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Hi everyone!

Now that more and more details about the economic model of VeChain are being published, the question that naturally arises to me as the owner of a master node is what yield I can expect from it.

Dash, for example, is around 7-8% ROI per year. Is that a value that a VeChain master node will use as a guide? Surely the X nodes will have a slightly higher ROI.

What ROI value do you expect? And what does this mean for the price ratio between VET and VTHO?

I myself hope that a value of about 10% ROI per year is possible.


I keep seeing “until mainnet we’re just speculation and if btc rises we rise and visa versa”, how will mainnet launch fix this? It seems to me like the only fix would be an easy to use/access vet/fiat exchange, otherwise won’t we just keep following bitcoin but with the added cushion of real world public usage perhaps softening the blows a bit?


One of the reasons for the split was because of 'the rate of adoption....requiring partial ven payments'.

Unless that statement is wrong (I misunderstood), then:

  1. The foundation believed that ven would rise above an incremental value that would become too much per ven

  2. And so it made sense to split into 100's.

Does that mean they think that ven would go 100x in price?

I mean, at $5 per ven, even $50 or $100 per ven; those are incremental values that I believe a company can absorb.

For example, being charged in multiples of 5, 50 or 100.

It's when ven would reach 500 or 1000 per ven that it would become..too chunky.



The ICO buyers got in at around 10 cents. Early exchange buyers got in at 25 cents.

BTC slipping back down. If $8000 breaks then I see $7000 as the next stopping point. Getting close to $6000 and if that breaks then who knows. Maybe $4000 which means if VeChain doesn't pump the price will be back to $2 as alts usually fall harder. Might even end up below $2

Now the main net launch will go on. Enterprises will be moved to the main net. The main thing though is these enterprises already have the VeChain they need.

Unless there are numerous large enterprises looking to get in by buying on VeChain I don't see the price pumping if BTC is falling during the next 1-2 months.

Once this live AMA happens and white paper comes out the only other thing that will bring a pump is public testing and open source code in early June.

What's it going to be. Will the selling over power the buying over the next 6 weeks?

Sell into any pump and buy the dip.

If I can sell into the pump. Dump my BTC at $8000 and hope everything tanks and pick up 50%-100% more VeChain then that'll be great long term.

Is big money going to prop BTC up or will sellers over power the buyers short term. Will people who are in BTC longers get margin called? Will people who bought BTC high give up and dump at a loss sending the price down further.

Anyone going to take a gamble at selling for USDt and hoping to buy a lot lower?


My portfolio is doing pretty solid right now and I was considering selling at the profit I've made and buying back in at a dip. Anyone doing this or are you all HODL?

Just looking for some different opinions I know re-buying especially atm with VEN is risky but I feel like I could time it right.



This seem like as good a place as any to discuss this.

Everyone know the dangers of swing trading VEN but I'm wondering if the timetable at consensus will help.

2.20 EST - Sunny is appearing as a panellist to discuss branding and collectables. If there's no announcement here (which seems likely in the context), then I can see some people that hopped on the VEN train today selling as they take this to mean there's no Vechain announcement today.

5.30 EST - the Circle announcement

So I'm wondering if selling during the 2.20 session and buying back in before 5.30 will be advantageous. Somebody talk me out of this! Haha


Heidiho peeps,

Eversince i bought my xNode I am thinking about upgrading it to a Strengthx, since the outlook of return, seems way more profitable than just holding the 6k node. I can’t put more fiat into ven and I also missed the whole stretch from the 20th of March till now and didn’t try to increase my bags through swing trading since I am a lazy bastard. So as time closes till Main net I still want to up my bags. Any advice from the best crypto community, to someone who wants to swing trade with a few leftover Ven? Some general tips in regards to range/taking profits/buying back certain amounts etc. would be nice... I already know a bit about general trading, but I thought maybe you “VeN oldfag traders” know some secret recipes to milk the VeCow more profitable, if powdered or liquid I don’t care^ Don’t wanna work with indicators, just some basic trading. Any discussion/advice is appreciated.


Anyone has an idea what happened here?

Lbank volume basically disappeared. We went from a daily total of 100-135M to 15-20M.

Is it a technical error on CMC or trading got that low?


Hypothetically say in two years time VeChain hits 1000 dollars. How many people would have enough coins to become millionaires? this coin could be life changing for a lot of people. Is there a way to tell?

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