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Posted byu/[deleted]4 months ago

Those of you who hold (will hold) strength nodes, where do you see vechain going?


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$100 VEN by end of year is not unheard of. Based on market cap and popularity of the industry, we could be seeing crazy numbers.

$100 VET is not even crazy and I hesitate to give high estimates on any coin/token. The use case for VET is incredible and adoption is gaining by the day.

I expect VEN and ICX to get near that number. Possibly ENG, but I think that one takes a year or two longer, however, ENG may potentially have the higher marketcap when all is said and done.

I believe 2018 will be huge for crypto. 2017 was the year that the mass majority was reintroduced to Bitcoin/crypto and where speculation drove the price. 2018 will be the year of actual results. We will be able to see which teams are able to deliver and which teams wont.

To answer your question, I believe its entirely possible that we end the year around the $50-100 range. The team has been delivering beautifully and if they continue I fully expect to see VeChain around that price range (minus any unforeseen bad news). It wont be long until you see some of the vaporware projects drop off and money being redirected into actual working projects.

Do you think the mass majority was introduced this year? I think the mass majority really have no idea still! Maybe the mass majority know the name Bitcoin, but certainly not alt coins.

Well by now most people have at least heard of bitcoin. That’s more of what I meant. It’s been reported on the news religiously over the last few months so you would have to be living under a rock to not at least have heard of the name.

I have enough for a Strength Node. Right now, I'm not thinking too much about the price of VET. I want to run my node for a year at least as a nice passive income. If I sell my node, then no more passive income. So may as well just enjoy that while VET matures over time.

We'll all have wild guesses as to where it can go from here as far as market cap and price per VET. I think $100 is entirely possible. But so is $20. Soooo, somewhere between $4 and $500 is where I'm putting my guesstimate.

im in the same boat - just completed my node (11k) and expecting around 5 THOR per day. i used my profits from the last runup to get my node (figured was my last change to get a ~$50k node locked up).

i plan to hold atleast until 2021 likely. the rate of adoption will be a lot faster than in the western hemisphere and im essentially betting in the progression and application of blockchain in huge overseas enterprises.

I'm so tempted to move my other holdings in to make the 50k node a reality for me... But I can't convince myself to put all my eggs in one basket like that as much as I want to.

Do it!

There are a lot of people with all of their eggs in this basket. It seems to be a market changer, and some day may not be considered an alt.

I don't disagree. But I just can't make myself do it. Outside of my crypto portfolio, I am not a rich person. So I want to keep myself split between a few I truly believe in just in case. So I'm big on VEN, REQ, XRB, ICX and BAT to spread the love a bit.

Nothing wrong with that, I am all in on VeChain, I believe in it and I really want to have the passive income so that I can use the generated THOR to increate my VET stack and also to invest in ICOs and low market cap coins without adding in new fiat.

There's always the option of accumulating VET over time as your balanced portfolio appreciates, then BAM, node status and a fat portfolio!

I'm not quite in such a tax bracket with my day job to accumulate that amount at this point. Only reason I was able to get my strength node status was due to my growing crypto "worth" and trading things around. I'd need one of my other holdings to go through the roof before VET did in order to have any hopes of getting that many more VET and still have a comfortably diverse portfolio.

What you said is the exact reason that I plan to transfer some of my crypto riches into traditional assets and investments. Diversification, right? Why not realize some of these gains into real estate, precious metals, index funds, etc.

This crash was perfect timing if someone was on the fence to grab a node's worth.

That's how I view it. Kinda like buying a house early on, except squeeze that typical 30 year pay-off down to, I don't know, 30 weeks? There you're making passive income in the form of mortgage you don't have to pay. And sitting on a giant amount of equity/capital if you ever needed it.

Also can be compared to getting a DASH node early on. So what if your node is worth 1m when you have a tree that's growing money on it. If you ever reaaaallly needed the "house" you could sell it. --Sorry for mixing up my analogies, but the point is. I really want a VEN node to be worth anything close to a DASH node one day.

Please can you explain in laymens terms what a node is, and how much VEN you need for one?

I would, but it's explained many, many times over on this subreddit and in articles far better than I could summarize it.

Thanks. Is a VET currently known as a VEN? And if you buy VEN, it will automatically be known as VET on the exchanges?

