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Posted byDame Mix-a-Lot7 months ago
Stickied postModerator of r/Vitamix

Machine acting up? Call Vitamix Customer Service at the following numbers:

Household support & sales Mon - Fri 8am-8pm Sat 9am-5pm (EST)

  • 800.848.2649 (US)
  • +1.440.235.4840 (International)

Commercial support, email information, and contact form

New machine? Register your Vitamix.

Vitamix home page


See this photo

I'm very upset. Spent so much to buy a Vitamix (300) after hearing one of the main features was the easy cleaning with just water and some soap.

Today I took a close look at the blade and saw that there is some crust of filth (maybe from making whipped cream) stuck under the blade, and I just can't remove it.

With a brush it's unreachable. Washing it again with more soap at hot temperature didn't help either.

it seems like this device is very prone to bacteria development if after just 3 times I used it this filth won't go away.


My two options are: 1. 5200 like new for 255 2. 3300 for 375 I was thinking of getting the 5200 because I tend to make smaller portions and don’t feel like spending an extra 100+ for another ascent jar. Although, the 10 warranty is nice. What do you all think?


I am looking to buy my first Vitamix and I am currently considering the explorian series.

I have read on here that the wide container of the E320 has a higher minimum blend volume compared to the narrow container of the E300. What volume would I need to use in order to make the wider container effective? The E320 is on sale for about $275 at costco compared to $299 on vitamix's site so I am considering both

Do they have any other differences to make note of? Also how does the motor of this series compare to that of the 5200?


I'm a happy owner of a Vitamix 7500 in North America. I will be moving to Europe a few months from now, and would like to, basically, remain happy!

I was hoping to keep using the Vitamix without having to shell out another €600. Is there any chance the motor would be a dual voltage motor?

I ask because a friend of mine has been successfully using a 750, that was purchased in North America (120V) about 2 years ago, in Europe (220V), without a step-down transformer. (Yes, I asked that person to take a pic of the back of the Vitamix - and it also, like mine, says "120V 50/60Hz 12Amps")

If there truly is a risk of burning the motor, how do you explain it being used in Europe without issue?


I love making strawberry-banana smoothies. First layer I put strawberries then bananas and ice on top of it. I have the Professional Series. It usually takes 3+ minutes for the ice to be full incorporated and fully pureed.

Seems to be taking longer than expected.

Posted byVitamix Affiliate7 days ago

Now through May 20th, 2018 (one week after Mother's Day), you can save at least $50 on all new machines. There's even one premium True Metal finish A3500 model that's $100 off.

Offers available for USA and Canada shoppers on (non-aff link)

Savvy buyers know now (and holiday season) is when everything goes on sale.

Were you waiting for this?

Take the plunge!


I saw America's Test Kitchen recommends the 5200 over the 750. This is my first Vitamix, but I don't mind spending the extra for the 780 if it's worth it. Anyone have any hands on experience between these two? Thanks.


title. if not, anyone know what subreddit I can go to instead? thanks in advance!


Hi all!

I have a 7500 and have recently started using it for shaved ice.

I have seen two approaches, and I have tried both. The first involves ice and water (to make the ice cubes float). You blend on max for 3-5 seconds, drain the water, and that's your shaved ice.

This seems like a good way to me, but I find that i don't always get rid of the water, so my shaved ice (with syrup and all) becomes watery after 3-5 minutes of it being on a cup.

The other method is having the machine on relatively high speed and dropping ice cubes 1-2 at a time. A snow-like textures begins to slowly form inside blender, and I can then go in and scoop out the amount I need for my cup.

In my experience, the second method works much better and holds the consistency for much, much longer (hardly any watering after 10+ minutes).

My questions: is the latter method (blending ice with no liquid) ok, or could it potentially damage the machine (blades) over time?

And has anyone found a different way of making shaved ice on these machines? Thanks all!


I'm considering getting a Vitamix A3500, and was wondering just how well it can smooth out kale.

I have been using a crappy base model Ninja, butt no matter how long I lean on the button (several minutes) it always comes out as a chewy slurry with a very noticeable amount of leaf particulate.

Can a Vitamix smooth kale down enough that it isn't a mouthful of tea leaves?

I've tried watching YouTube videos that claim it makes it smooth... But they don't really say if it goes down to a smooth velvety texture, or if it just means "it's technically drinkable".

Edit: Thanks everyone for the info and advice. My Vitamix arrived today and it does exactly what you said it would. Does a wonderful job!


I’ve been making Bulletproof coffee in my Vitamix recently. I use the 48oz wet container, and I blend a tablespoon of ghee, a tablespoon of MCT oil, and about 13 oz of coffee. One issue I’ve been having is the liquid in the Vitamix tends to slosh around inside the container. From experimenting, I’ve been able to minimize the issue by slowly ramping up the speed to high rather than increasing it quickly.

I didn’t think much of it until I was traveling and had to use a cheaper basic blender to make my coffee. To my surprise, it seemed to emulsify the drink better than my Vitamix does. I ended up with something that resembled a latte, with a nice foam on top. With my Vitamix, I always end up with a little separation between the oil and coffee. The only thing I can think of is that the Vitamix is too powerful in high, and the sloshing of the liquid is keeping it from fully emulsifying.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Is the solution to simply not increase the speed all the way on the Vitamix, or is there something else I’m overlooking? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure this out.


