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If you would like advice on a specific ad for a car, please place the link in your text post. This change will hopefully reduce spam posts on the subreddit. Although some of the advice-type links may be helpful to people searching for used cars, this subreddit is dedicated to helping people decidewhat car to buy, not on how to buy it. There are several other subreddits devoted to that which you can visit, such as /r/UsedCars or /r/askcarsales.

Thanks for all your help in making our community grow,

-The mods

ArchivedStickied post

Hey all, as a regular commenter and mod here, I see a lot of bad/irrelevant/questionable advice given on a regular basis, and it kind of pains me, being that the reason this sub exists is to help out people that don't know enough about cars to make an informed decision on their own.

To that end, I had an idea:

What if we had people submit their qualifications to the mods on why they think their advice should be considered as more valid than others advice, and after consideration we would grant these people a special flair, like "WCSIB Expert" or similar.

I do realize that implementation of this would be tricky, so I welcome any advice or thoughts the community may have.


Looking at three cars in particular:

2013 Ford Fiesta, 66k miles for $5,500

I've had a Fiesta before and liked it a lot. This is a manual transmission so I know it won't suffer from the issues that the automatic suffers from. I like the car and am leaning most towards this one.

2015 Honda Civic, 10k miles for $11,995

This is probably my third favorite at this point - it's the most expensive, though it does not have many miles. It's got one accident reported that I will have to check on (going to take whatever car I get to a mechanic for an inspection before I buy it either way). However, I know that this (and the Corolla) are the pinnacle of reliability.

2016 Toyota Corolla, 52k miles $9,995

My second favorite at the moment. I really like the interior more than any of the other ones, the price is a bit better than the Civic, and the mileage isn't high enough to worry me much (plus, like I said before, the reliability).

One thing I will say is that the Fiesta is the only one of the three at a dealership. The other two are at an "Auto Boutique", probably just a used car lot.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks all!


Wanted to know if it's a good price? 9.5/10 condition, 54k miles, and $11k


Is the 04 Xterra a solid car? The one in question is an 04, V6, 4x4, with 65k miles on it.

Is this a reliable car or are there any issues common to look out for?


Hello All,

I'm a single bachelor who loves driving. I enjoy long road trips with my dog, so a hatchback is preferred. Or at least fully-folding rear seats to give him a firm seating area (claws on seats scare me). I go snowboarding nearly every day in the winter, so I'm looking at AWD to handle harsh weather conditions, along with the above mentioned folding rear seats. Most importantly though, my car must have a great seating position and a firm suspension that makes me feel like I am truly in control.

So far I have test driven a kia stinger, an audi A5 sportback,a few BMWs, and most of the vw golf variations. I was extremely underwhelmed by the Kia Stinger. I don't know if they goofed and gave me valet keys or what, but it just didn't live up to the expectations I had for it. The A5 was spot on, I'd honestly call it the perfect car, but I can't see myself spending $50k+ on a car that's probably going to take the abuse I mentioned above, and the sportback hasn't been around long enough to have much available used. It's simply not in the price-point I want to be in. The BMWs I didn't like the tip in and the throttle was way too stiff. The Volkswagens were way too soft, and the seats felt like truck benches.

The salesman at the dealership is certainly at a loss of what I want, i've confused the hell out of them because they don't understand the "driving" mentality. I was hoping someone here might have similar mentality and can suggest a better car for me.


Hey All,I was looking for a used car and ran into this 2007 Lexus IS250 around the corner from my house last week. I spoke to the owner and he offered it to me for $6500.I took it to a mechanic to look for any problems and the only things wrong are:

  1. the 4x4 / transmission has a small leak (they said this isn't a serious issue and doesn't need to be fixed anytime soon but would cost $1500)
  2. the front axles need to be replaced before winter or they will get worse and may break when it starts to snow by the end of this year
  3. the aux plug is missing (needs to be installed)
  4. Back left window doesn't roll down (not having any backseat passengers anyway)
  5. It's been in one accident in the past and repaired by where gas tank door is. (by previous owner)

I tried to negotiate but the owner only went down to $6200 because he said I'm already getting a good deal for the vehicle and he's also selling it at a loss, and doesn't want to sell for less than $6k.

