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Daily VeChain Discussion - July 22, 2018 by AutoModeratorRedditor for more than 1 year in Vechain

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Everything is correct with your plan to acquire some VET.

Have you ever heart of the saying "Not your keys? Not your Bitcoin." It means to always have your cryptos in a wallet you control. Especially when your alternative is a sketchy exchange like LBank.

Be sensible and transfer your VET to your mobile wallet.

edit: I don't know how this comment deserves gold but thank you very much nonetheless, kind stranger.

Introducing Totient as a Partner Pioneering New Heights For The VeChainThor Ecosystem by noah_vechainVechain Rep in Vechain

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I think this is a different partnership than people are used to but largely a significant one.

VeChain has been releasing partners that are existing businesses. This is a case of several millionaires picking VeChain as their home platform to build their legacy on. Each of their members has an impressive resume and the connections they show on their website are already pretty large.

They have a solid tech background and have demonstrated they can build products that users need.

The most exciting thing is that this is VeChain honoring one of our own as a full fledged partner. That to me is truly inspiring.

This speaks to me loudly that VeChain isn't just something I can sit back and just shill about. This is a project I can claim as my own and build it myself. By introducing Totient, this to me is VeChain saying "we welcome you".

I think this is powerful.

EDIT - It is statements like this that make it worth it:

"have been working with Kevin and Clinton since we met in the New York meetup. really impressed by their profesionalism and efficiency. We would like more partners to join the VeChain community."


Three cheers for Vechain - the absolute best by [deleted] in Vechain

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How about adding two to make it V cheers ?! :)

r/cryptocurrency mods have banned Vechain posts for a month by LactatingJello in Vechain

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I was going to post this to r/cryptocurrency, but fuck it:


As a V-echain holder, this is extremely disappointing to see. I believe the the actions taken by r/cryptocurrency moderators are completely justified. Moderators need to protect this subreddit from potential manipulation at all costs.

Additionally, V-echain is a long term hold who's success does not depend upon individual adoption, but industry adoption. Individuals who participated in these actions clearly do not believe in the project as they risk V-echain's reputation for short term gains. SHAME ON THEM.

Finally, what is most disappointing out of this situation is the lack of transparency from the Mods at r/V-echain. A sticky clearly explaining the wrongdoings should be made including these screenshots. V-echain is not a PnD project, they should be open and honest about this whole situation, and attempt to remove bad actors.

Daily VeChain Discussion - January 16, 2018 by AutoModeratorRedditor for more than 1 year in Vechain

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We go down to 4 again

China Blockchain 2018 expectations by Orlix666 in Vechain

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The VeChain Twitter account just retweeted this and deleted it in an instant.

Not sure if that was a genius deliberate attempt at getting us hyped, but it sure worked on me. /edit: ah there it is again.

/edit2: Huh, that came out of nowhere. Thanks for the gold!