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Alabama college student walked 20 miles to 1st day of work so his boss gave him his car by Sctvman in UpliftingNews

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I live in this guy's city. I'm seeing a lot of comments saying why didn't he use public transit, get a taxi, ride a bike, or catch a ride with a friend, etc.

Here in Birmingham our public transit is almost non-existent. We have a bus that runs in the daytime to a few stops, and that's it. It doesn't run as early in the morning as he needed, or to the area he needed to go.

The metro Birmngham area isn't bike friendly. He would have had to go through the highway 280 area to get from Homewood to Pelham, which would be suicide on a bike, especially at night. He probably didn't even own a bike, because up until his car had recently broken down, he had a car.

As to why he didn't call a cab or Uber, this guy probably didn't have the money. First of all, he lives in Homewood, which is a very bad part of town, so he's probably poor. Second of all, he was starting a new job, so he hadn't been working. That's probably why he couldn't afford to miss his first day of work and mess it up.

Why didn't he catch a ride? He had to be at work at 4am, first of all. Maybe he didn't have anyone who wanted to wake up at 2:00am and drive him all the way to damn Pelham on short notice. Since he hadn't started that job yet, he didn't know anyone at work he could ask. Since he and his mom had moved from New Orleans, he probably didn't have any family here. Since he lives in Homewood where a lot of people are poor, it's safe to say not all of his friends have cars. The thing is, sometimes on short notice, you just can't always find a ride.

I'm seeing comments from people who think the story doesn't add up. Why is it so hard to believe that someone could have such a work ethic? This guy had lost his home in Hurricane Katrina, so he has probably been through worse shit than having to walk 20 miles. I'd imagine an experience like that would toughen a person up and give them perseverance.

Edit: 3 words for clarity Edit: Let me clear something up about Homewood. There are two parts of Homewood. Because it's right on the edge of Mountain Brook, the rich part of town, there is a nice part of it where rich people live. That area is almost all, if not all, Caucasian. The other side of Homewood is the opposite and has some of the cheapest apartments you can find in the city, almost all African American. More privileged people probably don't even go to that side, so when they think of Homewood they think of the nice part. This guy was going to go work at a moving company, a blue collar job, and didn't have money to rent a car, so safe to say he was not one of the people who could afford to live in the rich part. And because of the difference in parts, if you Google the average house price or income, it's going to be high because the rich people who live on the border of Mountain Brook are going to throw it off. Most of the good part is homes. The bad part is mostly apartments. I've lived in Decatur Georgia and I'm not white so don't assume I'm some racist white person who doesn't know what a bad part of town is. It's not Bessemer or Ensley (which still aren't as bad as Decatur), but if you stay in Alpine apartments, your place is going to get broken into at least once.

Edit again: a lot of people are rightfully pointing out that a lot of rich people also live in Homewood. I'm also going to add that the article said he is a student at Lawson. Anyone who lives in Birmingham knows that it would be highly unusual for an affluent person to go to Lawson. Safe to say he is not one of the rich people living in Homewood if he goes there. He's got to be from the Valley Avenue/Greensprings side of Homewood. Pointing out that there is a rich side of Homewood means nothing when it's obvious by the details of his situation that he would not live there.

Alabama college student walked 20 miles to 1st day of work so his boss gave him his car by Sctvman in UpliftingNews

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His determination should not be wasted on something as evil as the military

Man with down syndrome founds sock company with dad, earns 1.7 million their first year by bambambambamdan in UpliftingNews

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They really should have an offer where if you buy 21 pairs, you get one free.

(Disclaimer: This post not to be taken seriously, more than four times daily, or per rectum.)

15 year old signs into 64 year old blind and deaf passenger’s hands to calm him on plane ride. by Jalapeno2257 in UpliftingNews

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I used to volunteer with the Deaf-Blind. This is how they communicate primarily: signing normally and the DB person lightly holds their hands on the signer’s. It depends on the level of Deafness and Blindness; another way if the DB person has limited vision is to sign closer to their face or making larger signs. You have to adjust your communication for each individual.

I’ve tried a few times wearing a blindfold and feeling signs that way, it’s incredibly difficult but a surprisingly beautiful and intimate way to communicate.