With that being said, everything else in the vehicle is clean and it drives smooth. He replaced the headlights with aftermarket thats most likely from ebay(looks nice).

It only has 84k miles.

I would just like the opinion/advice from some Lexus enthusiasts who may know whether I'm getting a bargain, breaking even, or making a bad deal here.

EDIT: Also, when and what type of problems should i expect to start experience with a car like this approaching 100k miles ?

Model : 2007 LEXUS IS 250 AWD, Dark Grey Exterior,17in. rims, no spoiler, Dark Grey Interior, 84K MILES


The truck doesnt need to be able to tow. Just have around 800 pounds of equipment that I keep in the bed. I don't want to get anything too new because I drive around a lot and would just be packing miles into the car. This car would also be used as a personal vehicle.

~King cab
~2006 - 2012
~Price range is $12000 - $13000. ~Want the vehicle to last me as long as possible. I like to ride my cars until they die.

I'm a fan of the frontier, but I haven't found anything worthwhile in those price ranges and I understand that my budget may be too low for them and that's ok. Looking for alternatives.

If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.


I'm looking into buying a new car and I'm wondering which car would most likely be worth it in the long run.

I know Toyotas hold up well in terms of value but the Yaris is not a car I'm familiar with and I'm afraid of it being more fragile because someone I knew totalled one in a relatively minor accident. Kia does not have as good of a history but apparently the newer models of Souls are better and more well built.

They both have a similar price, size and gas mileage. I'm using this car to get myself to work and school and just casual driving, nothing too crazy, doesn't need to fit a ton of people. Advice? Thanks in advance!


2010 Camry LE with 100k km L4 $C8700

2010 Camry XLE with 150k km L4 $C7500

Both are first owners. Leaning towards the XLE because of $1.2k difference, what do you guys think?


I have a Tahoe that I can use for functionally. I want a coupe that is just fun to step in an out and to zip around. Mazda RX-8 is my only lead. I have an '01 Accord Coupe and it's pretty fun and people fit in the back seat.

I'm looking for style first, and back-seat room second, but I wouldn't mind both.


Hi everyone,

We're a family of four in need of a reliable, fuel efficient GM car. It will be used to go to and from work, run errands and the occasional road trip. Our budget is 15-20k. A 4 door sedan is a must. It can be new or used, but if used, it must be at most 3 years old.

We're a Toyota family, however we will be utilising 2 thousand dollars in GM points which can only be used to buy GM cars, so we are unsure how to navigate through buying a reliable GM car.

If anyone has any suggestions on a safe and reliable 4 door GM car, please let us know!



There's a lady selling one nearby $6k with 15k miles. Year 2014.

I would use it for commuting on the streets. 20 min drive each way.

Any thoughts on this vehicle?



Things I like: -sporty -practical -decent mpg -safety (good overlap crash test, I don’t want to die. That means no RAV4)

Budget: around $18k OTD max. Some wiggle room if necessary....

Cars I like so far/ pros & cons:

  • 2009-2015 civic si Pro: sporty, reliable, decent mpg, holds its value more or less, manual. Con: not a hatchback

  • 2015 Mazda3 s GT Pro: sporty, hatchback!, decent mpg, manual potential Cons: ROAD NOISE!?, reliability compared to Honda?

  • 2015 Mazda3 i GT Pro: cheaper than s GT Con: 2.0L has more problems, not as powerful

  • 2018 new Elantra Sport Pro: NEW, sporty like civic si, only around $18k Con: interior sucks! Plastic everywhere! Reliability and safety compared to other cars questionable..?

