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r/cryptocurrency mods have banned Vechain posts for a month by LactatingJello in Vechain

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I was going to post this to r/cryptocurrency, but fuck it:


As a V-echain holder, this is extremely disappointing to see. I believe the the actions taken by r/cryptocurrency moderators are completely justified. Moderators need to protect this subreddit from potential manipulation at all costs.

Additionally, V-echain is a long term hold who's success does not depend upon individual adoption, but industry adoption. Individuals who participated in these actions clearly do not believe in the project as they risk V-echain's reputation for short term gains. SHAME ON THEM.

Finally, what is most disappointing out of this situation is the lack of transparency from the Mods at r/V-echain. A sticky clearly explaining the wrongdoings should be made including these screenshots. V-echain is not a PnD project, they should be open and honest about this whole situation, and attempt to remove bad actors.

China Blockchain 2018 expectations by Orlix666 in Vechain

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The VeChain Twitter account just retweeted this and deleted it in an instant.

Not sure if that was a genius deliberate attempt at getting us hyped, but it sure worked on me. /edit: ah there it is again.

/edit2: Huh, that came out of nowhere. Thanks for the gold!