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Little Weirdo
1 month ago
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Original air date: Apr 23, 2018

Synopsis: Rachel helps Serena navigate the home stretch and narrow the suitors down to two at Chet's lifetime achievement gala; clashing opinions cause a public fight.


A life-changing offer from Serena and a shocking discovery about Dr. Simon drive Rachel to strongly question her future at "Everlasting"; Chet makes an astonishing confession; Quinn takes one final swing at Gary.

Reminder: This thread is for both live and after-the-fact reactions to the episode. If you don't want spoilers, either watch in real-time with us, or don't enter the thread until you've caught up! If there's something specific that you want to discuss in detail, feel free to create your own post -- and make sure to keep your post title spoiler-free!


Just realised that I listen to the actor who plays aleksey music.... like a lot it’s so weird but today I was doing my make up and I looked at who the artist was for the song I was listening to and it was Aleksey.... I mean I knew he was on Eurovision but I’m stunned i didn’t know I listened to his music lol.


I've googled but haven't found when it's supposed to be up on Hulu, wondering if any of you lovely people had any idea when it was going up or any other place I can watch it before I turn to the...other methods..


I heard good things about this show, watched Season 1 and was absolutely floored. Now I'm considering Season 2, but I know it's gotten a bad rap, while Season 3 seems to be decent.

If season 2 is bad, I'll likely stop watching the show entirely. Would it better off just skipping to Season 3?


Is alexei actually gay? If not, him sucking off jay for Coke makes no sense since he’s already doing the passport to dance show for him... for Coke. When alexei jumped jay I was so confused, like alexei doesn’t have to give jay bjs, he just has to host the show. So either alexei is lying to himself and is actually bi or that plot point was just to have some gay representation for the show. I personally think alexei just kisses up on jay and sucks him off because he’s high and doesn’t really register what’s he’s doing. I don’t know though. Anyone else?


Having some serious FOMO cause i can’t find a download link to the finale. Any kind soul who can link it to me? Please and thank you


At the start of the episode why is it so important for Jay that Chantal go home?

I get that he wants Tiffany to win ultimately to help Darius's career, but why does he want Chantal to be eliminated before Yael? It doesn't make any sense with Jays character since hes wanted a black winner/finalist since season 1.

Even when Darius doesn't want to send Chantal home Jay still sort of pushes the subject. Jay had no stake in Yael either.

It also makes no sense that Darius is suddenly concerned with keeping Chantal over Tiffany because he says all black women will hate him when the episode RIGHT before this he very rudely denied Chantal a date she'd won in favor if Tiffany.

This whole episode just feels very sloppy and no ones motives or decisions make any sense. No character other than Coleman (who's no longer showrunner) has any reason whatsoever to want to keep Yael and yet they're acting like there's no option other than eliminating Chantal.


That's it. I've got a water runoff problem and I want to read up on what he did.



So far we've seen Quinn's white Ferrari Enzo, Gary (then Coleman's) McLaren MP4-12C, and Chet's Aston Martin DB9, among others.

Who owns these? I assume it's one of the people involved in the production, simply because so many exotics have been featured.

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A subreddit for the Lifetime series UnREAL. A (fictional) behind-the-scenes look at the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition show, with a focus on the morally questionable behavior of top producer Rachel and her boss Quinn.

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