  • Subaru Crosstrek (idk much about it at all) Pro: it has as much space as a hatchback I think?, AWD!!! Cons: NOT SPORTY, Subaru reliability compared to Honda.

Any other suggestions or which one I should pick out of these??

This will be my first personal car and I can’t decide what to get. I want a car I can keep for as long as possible. 5-10 years. I want safety, reliability, practicality/space (room for a bike! Or skis!) I want safety! If I get in a car accident I want to walk out alive!

Willing to consider any recommendations!



Hi y'all,

I'm on the market for a new car since my old and reliable 2008 Honda Element just got KIA on an accident a couple weeks ago. I loved that car and it will be missed.

Now, the three choices that I'm looking at are these:

New 2018 Camry SE for $20,000

Top of the line 2017 Hyundai Tucson with 15,500 miles for $16,800

Top of the line 2017 Mazda CX-3 with 11,000 miles for $13,800

At first I was looking for something that more properly replaced my Element, but I just fell in love with the Camry after a test drive. The deciding factors for me would be fuel economy, car quality and reliability, style and that it's fun to drive (my commute is 35 miles daily). One thing I loved about my Element was that I used it a lot as a hooded pick-up, but I could o without that capability. Which one would you recommend and why?


Hey everyone, small background: I am a 2LT in the army (to provide you context for my salary). I have a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox with 100k miles on it. It is completely paid off and I am looking to sell on my own or trade in. Research shows I can get about $5k for it (on the low side). Combine that with putting down about $2-3k myself, I can have a decent down payment, not great but decent. I have my sight set on a 2016 Honda Civic but am open to similar options (sedan, RELIABLE, 3 years old max).

I would love to go for a 3 or 4 year car payment plan. 3 wouldn’t kill me but I’d like to do 4 years and then periodically pay more when I can.

One issue is my credit is not great, not because of financial mistakes but because I only opened my first credit card less than a year ago. Wondering how much of an issue interest will be and what kind of deals I can expect.

Does this seem like a financially responsible decision? Please help me out!


· Location: United States · Price range: 10k-25K · Lease or Buy: Buy · New or used: New/Used · Type of vehicle: Sedan or wagon · Must haves: Backup camera, fuel efficiency, reliability, comfortable handling · Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc): Auto · Intended use: Work and Leisure · Vehicles you've already considered: 2017 Toyota Prius, 2017 Toyota Corolla, 2015 Lexus Ct200h · Is this your 1st vehicle: No · Do you need a Warranty: Yes · Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: Yes · Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: No Additional Notes: Looking at buying a car and looking to get some insight. I’ve owned a 04 BMW and its got nearly 130,000 miles on it and several costly visits to random repair shops, I am interested in buying a car to replace it. I've narrowed down my new car buying to a few options. Should I get a brand new 2017 toyota corolla between 18-22K (im guessing 3 year warranty) from a dealership , a 2015 Lexus Ct hybrid and fuel efficient with roughly 46,000 miles on it at nearly $20,000 including a 3 year extended warranty from a private owner, or a new 2017 Toyota Prius from the dealer KBB listed between $24-$30K? I drive roughly 12,000 miles annually. Any insight from people that have owned or had experience with these vehicles would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello everyone I'm back again for more advice.

I'm trying to find my next car after selling my Porsche Cayman.

I've been looking at Porsche Macan's and posted about that before but those are coming in a little over what I want to spend.

I've started looking at 2015 or newer used Audi and Mercedes. Specifically I've been looking at MK3 Audi TT's and Mercedes CLA 45 AMG's.

I know this is comparing apples and oranges but both meet my needs.

I've found both locally and test driven both and enjoy them.

So I'm coming to you for recommendations on either and or things I should be aware of for either.

I'm open to any other suggestions for sporty cars.


I had an offer of $19, 395 from one dealership, and another dealership said they would beat their price at $19, 295. This is all before tax+fees (~12% in socal) and w/o Honda Sensing and through email. I could probably negotiate some more in person. I really want Honda Sensing, as it would give me a peace of mind while driving (new driver). Anyways, is $21, 750 too crazy for an EX trim with Honda Sensing.