I made quite a lot of nut butter in my A2500i a few days ago. The jug got pretty hot but I was more cautious with the blending than I had been with my previous Froothie/Optimum brand Vitamix knock-off. The next time I used the jug I was blending something very watery and about of cup of liquid leaked through into the base which short-circuited and tripped the safety switch in my house. Vitamix is honoring the warranty and sending me a new product which is a relief but I'm a little nervous about making nut butter in the future. My best guess is that the heat from the nuts melted a rubber seal or softened some grease which caused it to leak. Has anyone else had issues with leaky jugs after making nut butter?


Hello everyone, I used my blender and forgot to wash it before taking a 2 week long vacation. Before I left, I had rinsed out the residue with hot water (but didn't use soap) and filled it with water. Came back and the water turned extremely murky, and the moment I opened the lid, the most foul smelling odor spread throughout the kitchen, like rotten eggs (the last thing I blended was cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and milk together with some spinach).

I have tried repeatedly washing the container and lid with hot water and dishwasher soap and pusling, but the smell still lingers (although there is no residue left clinging to the walls of the container).

Any tips on how to remove the smell from the container, and is the container still safe to use with the smell still lingering?


Hey guys, I am moving house this week and have been using my roommates vitamin which she was kind enough to share with me for the past two years. Absolutely have to get one of my own as I have become quite dependent on it. Can anybody please recommend a website that is good for purchasing refurbished models? Thanks


Vitamix has their roadshow at my local Costco this week and I purchased the 48 oz container so I can make single smoothies with less volume and less clean up. The guy said they don’t carry the 32 oz version anymore because the “new style” 48 oz can blend “as little as a quarter cup of liquid”.

Trying to decide if the 32 oz would suit my needs better.

My choices: 48 oz new-style container w/ tamp from Costco: $129.99 CAD 32 oz old-style container w/o tamp from Amazon: $127.99 CAD

Any advice is appreciated.


I got this from Amazon


Amazon is sending you this email because our records indicate that you purchased a Vitamix blender.

In October 2017, a federal court approved the settlement of a class action lawsuit brought against Vita-Mix Corporation. The case involves blade assemblies in some Vitamix blenders (it does not involve any safety issues). Under the settlement, owners of certain Vitamix blenders may get a $70 gift card from Vitamix or a replacement blade assembly. The court has ordered that notice be sent to customers who purchased those blenders. You must submit a valid claim to receive a gift card from Vitamix or a free replacement blade assembly. Claims must be submitted by September 28, 2018.

Amazon is sending this email on behalf of Vitamix, as required by the court. Because we are not involved in the lawsuit, however, we cannot assist you directly. To get more information or to file a claim, please go to”



I'm looking for a recommendation between buying a Certified Reconditioned Standard (SKU 61107) or a E320 Explorian Vitamix?

The Reconditioned Standard if $429 CAD from (or and comes with a 5 year warranty. The E320 at Costco (in Canada) is $449 CAD and comes with a 7 year warranty.

There are a few things I'm not sure about:

1) Is the Certified Reconditioned Standard the same thing as the Reconditioned Pro 500? As far as I can tell the Pro 500 is not available new in Canada.

2) Is the new "low-profile" 64oz container on the E320 better (in terms of performance) than the "original" tall 64oz container of the Reconditioned Standard? Was the change in shape only to make it fit under a kitchen cabinet or is their a performance impact also?

3) Is the 2.2HP motor on the E320 the new design that I've seen people mention online?

4) Is the 2.2HP motor on the E320 much better than the 2HP motor on the Reconditioned Standard? If it is better, please explain how (is it more reliable, better performance for grinding, wet blending, etc)?

5) Do the pre-set programs on the Reconditioned Standard (Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Hot Soups) work well? I only know one person with a Vitamix and they said they never use the pre-set programs. Their comment was that they run for too long by default.

6) Will the original tall 60oz and low profile 60oz containers operate the same if they are both only around 25% full? Or is one of the types (original 60oz vs low profile 60oz) better suited for small batches (specifically for ice cream, dough, nut butter)? I would prefer to not buy a second smaller container if possible but I would like to sometimes do small batches.

7) Is the blade same on the Reconditioned Standard and the E320 the same? Or is the blade on the E320 wider (4") because of the low profile (and wider) container?

As far as I can tell both models have the pulse on feature which I would want.

I've already read over the and articles on which Vitamix to buy, but I'm still a bit confused.

Help please!


Edited: typo's


I was wondering if anyone has tried to shred (not mince) chicken breast or any meat using their vitamix. I assume it is possible since it can pulverize ice and other frozen stuff. Anyone has experience with this?


I have the 5300 Vitamix reconditioned. I like to make banana ice cream and smoothies with frozen fruit. Sometimes when I make these things it doesn’t catch well enough and starts making a grinding sound. I use the tamper to push everything down but I’m scared it’ll be too much pressure on the machine based of how it sounds? It will also get warm and start to smell like something is burning!

I see videos of people making perfect banana ice cream and smoothies where it blends smoothly and creates that classic swirl with no problem. I’m just worried I’m doing something that’s causing it to not work as well as it should.


I've decided that i'll soon get a blender and the S30 caught my eyes since it's small and have a "to go" bottle with it. But i'm worried that it might not chop those rock hard frozen strawberries.


Wondering if I should keep the box my Vitamix came in incase I have to send it in for repair down the line. Don't really have room for it in my apartment so hoping that's not the only way.

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