Sutherland to play Jack Bauer just to conclude his story.

Rant over.


Hi, first I would like to give some quick background. I am a huge 24 fan like many of you and became more and more addicted and obsessed with 24. So, starting after season 5 aired, posting on the message board on the main FOX site, I wrote my own season 6 that took place after season 5.

Then when season 6 was done, I wrote my own season 7 that continued from season 6. Then I wrote a season 8 that took place after MY season 7. THEN after the real season 7, I wrote a season 8. All posted on the main FOX site message board. I got great feedback and people really seemed to enjoy it and I would really like to keep doing the same if possible.

So, after season 9 was over, I started writing my own season 10 to continue the story we all want to see. I posted it on the message board at IMDB and got good feedback there as well but as we all know IMDB wiped their boards clean. So here I am trying to make another attempt to get this in front of 24 fans yet again.

Here I have the first 9 episodes so far for season 10. I hope this might be something you're interested in and if so, let me know and I love feedback. Especially let me know if you want to see it continue as I do pretty much write for you guys.

Here it is:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.


I loved this show when it aired live. I recently decided to rewatch from the beginning and I'm on Season 2 now. I remember really liking Michelle, but one thing I didn't fully realize the first time I watched it:

Michelle singlehandedly prevented WW3.

She was the only person to argue that Sayed may be telling the truth after his interrogation at CTU. She then asks Jack to speak to him, since no one else will believe her. She defies Tony and Carrie's power moves to not disrupt President Palmer's war plans. Jack then discovers that the Cyprus recording was fake. Without her, the season ends early and the US goes to war with the 3 Middle Eastern countries believed to be abetting terrorists.

I'm new to this sub so please forgive me if this post is out of order. I just always liked Michelle's character and so wanted to share.


My wife and I are watching this for the first time and we just finished Season 3. What the hell was with the hand shake burning President Palmer at the end of Season 2? It's like they never really came back to that...


i really liked her when she was apart of the crew. im currently rewatching season 4 and it just feels depressing. the old gang is gone it feels like and nina always felt like the main part of that until we found out she was a bad guy


So I love this show but I haven't seen it in years and when I first saw it, I took it really seriously. But I decided to watch the whole season in a day and now I can't believe that I never saw how funny it is.

Mostly its because of Vladimir Bierko character. He's meant to be some ultra nationalist terrorist and his ultra nationalist friends and he are running about America trying to set of poison gas. Except while his friends have Russian sounding accents, Vladimir is the most English sounding guy I've ever heard. He doesn't even try to fake an accent. This makes no sense whatsoever.

I think he's an awesome villain and despite the comedic incongruity of his inexplicable British accent, he makes the season much more watchable. But its just funny the producers couldn't be bothered to make him speak like a Russian. Oh, and Logan is amazing as the scheming nefarious President.

I still love the show, but now I love it more and for different reasons.


Abort all plans for the court drama spin-off and send a big offer Kiefer's way!


I just finished Season 3 (holy hell) and I’d like to make sure in order for the whole series. I know there are other little parts that came out later, so if someone could tell me like the chronological order, that would be fantastic!

Side note but S3 just blew my mind. Can’t wait for summer to binge watch everything else.


Kate Morgan is a badass character and she is like a female version of Jack Bauer so I do not get why the producers do not do a season about her in which she is working with the CIA in another country in order to help them with a mission that went wrong.

In this way they can innovatete the show with a lot of new things that you can do with the CIA in other countries. Tony Almedia is a mercenary so he can be working on his own mission in this country and after it can help Kate and work with her. Chloe is always where the action is so she will also be there.

In the last few episodes they can do that all of them help to rescue Jack in order that Jack will help them in a final mission and then he will finish all of the bad guys and the man that was the mastermind behind the day events. They will resolve Jack's storyline and then they could do more seasons with Kate Morgan, Chloe and Tony.

A season with Kate Morgan was proposed like millions times by people in the internet so I don't get why the producer of 24 and Fox who want to continue the 24 franchise don't do it or even say that there is a possiblety of a season with Kate Morgan.


Watching my favorite season again and just finished episode 13, the centox attack on CTU. The part where Lynn volunteers to restart the ventilation. I know it's just a show but common sense... there was none. Why didn't the guard run straight outside as soon as Lynn left? Why wouldn't they at least try? Gosh it's so frustrating. I know Lynn was a dirt bag but that doesn't mean he should die. The security guard just stood there! Knowing the centox would fill the room he was in. C'mon bro! At least try! I love this show. Best thriller ever.


Anyone watch it? It deffentley fills the 24 hole for me a little bit even if it's more on the president/ government side.


President Allison Taylor: You've resigned from government service and the Senate regards you as having been a renegade Agent. How am I supposed to know where your loyalties really lie?

Jack Bauer: With all due respect, Madam President, ask around.


I saw someone asking on this sub for a map of filming locations ( - it was ages ago now but I just saw it. If anyone is interested, I did this for the filming locations of season 1 here:

If people like it I can do the other seasons too.


Just finished watching seasons 1-8 again for probably the 5th or 6th time and I watched redemption for the first time. I’m not sure why I had never watched it before but it did make season 7 better.

It had been long enough that I didn’t know everything that was going to happen until I started watching. Season 8 has an amazing finish. Funny that Jack gets stabbed and shot and can still walk away.

Season 6 was probably my least favorite. Prescott was terrible. Curtis gets shot.

Season 4 is still probably my favorite. Marwan was such a badass villian.

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