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Plot: Selina and her team prepare for the long-awaited groundbreaking of her library. Amy seeks clarity on her role. Jonah asks a major donor for help.

Air time: June 25, 2017 10:31PM ET

Season Finale Preview

Actor Character
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Selina Meyer
Tony Hale Gary Walsh
Anna Chlumsky Amy Brookheimer
Reid Scott Dan Egan
Matt Walsh Mike McLintock
Timothy C. Simons Jonah Ryan
Sufe Bradshaw Sue Wilson
Kevin Dunn Ben Cafferty
Gary Cole Kent Davison
Sam Richardson Richard Splett

I just started rewatching the show. It's just the third episode and I'm already raging. This god damn privileged fuckwit is so god damn whiny I want to punch the god damn screen.

Uhh so frustrating. There's no point to this post, just venting.


Production was scheduled to start this summer, but is there any new information on how Louis-Dreyfus is doing health wise?


This is something that has bugged me throughout the most recent seasons because I wonder where the line is being drawn. So they’ve made jokes about Carter, Ford, and Reagan on the show, but last season we were introduced to “President Stevenson” who had an “indifference to apartheid?” So are they making fictional presidents starting in ‘89 or have they overwritten themselves?


Sue and Kent Love Story

Never picked up on this throughout the series. Smh.


I'm doing research for a spec of this show, and I know that season 7 takes place a year after the end of season 6, does season 7 roughly put us two years after the end of that? Around the time one would announce their candidacy for the president after Montez's first term is up?


Spoilers I just noticed there’s A LOT of foreshadowing throughout the show!! The hidden little hints here and there about Amy/Dan/ kids and about Jonah becoming president are so genius!!!


Unlike most of the sub, I really enjoyed season 6 and am looking forward to how they end the show. My hope is that somehow Jonah rises to the top and Selina is back where she was in the Veep office only this time, the people who have supported her over the years have abandoned her. Dan and Amy start their life together, Catherine and Marjorie the same only now she has abandoned her relationship with her mother, even Gary finally realises he needs to do something else with his life and gets a position in hotel management. Selina after all her hard work is right back where she was and the only things that have changed are that she ruined the relationships she had and she is now serving the person she respected least in the world


When speaking about Uber he said: “Damn millennials are too impatient to learn how to drink and drive”

The way he said it so casually was just so hilarious and fits his personality perfectly


Does anyone have a gif of when the booze fell out of the bag when Mike and Gary were in the Iranian Airport?


Honestly, I dislike the character soooo much and I believe she deservers all the shit that happens to her. Who's with me?


During the deposition, when everyone is snowballing Bill, there is this video of a youngish guy saying 'Bill Ericsson' - who was that?? Been bugging me for months.


i just immediately thought of Selina and her freeing tibet, with what's going on in the area XD


He's the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in VEEP.


I'm part way through season 3 and it each season has had me laughing harder than the season before.


Why does Kent and Ben work for Jonah? I'm getting the feeling that they have to but are they working for Jonah out of choice or because they are bound to by some contract from when Meyer was president? Just confused about this as both (and everyone) dislikes Jon H.

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