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General Election of 18 June 1970

Electoral Map 1970
Party Leaders Edward Heath (Conservative), Harold Wilson (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), William Wolfe (SNP), Ian Paisley (Protestant Unionist), Gerry Fitt (Republican Labour)
Seats Won 330 (Conservative), 288 (Labour), 6 (Liberal), 2 (Unity), 1 (Scottish National), 1 (Protestant Unionist), 1 (Republican Labour), 1 (Independent Labour)
Prime Minister during term Edward Heath
List of MPs Available here
Number of MPs 630
Total Votes Cast 28,305,534
Notes The 1969 Representation of the People Act reduced the voting age to 18. Considered to be a surprise victory for the Conservatives as most opinion polls had Labour with a majority of up to 12.4%. Last election prior to 1997 in which the Labour party won more than 40% of the vote. Up until 2017 this was the last election in which the third largest party got less than 10% of the vote. Following the breakup of the Conservative-UUP alliance this was also the last election in which a nationwide UK political party won seats in Northern Ireland.

General Election of 28 February 1974

Electoral Map (February) 1974
Party Leaders Harold Wilson (Labour), Edward Heath (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), William Wolfe (SNP), Harry West (UUP), William Craig (Vanguard), Gwynfor Evans (Plaid Cymru), Gerard Fitt (SDLP), Ian Paisley (DUP), Dick Taverne (Democratic Labour)
Seats Won 301 (Labour), 297 (Conservative), 14 (Liberal), 7 (Scottish National), 7 (Ulster Unionist), 3 (Vanguard), 2 (Plaid Cymru), 1 (Social Democratic and Labour), 1 (Democratic Unionist), 1 (Democratic Labour ), 1 (Independent Labour)
Prime Minister during term Harold Wilson
List of MPs Available here
Number of MPs 635
Total Votes Cast 31,321,982
Notes First election to take place after the UK joined the EEC also the first election since WWII to produce a hung parliament. All 12 Northern Ireland MPs were elected from local parties, the SNP double their voteshare in Scotland and increase their MPs from 1 to 7 and Plaid Cymru gain their first MP. Both Heath and then Wilson would try to obtain the confidence of Parliament. Heath resigned after failing to build a coalition and Wilson ran a minority government until another election had to be called later that year.

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I'm Associate Editor and political writer at the Daily Mirror and a regular guest on TV and radio programmes including Good Morning Britain, Sky News, LBC and This Week, when I dress up to review whatever's happening in Westminster.

Weak and wobbly Theresa May's the sixth Prime Minister I've watched up close and Jeremy Corbyn the sixth Labour leader. Brexit will be a bigger disaster than even the relegation of my football team, Sunderland, to League One. Yep, it's that bad. Ask Me Anything!


EDIT: Thanks for all your questions. Sorry I haven't got around to answering all of them - I've got to head off to a meeting on the organ transplant bill. (You can read more on that here:

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Whether you are on team leave or team remain, nobody can deny that the average citizen has an awful lot more true information about Brexit now than it did at the time of the referendum. We also now have a much better idea of what sort of deal may be made.

If Brexit is truly the will of the people given all the information at hand then why is nobody in the leave camp confident enough to support a second referendum?

Edit: Obviously I'm in the remain camp. Just trying to understand the other side of the fence, not trying to be argumentative.

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