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So i've seen several posts and you can find instructions easily by googling how to run CPU and GPU at the same time without VM or Multi GPU mining on one machine.
The instructions lead you to believe you just make a few changes and it'll work.. yet it never will without a modified .exe. It turns out the posters will always link to you the .exe just incase you are having issues..


You do not know what is in that package.

Be wary.

Posting links to these hacks or telling people to Pm you about them will result in a ban. The risk to the userbase is too high. If you find these elsewhere just be careful & never pay for them.


On WTC explorer it says that I mined 2 blocks, but account balance says 2 wtct.


Lost roughly 5% of our masternodes over the last two weeks, shouldnt the opposite be occurring? Is this due to mining pools and people getting past the system restraints making it sorta useless for most to mine?


Farm, lucky, or alternate software? Does make me want to step up my game!


If I'm running multiple GPUs and CPUs (in VMs), is there a way to see the total hashrate of my "node" or mining address besides just ballparking it based on benchmarks? I'm just trying to get an idea of what I'm up against when some address are getting 2-5% of all the blocks


If I want to pull data like block mined, difficulty of that block to show it on the website in real-time how can I do it? In as how can I connect to Walton blockchain and pull it directly from there?


Its been sitting at 92534380 for days, but I checked waltonchain explorer website and it is growing each day, both hashrate and difficulty Just wondering if something is wrong, I do have lots of connections and block sync shows a purple line ? ...


Anyone know if you can link multiple wallet addresses to your gmn?


Anyone know if there is an app / program that sends a notification / email of when you mine a new block?


Mined 10 coins from Friday-Sunday...Havent mined 1 coin since then. Couple buddies experiencing the same thing. Wanted to see if theres anything I should check outside from the norm. I know difficulty has gone up, but I should still be getting some sort of reward as it was still at like 80k when i got 10.


At what point does Walton profitability equal ETH/EQUIHASH on a GTX 1070? I would think it would be soon at this rate.


Hi guys, I'm mining using the wallet. As blocks take a long time and I sometimes need the GPU for other stuff I would like to know if I can stop mining and when I then start again it will resume right where it left or if the progress I had made will be lost. Thanks!


I installed virtual box so that I could CPU mine on the VM. I gave it 4g ram, does anyone know why I would be experiencing very very slow hash rates, like 20k opposed to normally 400k when not in VM?



I have read that Zotac Ti's are best in 1080ti series when mining, but when running across a thread that lists a lot of GPUs and their hash rate I didn't notice 1080ti Zotac one (except mini). Does anyone have information about the hashes on that and if yes, would they be willing to share?

Thank you.


Hi guys,

this is the deal. I have Geforce GTX 1060 6GB and I am mining from my work 10h daily, then again when I get back. If card dies, burnes out , we are sending it for warranty. Can they there see that it was used for mining and deny warranty? Or it is totally invisible.


My miner address is correct on the block explorer, yet the reward hasn't made it to my wallet balance... Has anyone had this happen? How long does it take usually? I haven't noticed a delay like this before.


iam not even receiving my 5000 wtct tokens :( . I have gmn status i have send 0 eth to the addres.added wtct in mew but still after 4 days i still have no wtct.anybody els has this problem?


This just popped up for me, I have an i7 that has consistently given me an average of 100k hashrate for mining wtct. But within the past two days my hashrate dropped all the way down to 10k and my CPU is only at 20% usage. I've tried restarting the miner and my PC then retrying but still stuck at 10k. Anything I can do? I haven't changed any settings, I'm still running superfast mode.


When even I restart my GPU miner lately, it doesn’t seem to sync and seems to keep trying to mine the last block that it was prior to stoppingEg. It is block 29920 at the moment but it’s still trying to 29910. Sometimes the sync kicks in and updates/corrects it, but not always. Is there a geth command that I can use to force the sync. I have tried the miner.start() command but this doesn’t work.

Edit: typos


On I can see that I have mined two blocks today, but they are not showing up in my wallet in my mining history. Has anyone had this problem before?


I'm using Cavicchio's gpu miner on and desktop into which I installed a 1080ti. The hashrate monitor window shows a hashrate of 2136066.75. Is that 2.136 Mh/s? That can't be right. How do I interpret my real hashrate?


Hey I'd gladly appreciate any help with this one. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app and get the following two errors upon launch. I don't know what else to try! Win 10 w/four GPUs (was only using it for CPU mining though).

Upon launch I get this:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at WTC.MainForm.AddForm(Form form) at WTC.MainForm.MainForm_Activated(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Then this:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at WTC.MainForm.RefreshTop()

Any help or suggestions appreciated!


Hey, i'm mining through the wallet right now getting an estimated 124648 local computing power. When I pop open task manager, I see that it's pinning my CPU at 100% but not utilizing my GPU even though I specified GPU in the bubble thingy.

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