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Holy shit I’m so sick of these news and rumours Just let crypto fucking grow Everyone should know it’s bullshit FUD every time now

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I'm not doing it to promote the growth of anything. But I like being updated on everything so I share what I have found myself as well.

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Nah you’re doing a great thing This will reassure people and buy back in But sick of the panic selling from any article that says Asia banning crypto Turns out to be nothing every time

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I'm trying to accumulate more bags... do you mind!?


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Out of all the countries in the world, Korea buys the most bitcoin. They purposely create this fud so the price will drop and they can accumulate more.

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Nope. I like when cryptos go on sale. Bro.

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I thought they confirmed this a few days ago already?

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you forgot to sign BROY

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I would have thought there is now enough public money invested in crypto to bring down governments who f*ck with their livelihoods like this.

However, they are still getting away with it scott free with absolutely no repercussions.

The crypto investors need to start growing a spine and put up a major fight and the South Korean government seems the perfect place to start