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Yeah, I own both, I don’t get this us v. them mentality, diversify, own both and ride the whole wave. Bet the track, not the horse.

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if u got VeChain and Walton, also look into WaBi.

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Hats off to you. We need a dose of reality and friendship. No need for hatred. We are all in this to succeed.

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Hats off to you my good sir

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Awesome post, thanks. I was just talking today with some friends about how WTC and VEN are probably good for each other, turning attention to the vast potential of this this type of project.

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This is a great post! The VeChain community loves WTC. Olive branch accepted! Let's moon together!

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Brother from an RFID mother.

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As a holder of WTC, VEN, AMB, and WABI, there's plenty of room in this area for all to thrive. We are the early adopters and in the next couple of years we're all going to be sitting pretty.

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Now I have VEN and AMB. WTC is good too, but I do not have it. I do not like WABI.

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Two weeks ago, I sold all of my WTC into VEN. But I think both VEN and WTC are quite good. see here: http://goedhartvoordieren.nl/?page=r/Vechain/comments/7hqw73/the_reason_why_i_change_all_of_my_wtc_to_ven/

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I think most people who own WTC also own VEN

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I like this.

The only reason I don’t hold WTC is I was late to the party and saw more personal upside in VEN. Both will advance acceptance of blockchain and I hope they both do well.

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Thanks for this. Check out my post on r/cc and you’ll see there’s a lot of WTC fans bringing a lot of FUD in there.

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Thanks for the olive branch! Much appreciated. I think we need more "we as a crypto community" philosophy and not so much "us vs them" mentality.

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Hodler of both VEN and WTC!

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Throw that Waltonshit in the bin and join us!

Just kidding. I’m diversified with a bag of Waltons, i see IoT as the best use case for DLT.

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Very well said. Kudos from me, too. Only holding WTC, still think there's enough room for both of these awesome projects, especially in big china. Enjoy the ride!

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keep this shit 100% upvoted. we are all a community regardless of investment preferences and remaining so will only make the entire market stronger

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Whilst the news was epic, this is possibly my favourite post of the day. Bravo, my friend, let us see peace and harmony amongst the communities - they are both worthy of their places in the cryptoverse.

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I've always said the best maximalist is a crypto maxlimalist.

I'll run my VET node and WTC GMN side by side :)

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Cheers, very nice. I really think WTC should engage a reputable consultancy firm such as McKinsey, BCG or another Big 4 to tell their story, it is really helpful.

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(You're not wrong)

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Should have a position in both :)

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Thank you sir, best of luck to WTC as well

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We need people like you for cryptocurrencies to really make it big. Petty feuds, FUD campaigns and infighting will do us in ultimately.

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Absolutely. I honestly think our two communities are some of the greatest in Crypto atm. Most fact and real world use case orientated group of individuals out there. I see no loss for WTC when VEN gains. RFID/Blockchain is the future, and we are all early investors in the space. Wish we would stop the petty fighting.

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This right here. And that's why I own both.

Competition is healthy - and competition does not have to become bitter and personal. To two great projects with a great community!

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Subscribed. Long live RFIDchain

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Where do you stand on WABI?

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90% of wtc and ven hodlers thinks Wabi is distasteful and a quick flip. personally i know for a fact that Wabi is illegal in china, things are on the move for them.

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FUD? u got a source?

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Could you expand on Wabi being illegal in china? This is the first I have heard about that.

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Nah, not gonna give wabi a heads up. You will see.

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I see a future for VEN and WTC. WABI is very, very, customer focused. Their B2C business model is prohibiting in the long run and I believe only a minor benefit of the VEN and WTC platforms

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Anyone who doesn't own both imo is not doing research. I've rather found it humorous because they will be like the Visa/MC competition. They both share similar purposes while being their own entity.

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I agree very much with you. A 2 solution will surely make us even stronger. Same with Coca Cola and Pepsi.

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Classy. Thanks, man.

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I'm a Walton hodler but have been nothing but impressed by your community so far.

I was thinking about investing a couple days ago after the China tweet but was put off by the whole "announcement of an announcement" thing. I was expecting another NEO type scenario. But everyone in your community kept saying that VeChain always deliver. I should have listened haha

Congratulations indeed. I may jump on your train too one day. Blockchain and IoT have a big future and Walton and VeChain seem to be leading the way.