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Take a look at The blockchain is coming to life. Another dApp onboarded?

The address 0xcB6d6F74D14c7d983918691BAf2B10D6f526925e is making a transaction with 100 clauses every block (every 10 seconds).

Edit: Also check out We're burning vtho like never before.

Edit 2: Seems the smart contract 0xeddc51042586b66cf8fb75e971636c76ce2e9c35 is sponsoring the transactions using MPP.

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I'm not a young man and many of my friends and family are older and are in the mindset that "Bitcoin is a scam" I have posted to Facebook welcoming friends and family to reach out to me with any questions regarding Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto currencies. I let them know that this will be a part of their lives, and that they will have digital wallets and will be paying in cryptocurrency someday, just a matter of time.

I've scooped up some extra VET at these sale prices with the intention to set friends and family up with VeChain wallets. I've already got my youngest comfortable creating, deleting and restoring a wallet and sent him a few hundred VET to get started, and it made me think that helping friends and family get set up with a VeChain Wallet and adding a few bucks of VET is a great way to get people interested, you can move into VTHO and how VTHO powers the blockchain. I'm going to get my other boys set up this week when I see them and I will work on my parents and siblings next

I found these videos to be helpful too

The first one is a bit long but and easy watch, its a financial planner talking about the future of the economy will millennials, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The next are vechain, first an overview, the last few are just a minute or two each and explain just a few projects

And then this one to explain the wallet to help them get set up

I would love to hear how everyone else is helping to spread the word. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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Who won the lottery today?

Answered now: Day 25: Using the 429014th block and a random number generator, we are pleased to announce that all wallets ending in '4' and balance over 50K VET are the winners of our VET Token Lucky Draw event! Your 1,000 VET reward will arrive in your wallet within 24 hours.

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My parents asked me to buy them 100k VET, which I just did. I also currently own an X-node. Since I’m the custodian of their investment, I’m wondering whether it would be smarter to keep their coins in a separate wallet, OR, combine our holdings in the X-node account. Their investment won’t take me anywhere close to the next node tier, but I’d like to at least maximize the potential vthor production rate. Would the x-node status grant a higher vthro production rate? Or is it a wash since the x-node benefits are based upon which tier you’re at, not the number of vet in the wallet (past the minimum)?

Sorry if this is a dumb question

Thanks in advance!

Posted byRedditor for more than 1 year1 day ago

Then when I need it redownload and restore the wallet then? Thanks fam, go vechain!

Posted byRedditor for less than 1 year20 hours ago

ok so i have followed the following steps:

First we'll go through the process of setting up your ledger and getting access to your VET address.

  1. Install the Vechain app on your ledger. Apparently you can't do this through the ledger manager chrome app so you'll have to install Ledger live on your computer/mac first:
  2. After live is installed and you've set up your account, plug in and unlock your nano ledger and connect it to ledger live. It will first do some security checks. After they are completed click on 'manager' on the left side of the screen. Make sure that you have no app opened on your ledger, or else ledger live cannot connect and you can't install other apps.
  3. Search for Vechain in the app list and install.
  4. Head over to and open your Vechain app on the ledger. Normally you should see one button "Launch wallet" on the website. After clicking this you will be in the dashboard and be able to see your VET addresses. You'll see several addresses but you'll probably use only one.
  5. Now before you do the token swap make sure you have proper access to your address by sending a small amount of VET to and from it. Don't skip this step! You don't wand to send all your VET to this address and simply making your tokens inaccessible because something went wrong in the address creation. I repeat, do not skip this. Make sure you have proper access to your tokens in the future.
  6. If you don't have VET tokens yet, you can wait until you start the token swap process later on and swap a small amount of your VEN to VET and see if this works correctly.

after finishing number 4. i can see the 5 different VET addresses in my vault.veforge. i cannot see the intermediary address within the vault.veforge.

does that mean i need to download the thor app and swap the tokens that way. then send the tokens from my thor app to my ledger app via vault.veforge?

meaning i wouldn't be protected during the swap part when my tokens are on my phone?

hope that's simple to understand :)

thank yaa!

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I had my Ven stored on MyETH wallet, I tried to send my Ven from MyETH wallet to the new Ledger VeForge app. I thought I would be able to swap my coins that way. Boy was I wrong could anyone please help me get my Ven back from my Ledger Veforge address and swap the coins.

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