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Non-fifth-grader version:

PwC is kind of a big fucking deal (hereinafter referred to as “BFD”) and they have a preliminary contract with VeChain (hereinafter referred to as “VEN”). Therefore, VEN is kind of a BFD.

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I like this guy.

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How much BFD do I get per VEN?

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BFD to the moon

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BFD? Is that like the next Ripple or something? Where can I get some? What exchange?

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Gimme some of that BFD.


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BFD is an upcoming coin that's going to use Jim Breyer's face for the logo.

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Yeah and when you read about DNV GL it’s like they have gone ALL IN with Vechain, like just setup our massive company to run accreditation etc across the blockchain on Vechain. And they are actively introducing them to huge partnerships. I agree it’s incredible and highly underplayed.

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Welcome to the beginning of real business excellence entering the blockchain space. It's been all amateurs until now. These guys know what they're doing, and they know how to create powerful enterprise-scale relationships.

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I just want a master node but VEN is top notch and forming very strong alliances 😁

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DNV GL is undergoing a large digital transformation, one of the key components will be their new platform “Veracity”. Thia platform would be very all kinds of data, varying from BI to other stuff will be all connected. As I understood, Vechain will be the supplier of the Blockchain for this platform.

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DNV GL also does tracking for Norway's wine Monopoly, which a) is one of the world's biggest importers of alcohol and b) have committed to have fair trade at every single joint in their supply chain.

If that doesn't eventually fall on Vechain, I'll eat McAffee's dick on live TV.

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It's like that Black Mirror episode... only worse. :'(

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You're right, eating a pig's dick is worse.

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Getting a BFD Valhalla Ultranode

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Where do you see the price of VET in 5 years OP?

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I honestly have no idea, I haven't done enough research on the topic to give you any number that would be realistic. Anything below $100b mcap would be surprising though, tbh. Considering their diversity in services.

Their revenue in authentication alone will probably be in the billions before EOY 2020.

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11Billion? The company is valued at 2.9Billion USD

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Norway... Exports... For... $11 Billion... Annually....