These parents hoped to raise $1,500 for separated migrant families. They’ve brought in $8 million. by AskMeAnythingIAnswer in UpliftingNews

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At 99,999 children that is 0.03125% of the US population.

But it would probably make more sense to open up legal avenues for them to come here.

You think 20-80k unaccompanied children per year is acceptable?

There are also hundreds of thousands of adults per year.

It's a major problem. There are legal avenues. Nothing is prepared to handle that many people.

Hence the need for former Walmarts to house them.

Regular detention faculties house dozens or hundreds of people, not thousands.

Just because you flood here by the thousands doesn't mean you should get to skip the line or not pay your dues.

Why would anyone in the US want low skill, low wage labor? The only reason I can see is to exploit them as a slave labor underclass.

South Bend, IN Mayor Pete marries his partner during PRIDE by marvelgirl1991 in UpliftingNews

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Just because someone's a conservative doesn't mean they're agsinst gay marriage.

Iranian fans unfurl banner at World Cup demanding home country allow women to sporting events by ItsComingHomeLads in UpliftingNews

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From my Iranian immigrant friends, people I know who have been there, and travel videos I have watched, it seems to me that Iran is a much more moderate and progressive place than the government would lead you to believe and one of the friendliest places to visit in the middle East. I don't think most Iranians, especially young Iranians, are religious hardliners at all. I hope to visit someday to see it for myself. I can't say the same for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, pretty much any of the Sunni Arab states that build their economy off oil money and slave labor

'I think he would be proud of me' : Viewers explain why they can't stop crying during the Mister Rogers movie trailer, and how he shaped their lives by miraclesofpod in UpliftingNews

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I've said this before but I hated Mr Rogers growing up.

It took me years to realize that because my family was so dysfunctional, I couldn't trust his kindness or calm voice. It always struck me as some kind of con, and I was just waiting for him to flip out. The longer it took, the worse it would be, so the less I tolerated him.

I'm very sorry about that, Fred. You were one of the good ones. While I missed out, my son won't. Not on your show, or an upbringing where it feels perfectly natural and safe to be kind.

EDIT: thanks for the gold!

'I think he would be proud of me' : Viewers explain why they can't stop crying during the Mister Rogers movie trailer, and how he shaped their lives by miraclesofpod in UpliftingNews

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Unfortunately Fred Rogers succumbed to the inevitability that we all must eventually face. Pledge to yourself and others that you'll do at least one thing that Fred would do, and you'll feel his spirit continue to live on in everything you do.

Florida cops deliver dresses made by a 99-year-old woman to an orphanage in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island by Zack in UpliftingNews

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It's not hard to find speed in Palm Beach County. Someone should get some for the poor lady, just don't tell her cop grandkid. She deserves the good stuff. It'll probably help keep knitting production up unless it makes her hands too shaky like my old man. He used to stay up alll night popping greenies and putting together miniature botes in bottles but he had to stop when the shaking got too bad.

A&W Canada to eliminate plastic straws from all restaurants by Elliottafc in UpliftingNews

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I wouldn’t mind paper straws, but I’ve never used one that didn’t dry out my lips, fall apart while I was drinking with it and generally feel weird

A radical US startup has successfully fired up its zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant by Elliottafc in UpliftingNews

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well, the thing is "buried emission" is not an emission (there is production, but not discharge). And it is important because an emission (as in atmospheric one) isn't controlled, precisely due to the "discharge" part. On the contrary, the CCS burying solutions means you control what the CO2 become, where it goes. And hopefully, you can make it not go in the atmosphere.

Now you're right saying it's an important point on the article, because they give no details about how they bury it, and on an article linked above in another comment, we can read that most actual techniques just put the CO2 in caves, where it can leak and become a problem again. That said, some more permanent other techniques exist as the rock formation described in this same article.

Note that various uses of CO2 (as fire extinguishers) could be a use of such "captured emission". If it's not already.

Anyway I wanted to point out that as you're right to point this question the article don't answer to, you're also wrong to say captured emission isn't emission. It's still pollution, but not emission anymore, it becomes waste.