VEN is "rebranding" to VET. It will all happen automatically.

Thank you

How do you “purchase “ a node. You mentioned selling your node, do you mean the 10k VET? Does running a node generate extra VET? I read the article and the extra generation is for the higher nodes.

I mean selling my 10k + VET. All VET generates THOR, but when you have a node, you get a bonus amount on top of the regular amount.

I would be very, very happy with $25 VET by the end of the year. I believe it will be more than that, but the THOR it produces will be a great bonus no matter what it’s price levels out at (even though I’ll be holding that as well). February 26 can’t come soon enough.

Somewhere between the Moon and Mars.

I hope my VeChain spacesuit gets here before we take off. Fuck the VEN hoodies and coffee cups.

the rewards of the nodes are paid in Thor Power not VET!

$100 no problem, thinking bigger marketcap, I want to rival ethereum.

Ethereum has way less total supply so $100 ven would be in the ballpark of the total market cap of ethereum at the moment

not even close, 100 * 277,162,000 = 27 bil

Roughly 26% of ethereum, and 30% at the time that was written (go surge!). I guess just outside the ballpark but you get my point

“I guess just outside the ballpark” no, you were wayyyyy off.

Nah not really

7 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

VET will eventually be divorced from its BTC pairing as it's BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) model ramps up. It's definitely a holders coin till 2020 as that is when they will adjust the Thor generation. They are more focused building customer base between now and 2020 and turning up the profit margins afterwards. I see VET at $50 EOY and $100+ by 2020. A lot will depend on which customers they get on board within the next 2 years.

Of course more is always good but those seem like very realistic estimates. Slow and steady! I do hope we see more shitcoins and scams fall and see some of that money go into projects like vechain.

I wish I had a strenght mode. 🌠

Minor bonus, but a bonus nonetheless. Even short of a strength node is pretty nice THOR gains.

5 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

I see VeChain going very far, that's why I bad to sacrifice a few hundred XRB to complete it a few weeks back. Partnerships with massive companies, industries and governments? Yes please. What other crypto out there has done what VeChain has accomplished, and in such a small period of time? I definitely see $50 or so late Q2/Q3, but I'm in it for the long haul/passive income as well.

Nodes reward with thor not with vet

I doubt these companies partnering with VeChain will never use anything.

It just depends how many companies want to use and how many will be buying VEN to generate THOR or just buying THOR on the open market.

The more people adopting the VeChain block chain the higher the price of both go.

So we just need to wait and see how many companies partner up and start using. Give it 6-12 months for the price to really explode.

Nobody has any idea of actual price predictions - I'm a believer in vechain but come on guys, anyone throwing out price predictions is talking out of their ass.

For you people that did post prices, please explain your rationale. Not just partnerships, the crypto market, etc. Its just making our community look stupid. To value the crypto market as a whole is a brand new concept.

Yes I believe the value will go up over time as Vechain becomes a bigger market player and lots of these other unsubstanited hyped currencies fail, but theres no way to predict a price. We should focus more on the adoption rates, real partnerships, and the actual usage of the network beyond a single partnership. A memo of understanding is not enforceable, it just means they agree to work together in some capacity.

I am in no way invoking FUD but I'm sick of seeing people going "$100 for sure because crypto is going to explode in 2018 and they have so many partnerships" A lot is coming in the future but what really matters is will these partners actually implement the technology. (Which I think they will)

Please don't let us become like other communities. if you want to talk price go to the trader subreddit at the very least.

Don't focus on the actual price. If your holding for a quick gain, you shouldn't be here or in crypto at all. These huge crashes are going to happen all the time.

Focus on actual implementation BEYOND partnerships.

Agreed. The COO just said that some of the usage fees will be split across THOR so we have some idea that there will partnership usage of Vechain. The problem is no one knows what those fees will be per item/per scan so all this speculation is baseless.

People always tend to forget that overall marketcap will probably tripple this year very likely scenario. Vechain will go for top10 spot this year, i am pretty sure about that. That will put vechain on a 30b+ market cap (if overall marketcap goes x3), 100 usd or so per token. Very very likely scenario.

i have the same reasoning.

very good question

I previously predicted USD 5 at the end of January, but that was even withhout BTC crashing. I think most people will be happy now with a stable USD 5. I think USD 20 may be possible this year, it all accounts for adoption. Even the fastest growing tech companies (and that's what VeChain will be imo) don't grow 80% a year, so it will take some time. But that's good, time to build the fundamentals.

