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worst is when you have the chat open and you have to watch the shell slow mo extremely slowly

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I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE throughout the entire time.

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This pisses me off so much, like Gaijin just needs to do what Battlefield does and let the chat bar stay up during a killcam

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You can skip the shell animation for as long as I can recall playing ground battles in war thunder, but you can't skip the first second of looking at your tank wreck (waiting period could just be ping related, my minimum ping in wt is 300)

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Sometimes you can't exit out of the kill animation and you have to watch the shell kill you

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How do you play at such a high ping?

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you get used to it. WT's latency compensation is actually pretty good compared to other flight sim games imo.

Also, my issue when I started playing war thunder was actually the input lag even though some people said that watching my videos made their eyes bleed from the powerpoint-like framerates.

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About 100-200ms behind everyone else.

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Very carefully.

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War thunder actually has two layers of interface for some reason. It took gaijin 4 years to fix issue when you type in battle chat and then killed, observer chat bar is empty.

Also don't forget hilarious way to bypass queue by hitting cancel search.

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Haha, yea...

Dear Gaijin, When I click cancel battle search I actually want to cancel my search.....

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*finishes SB battle

*clicks to queue again for simulator battles in the scoreboard screen

*gets a game in arcade battles because the button actually links to the "to battle" button and not requeues the same game mode played previously

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Yeah its annoying when I have to click ''return to hangar'' for 15 times before it actually returns me to hangar

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I alt+F4 out of the game when I want to quit. It takes a long time for the game to respond to things in general.

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I love pressing space to skip that stupid cam and then it just plays it again just to add insult to injure.

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The whole point of the design is to maximize player misery.

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The best part is this still happens even if you have killcams disabled

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I taste salty tears

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As long as War Thunder tank battles exist, there will never be a salt shortage in the world )))

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Indeed, btw, hate that they ask "are you sure" only to rehash shit you dont wanna see. Again.

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Or when you skip the killcam but they show it a second time just because )))))

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hit escape menu opens game says nyet and closes menu hit escape hit return to hangar game says nyet and closes menu and shows dead tank finally get to click return to hangar and leave match. I probably get saltier over that then being killed by an IS-2 that drove in between 15 other tanks and chooses me to murder.

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This is why we have Alt+F4.

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haha that last bit is something my brother rages about all of the time.

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Good thing we have had like 6 UI updates that just shuffled rocks around and didn't fix anything.

Now my friends list is broken and only shows 2/3 of the people online

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You can turn off the kill cam in the options. It then only shows you the vehicle that killed you for a few seconds, so you still know where it is, but it doesn't replay your death anymore.

I don't understand why that is even a feature. It does nothing but aggravate players. Typical Gaijin stuff, I guess.

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