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Woah! I’ve seen those but I didn’t realize they cost so much! It’s just a flash tune right? What’s the difference between them? Sorry for the ignorance

As far as I understand it monitors your engine for performance as well and you can change tunes on the fly without going to a protune, if that's how you want to roll. That being said, of the shelf (OTS) tunes run conservatively compared to pro tunes, and wint grant the same performance boost. They are, however very cookiecutter for the wrx, and should be safe on any one of them

Username checks out. Really though thanks! That’s really interesting

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Sorry for the SUPER late reply, but here are the details on the minor adjustments and details-

Limited 18’ with the following:

AP with a tune from Delicious Tuning

AEM cold air intake

TWS wheels

Thanks for all the love!

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