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Note: this routine was not actually done to this song. It's a remix of a 2006 traditional dressage routine, albeit I concur that dressage and hip-hop go together pretty well. The mare, Blue Hors Matine, has since been euthanized after breaking a leg a few years ago.

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that makes more sense now, though had a good laugh at it. She’s a beauty, sad she had to be euthanized- I’m sure a lot of these horses go down this way

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This is a musical kur or freestyle dressage to music in which you complete a certain amount of menuveurs in whatever pattern you like to music of your choice. However, most of the music is very classical and often without lyrics. Hip hop songs like this would not be approved.

The horse, Blue Horse Matine, was a very athletic horse until her unexpected death. I've linked her actual kur with the appropriate music. It is much longer and pop oriented but still pretty awesome. Plenty of awesome things in the equine world to see for sure, including the puissance wall, thrills and spills excerpt from cross country jumping, and Mark Todd jumping cross country with only one stirrup.

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That music seems more appropriate, thanks for that. Still fun to watch, along with the rest of the equine competitions you linked. Want to watch some in person one day.

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Yes, dressage is incredible...but is also quite damaging! Imagine if you were forced to do repetitive movements like that that you were NOT designed to be doing. No wonder dressage horses are always getting proximal suspensory desmitis, bone spavin and coffin joint arthritis. But it is still amazing to watch!

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This can be said of nearly all of the equestrian sports; they will all break down a horse in different ways if they aren’t properly conditioned/are over worked. I am highly disappointed in the direction much of modern Dressage is going though, it is straying from its roots.

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I wonder if you could train them to do it without a rider. Probably safer for the horse and prettier to watch.

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Old video for bareback and bridle less reining: https://youtu.be/TKK7AXLOUNo

Cutting: https://youtu.be/caDEgBLLOVo

Trail with dog agility added: https://youtu.be/xkst2F8lMow