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RIP weak hands

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I bought back at 48k sat :p

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unfortunately i have no idea what im doing and im already all in so...

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same lol

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All in and not going out. I've lost on every swing trade I've attempted. Not trying again, even if I feel 100% certain

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I avoid trading a bunch. I just buy and hodl

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I don’t know who do this, but he’s a genius, he slowed the market for some days to create a dip, bought back at 48k sat slowly and now he make a pump, so much people gonna fall in it « vechain get back to normal »! I bet in 24h we back at 60k sat

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All Aboard!

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Im all in here and hodling regardless, but sadly it wouldn't shock me at all to see it go back down below 48 tonight. Such is the life of a vechain hodler...for now 👍

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I dunno guys, look at a 4 hour or even a day chart. This would be the shortest correction in history from an ATH if that was it. I'm skeptical.

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Short but pretty huge correction no?

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Not really when you consider it went up something like 2000% in about a month. But who knows. Maybe it's done, i really don't know. There are some BEEFY sell walls just over $6 though.

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Where can u see the walls? It’s on pro mode ?

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They have actually slipped out of view now that the price has dropped.. But they are sitting between $6 and $6.10 (ETH/VET charts, Binance) and range from 8k - 20k ish. There's about 6 of them.

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Ok thanks bro

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20k VEN isn't a meaningful sell wall. When there were real walls and obvious suppression a month ago, the walls would often total between 800k and 1M

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Why is everyone here so hung up on 30 min candles? This is a long term hold who care what whales are doing on the day to day candles? Just HODL and dont check the price for 6 months and u will be rich .

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Why u come on this subReddit so? Can’t we talk?! Cya in 6 month so brotha

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Buy Rosetta Stone.

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It wasn't at an ATH...

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This is a chumps pump. It basically just stopped bleeding but no real pump imo

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Sadly yeah it's just another part of the manipulation

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More like dumped lol

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Look volume, look 1 hour charts, get pumped, slow but pump

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You're definitely right. More then Normal activity happening at the moment

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Big sell walls during 1 week, dip, then, slow pump they got alot of time and money to manipulate the market!