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A Cancer 'Vaccine' Cured 97% of Tumors in Mice. What's That Mean for People? by Sariel007 in UpliftingNews

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Those sneaky companies, always trying to get away with not following up on their world-changing miracle cures which would be worth trillions of dollars. We really need to put the screws on them to get back to it, otherwise they'll keep shirking us!

New Bipartisan Legislation Would Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs “I don’t know what good can possibly come as a consequence of stifling the growth of solar power.” by Sariel007 in UpliftingNews

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As a Canadian, I welcome the removal of the tariffs on imported Canadian solar panels. For a while there we were afraid you guys would start making more of your own.

LGBT workers are protected from workplace discrimination, Texas judge says in 'earth-shattering' new ruling | LGBT | Dallas News by TheBeninator in UpliftingNews

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Honesty I can’t not say y’all.

What the fuck am I, some filthy northerner that enunciates?

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LGBT workers are protected from workplace discrimination, Texas judge says in 'earth-shattering' new ruling | LGBT | Dallas News by TheBeninator in UpliftingNews

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You don't get to not have sweet tea and say "y'all", sorry. Source: 20-year Texan who is currently being held hostage in Michigan Edit: Thank you stranger! I never thought my southern rage would bring me gold

Rejected by his mother, Nugget McFluffyhead has been bottle-fed, babied and schlepped around town by his Maine owners . by Zeeker12 in UpliftingNews

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How is this uplifting news? They're carting a lamb around like a human baby until he's a year old and they decide whether to shoot or slice him to death.

“There is a growing population of people in our community who have met this particular lamb,” said Purinton-Brown. Meaning, would it be hard to explain [to them] what happened to Nugget, after he lived to the size at which lambs become meat? No, not that. “I would not shy away from that conversation. We have that conversation all the time.”


At North Star, the Websters have a whole pen in the barn designed for the bottle-fed lambs, who have each other for company and artificial milk from a bottle or a bucket. It’s not cheap to feed these forlorn creatures – he said a $42 bag of formula is needed for each of them – but the point is to help them survive until they either become breeding stock or reach the age to be slaughtered (no more than a year).

They kill the boys when they're no more than a year old.. Sheep's natural lifespans are 10-12 years. Sick that they pretend these animals are family. If someone snuggled their puppy in their bed and then shot it when it was 1-2 years old, we'd think they were horrific psychopaths. But these people do this on the regular and people are like nah, all good.

This subreddit is so questionable sometimes.

edit: I care zero about downvotes, but for those who feel compelled to, I'd love to hear your reasoning.

Man drops 326 pounds after needing two plane seats in evacuation from Fort McMurray fire by Elliottafc in UpliftingNews

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What a great story. I've come to believe that there are six or seven moments in a person's life that are the great crossroads. Where the choices you make will drastically change the direction of your life forever. Moments where you stop listening to the story you tell yourself, just for a minute, and look around and see the world how it really is. It makes my soul happy that this man made what's probably the best, or at least objectively most beneficial, decision of his life. I've personally learned (through bad decisions and worse consequences) that its never too late to get better. Happy Monday all.

Body cam footage shows Ohio police officers saving choking 2-month-old girl by DrScientist812 in UpliftingNews

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They end up grabbing the baby by the ankles and holding her out then spinning around real fast to use centripetal force. Very quick thinking by these noble officers.

Body cam footage shows Ohio police officers saving choking 2-month-old girl by DrScientist812 in UpliftingNews

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Am I the only one who read the title super fast and thought it said "body cam footage shows officers choking 2-month old baby"?

I was even more confused when I saw the sub it was in....

Edit: My first gold? In the words of Owen Wilson "wooooow"

'Stranger Things' stars cheer up kid after classmates fail to attend birthday party by editorlyj in UpliftingNews

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My mom died a year and a half ago and I keep replaying moments in my head of me being a shithead from about 13-21. So many senseless arguments, letting her down, making her cry. She didn't deserve any of it. She just loved me and wanted to see me succeed where she didn't. She died before I could ever truly tell her how sorry I was for the torment I put her through.

I'll probably carry it for the rest of my life. I just wish I could tell her I love her, or sit down to one last dinner or give her one more hug.

edit: thank you so much to everyone responding with kind words and stories of their own. We can all be shitheads sometimes and our parents bare the brunt of it. I'm so glad that my comment inspired some people to reach out to their parents in one way or another. I almost deleted my comment as soon as I finished typing it, but all of your replies made me happy I didn't. Reddit is pretty damn inspirational and therapeutic sometimes.

Can we all take a moment to Appreciate Charlotte Pence's response to John Oliver's parody of her new book? by DamnitJimImADr in UpliftingNews

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You just used Christian as an insult and you’re actually talking about someone else being intolerant or an asshole. Woooosh.

She was the only woman in this photo of 38 scientists. 47 years later, she’s been identified. The mystery began with a photo of 38 eminent scientists, and a question: Why did the caption name all the men, but not the young Black woman? by madazzahatter in UpliftingNews

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“When I try to do good, when I try and add back to this wonderful Earth that we have, when I try to protect it, does it matter that anybody knows my name?”

Yes. Yes it does.

There is no reason that the only people who's names we know should be corrupt public officials, criminals, or the latest YouTube sensation. People who do good should be recognized for their achievements, especially when they break a mold or stereotype.

IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad left $23 billion to charity and businesses in Sweden by Sariel007 in UpliftingNews

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It's odd to have this mentality about money left behind when the complete opposite mindset is necessary for environmental conservation.

I Left Jugs Of Water For Migrants Illegally Crossing The Desert Into the US - factbox.tv by PizzaWithWriters in UpliftingNews

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Nope. It just sounds stupid when you compare crossing a border and working off your ass for peanuts to robbing a bank. Like you sound really stupid.

Widower father thanks colleagues who worked 3,000 hours of overtime so he could look after sick son by jrsr201 in UpliftingNews

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It’s good that we have people like you, i would either go insane after 5 mins or could do that as well for hours, without being able to stop until i found the error, depending on if i found it interesting or not.

Edit: Wow thank‘s so much!