I don't think value of the coin directly correlates with growth of a tech company. I'd more likely measure that by what they're accomplishing and how many people they have on their team... which is definitely more than 80% more in the last year I'd bet.

I'm not saying its healthy to grow more than that, but It's crypto so I doubt its limited to 80%.

Thad’s so super low. ETH / Neo one year growth?

USD 20 would account for a total market crash when people find out that Bitcoin is outdated and has no-use case. A kind of Nokia/Blackberry moment should happen sometime. Bitcoin is really not that adopted and there are way faster and cheaper methods to pay using crypto (e.g. raiblocks). I do think that enterprise solutions such as VeChain and IOTA will break through first though.

Lol ok good luck with that happening this year

End of Q1 $50-$100 EOY $250-$1000

Heavily invested but lower your expectation. If we can get EOD $100 around 12Billon market cap then it’s more realistic. Once platform matured and we see vechains influences in real life. Then I can see it going up to $200 and up

That’s extremely optimistic. But I wouldn’t be mad at it!

Above tree fiddy

I wouldn’t underestimate the quality of the team and their ability to run vechain in an organized and successful business model.

Meaning not just a good tech product, but great marketing, great technology, great sales and partnership building, great vision, great solution building.

100$ is a realistic price. But not in 2018. maybe at the end of 2019, if some fortune 500 companies joined vechain and the marketplace is live.

Call me the optimist but as long as the market is healthy, no doubt in my mind $100+ early this year.

We will have Fortune 500 company partnerships announced before Q2 of this year....

It's not necessarily unrealistic in 2018 if speculators latch on. It's impossible to forecast the market 12 months out, however VET is one of the few locking up big deals with a low MC and a staking upside.

I'm with you, though. $100 is the optimistic EOY price. I'd split it with $50 and feel fairly confident in that, barring a complete meltdown.

Have you seen the growth of other cryptos, that by the way have way less partnerships/concre use cases? Just look at the top 10 coins' growth between Jan 2016-2017. Your estimate is too conservative.

I have seen the growth. However, Bitcoin or governments may make the market more conservative. That is not excluded.

First and foremost, I hope VEN strength node will be another cog in the wheel of long-term passive income strategy, for me. If VET hits $100 I'll celebrate like no other, but I don't expect that to happen any time soon. If VET peaks at $20 I'm still a happy camper.

Don't have a node but even if it hits 15$ im fucking happy. Still like a 5x on my money.

-20 points·4 months ago(0 children)

what happens when VeChain opens its own exchange though ;)

-7 points·4 months ago(0 children)

Name 1 exchange vechain trades on that the SEC has control over, I’ll wait...

I can see a scenario where US bans trading against these types of cryptos and Binance will be forced to exclude US players from trading against that as well and or ban US players altogether. Who do you think Binance will side with? US traders or Vechain...They don't want to tank their alt coins do they?

Comment deleted4 months ago(0 children)

What do you mean by China catching up to the US in wealth? China is the richest in the world. The US in so much debt.

if the hypothesis/rumors of them having an exchange to buy/sell goods using VET as well as RMB then I dont give a flying fuck what the SEC and USA do.

Also, what u/zk-investor said.

What do you mean “the SEC won’t allow it”? Since when and how the SEC controls Japanese, HK, Korean etc exchanges? :)

-11 points·4 months ago(0 children)

The US is one player and by far not the biggest. Also, crypto in general (not just VEN) is unstoppable. You can try stopping it, then good luck with your country getting stuck in the 20th century. If you think Japan for instance will ban VEN because of the US SEC, you are wrong, respectfully.

What about the fact that Dash and it’s similar master nodes have been around for quite awhile now. In your opinion do you think it’s just a matter of them not taking action yet? Or is there some fundamental difference you see in neo/vet vs dash? I’m not saying you’re wrong, just genuinely asking your thoughts on it.

Most likely will be affected too. I'm predicting way out though. The government is too dumb and too slow to get to this right now.

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