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We need new mods!

After some problems it didn't really work out to invite additional mods in the last round - so let's start another round of nominations.

Currently more or less active mods are only me, /u/Rusty_The_Taxman , /u/ri0tnrrd .

The nominations from the last round are still up, that is:


If you find yourself on that list (or if I missed somebody), please report back here, if you're still interested in becoming part of the team. I'll also pm you a link to this thread.

Let me add a part the text of the last thread, that's still all valid:

First and foremost, we'd like moderators who are already familiar with the culture and rules of the subreddit. If anyone knows of someone who would be a good fit to help moderate here, either from inside or outside the community, feel free to nominate them and we'll take it into consideration. Partisanship is inherent in a conflict as divisive as Ukraine, so it's expected that users will have their own personal biases in regards to the conflict. With this in mind, we're looking for moderators who are able to set their biases aside and interact as a moderator objectively and critically in line with the rules. There have been issues with this in the past from our modteam, so we've realized the special need for this. And the thicker the skin, the better - if you can scroll from a modmail calling you a Russian troll to a modmail calling you a Ukrainian Nazi without flinching or having your duties impacted, all the better.

Oh, and along with this comes a need to revisit the current status of the subreddit and examine which issues you guys believe are prevalent here, and what action may be taken from both the community and the modteam to solve them. So in addition to nominating moderators, feel free to bring up any gripes you may have or issues you believe need to be addressed, but in a constructive manner - what action may be taken to solve them in the future.

Let me also add, that we indeed had some such problems in the meantime - I had pretty persistent stalkers, of which one even got me banned on another sub, using fake messages. So take into consideration that such things and some drama might happen.

We'll leave this up for about a week and will then decide and invite the new mods. Don't hesitate to nominate yourself or somebody else because of a lack of modding experience, you'll get an introduction from us, other things are much more important. If you only want to care about something in particular, like organizing AMAs, the design of the sub, ... - it is also possible to become a mod and to support us in that way.

Now it is up to you! And sure - you can also nominate yourself :)

Please debate the nominations - as well new ones, as also the old ones to help us with the decision. And as always: please keep it civil ;)


Hi, guys.

I am working on a research project that has to do with the way Yanukovich came to power. I am particularly interested in his election campaign against Yulia Timoshenko in 2010, specifically in his campaign rhetoric. Does anyone know of good resources where I could find his statements, speeches, interviews, and such?

Sorry if this post is off-topic.

Thank you.

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