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ULPT: You can get Free Amazon Prime forever by using the Amazon Family free 30-day trial of Prime. It can be tedious because you have to use new email accounts each month BUT you can use the SAME billing info over and over.

Everybody knows about Amazon Prime's free 30 day trial and most Amazon shoppers have probably used theirs already. Many have tried to use this trial multiple times with different email addresses, however Amazon recognizes the similar billing info and this eventually will not work as they only allow so many free trial to each person. Although you may be able to squeeze a few months out of it by doing this, you will eventually have to pay.

However if you start your 30-Day free trial of Amazon Prime by going through Amazon Family you can keep getting free amazon prime, month after month with the SAME billing information (as long as you keep creating new emails each time).

Full Instructions Here

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If you have a college email you can get 6-month free trials

If you work for a university you can probably ask them to keep giving you .edu email aliases so you can continue that as long as your are employed there.

That's actually pretty clever. Assuming your school is cool with multiple changes and don't require a lot of info for changes

21 points·9 months ago·edited 9 months ago

My univserity uses Gmail for their email servers, so I'm wondering if the dot trick still works. Does the dot trick work with amazon?

It's been working for me I've used my college Gmail to get free prime for two years and refresh it every 6 months with the dot trick.

11 points·9 months ago·edited 9 months ago

Ayyy thanks!! I guess the real pro tip here then is to pick a long university id/email

Or just keep adding dots to the end

Anything after a + is ignored by Google too.

Is equivalent to
Is equivalent to

No idea if it works with Amazon or not though.

It's not completely ignored, you can still see what the send-to address was on the message. It's useful for catching sites that sell your email address, just put the name of the site after the +.

Great point. Thanks for clarifying that.

tons of account systems now filter these methods. Spammers ruined these.

Yeah, you could also do, it's not limited to one dot per char. :P

What's the dot trick?

Gmail ignores dots in addresses but sites like Amazon don't.

So, in effect, Amazon reads and as different addresses but emails sent to either get sent to the same place.


2 points·9 months ago·edited 9 months ago

I wish I knew this before I paid for the year! Definitely will not be renewing and doing this.

So you don't have to change the address on the account or credit card?

a better way is to apply to shitty schools that give out free .edu addresses to any that simply apply to their schools and luckily there are tons of these shitty schools to choose from


Trade schools. 10th grades. (At least in finland, if you apply for either, you're guaranteed a spot.)

Source: in trade school right now

I have a college email but never tried it! I will know

At least in germany you get free shipping if you total cost are above 20€... the trick is to add a dvd (that isnt released yet -> preorder) or something similar to your shopping cart so your overall price is above 20€. Then you get free shipping and you can cancel the preorderd dvd

Nice one. Thanks!

fuck that's genius!

Same thing if you want to buy a "add-on item" or whatever they're called without spending 25$

Cool I'll try this on the UK

Not for long

Been working for me for about 3 years now. Not every month, but definitely 7-8 months a year

45 points·9 months ago

They meant because it's being advertised on reddit

Whoosh at me. Good call.

I bought 10 .edu emails, costed me 1$ each - that's 5 years of prime free, along with many other services

Comment deleted9 months ago

Forums. Not sure where they're sold now, but look on HF and BitcoinTalk

4 points·9 months ago·edited 9 months ago

Buy it on HF or similar grayhat marketplaces. I can buy it for you if you're skeptical - DM me.

Don't forget to cancel after the month is over.

You can cancel it straight away and still get your trial.

12 points·9 months ago

And if you forget to cancel it but notice before you use any of their services, they'll give you a full refund.

Source: happened to me twice.

Ahh, good to know

You can not cancel, let your card get charged the $20 or whatever, then go to support and say it caused you to overdraft and rack up a $40 fee. They'll reimburse you the total $60.

I am seven months in right now . lol

Also, gmail ignores periods (.) so you can sign up as, cancel and sign up as, cancel and sign up as etc. etc. The emails will still come through to the same address. NB I haven't tried this with amazon but I have managed to make it work on other sites.

This is to remind me later, even though this thread is super old.

18 points·9 months ago·edited 9 months ago

My spouse admitted that she does this to hide purchases from me. Wasn't surprised at all.

Been doing this for YouTube Red for more than a year. Probably saved around $200.


I've been doing this for months lol I can't believe people pay for prime memberships.

Comment deleted3 months ago


Lmao, Amazon actually lose money on the two day /one day delivery itself however, it raised revenue by 70% and even more the next few yrs it was implemented. I guess it's a win-win, the more you guys do this, the more money Amazon gets, they probably left this "loophole" on purpose btw. Happy shopping!

The people saying don't post this... do you really think Amazon isn't aware?

I've been doing this for over a year.

The same thing can be done with SlingTV

Holy fuck it's like $14 a month, just buy it

Did you forget this started with Amazon Prime? It's $8.33 a month. Though this tip is brilliant, I'll skip lunch once a month to avoid the hassle

You making it hott lol

thank you :)

This no longer works, Amazon figured us out, so its not viable anymore?

How? I'm on my third trial, 3 diff e-mails, all to the same billing/shipping address

Please tell me what EDU site works that gives you a real working .edu student email? Did you use the student email method?

Nope... Literally made a new outlook / hotmail email account and signed up

1 point·9 months ago

Delete this please

Don't be advertising this everywhere...

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