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Video Contest Discussion Thread

All video contest entries are online:

Which do you like most? Feel free to share, like, and leave a comment!

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There are so many good ones, but this one stood out for me

Yeah I like this one also Aussie Aussie aussie

Moderator of r/Vechain, speaking officially8 points · 4 months ago

We will leave this stickied for 4 days :)

Hi! Our video is missing from the playlist - we’ve submitted on discord a few days ago and it was confirmed received. Could you follow up on this please?

Our video link:

I ditched all my Eminem albums after I heard this Vechain rap. But my favorite entry is that Sushi one, it’s awesome. 2nd place for me is Antronoid. It’s a 60/40 call.

Yeah Andronoid definitely stands out.

Not Tyrone?

About the same for me. 70/30 though, sushi.

My favs are chill production because I love the use of nature and reality in it that shows its use cases. Plus the Aussie accent, but I'm biased cos I'm an Aussie. I also like vechain for kids because it's a novel way of explaining and it's simple to understand, colourful and fun.

The rap was so gloriously cringe. Bravo!

Gonna listen to it every day now

I’m so hyped for the new album coming out! “99 Problemz but Vechain ain’t one”

Please know that there are some new ones on the list that haven't been added on these forums to see, so you will have to check them out via the youtube list above. Of course, mine is one of them :)

That Sushi one belows my mind. Incredibly well done and it would be easier to dub in new languages than the live-action ones. I hope they vote for that one.

If you mean video #22, then I agree.

Sushi one knocks it out of the park imho. Would be easy to dub into different languages too.

Which one is the sushi one?

Do you mean this one? It's my favorite right now. And I agree, it would be easy to dub into other languages.

Video linked by u/CouchBomb:

TitleChannelPublishedDurationLikesTotal Views
VeChain: An Introductiontowelkeeper2018-02-070:04:38187+ (97%)3,147

This is my entry for the first VeChain video contest. I...

^Info | /u/CouchBomb can ^delete | v2.0.0

Yes this one. The sushi one.

A for Acne for Pardigm.

I really like the sushi one and the one of Andronoid as runner up! Great videos

My scorecard reads the same!

The animation ones are so professional goddamn.

Antronoid and sushi are straight up pro, and as others have mentioned, gets plus for easy dubbing in other languages. 'Vechain for kids' has a special place in my heart though :)

Bravo to all who shared their time, effort, creativity, and belief in this project! You are all amazing!!

Every video in there looks amazing

Hi guys. I made a contribution: Hope you enjoy!

Can the mod name each entry or number them and provide a poll to vote? This is a little messy if we are just voting by typing what we feel!

The sushi video was raw.

Towel keeper & VECHAIN FOR KIDS both get my vote if I was vechain. Both incredibly well done. I’ve shared both to different people to explain what I’ve got myself into.

Sushi video gets my vote, as others have said good for translation, and also no issues of who owns copyrights and $ to live action shots and clips used on some other videos.

You can't assume that all live action will run into copyright issues. Some of us actually know what we're doing ;)

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