My neighbor is selling his and I just want a second car just to get back and forth from work. Is it worth buying a 20 year old car with relatively low miles like the A8?

It looks to be in excellent shape.


Hey everyone! So, I will start with a little background about myself and my driving habits. I am a photojournalist, and I drive my cars hard and long. I would estimate I put around 20,000-30,000 miles on a car each year. Most of these miles are driven on country roads/highways with a 55 mph speed limit. I got a Mercedes c230k Coupe (2002) for a hellacious price some years ago, and while I've certainly got my money's worth out of it, my mechanic told me I'd probably get another 5,000-10,000 miles out of it before it needed some major (and expensive) work. So, I'm looking for a new (to me) vehicle.

Here are my preferences: * Reliability above all else * Smaller size to make parking easier * Decent MPG * Less than $10,000 * Automatic Transmission * Cruise Control

Things I don't care about: * How fun the car is to drive * How much space is available for storage * What the car looks like

In the car that I'm currently in, I wonder how far I will get every time I start it. Whatever I purchase next, I want to avoid that feeling for as long as possible. I don't do any repairs or maintenance myself because I don't know diddly about working on cars. I'm a pretty boring person, and I don't care if I have a boring car. The only things I care about are it not being gigantic and it being very reliable. This is a vehicle that I'm likely going to drive into the ground, and I'd like to get as much life out of it as possible. 7-10 years would be ideal, though I understand it's also not guaranteed.

With reliability in mind, I think Honda or Toyota is my best bet. My zip code is near 42104 in Kentucky. What's the best value for me to get under or around the $10,000 price range. I'd be willing to pay as much as $12,000, but only if the vehicle was new and not used. I've made some lowball offers on new Corollas, and none have panned out, so I'm extending my search a bit and extending my budget for new cars. Any advice you can offer would be excellent!


While the Civic boasts more features and better gas mileage, the Impreza has AWD and seems to retain its value, making it better for a trade-in.

My question is, which one is better over the long term (i.e., 10 years) regarding cost of maintenance/ownership?


Finally considering getting a new car, currently drive a 2000 Accord, which was my first and only car. Want to keep this care for the long haul, so readability, and maintenance costs will be a huge factor. Daily commute varies depending on location, but say an average of 30 miles round trip. Live in NY, will be mostly parking on the street. Really like the Legacy, because of it's safety features and, AWD which should help with the occasional snow storms. Max price will be around 26k

Edit: Main reason I'm going leaning towards a Subaru is it's "eyesight". What other cars have good automatic emergency breaking, that bring the car to a complete stop? Honda Sense won't stop the car completely, just slow it down.


What are somethings I should watch out for when buying a bmw e36


My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is finally dying on me so now I have a dilemma. Should I spend $14,995 on a 2006 E46 M3 with 72,305 miles or should I spend the $21,999 on a 2016 Subaru WRX with 35,750 miles on it.


Looking for getting something like a Mazda 3s or Subaru outback, vw golf, Elantra GT. Don't need something"pretty", just want super reliable and inexpensive to maintain, lower mileage is a bonus. Have also considered: newer Rav4 or older Tacoma or 4runner.

 I work at a local grocery store and make around $100 a week. I already have $5000 saved up from odd jobs here and there, and tons of bday/Christmas  money. 

  I’ve been driving my moms old wrangler, but I’m turning 16, so now they’re gonna help me get a car and get it insured. 

I’m paying for it not because I have to (they will gladly buy me a car) but because I want to. I think there’s a lot of pride in paying for your own car.

I’m wanting a very nice car made in the past couple of years, with good reliability to last me through college.

I’m going into my junior year of high school, so none of my work money goes to any other expenses. My parents will pay for gas and the insurance. My parents also already have a college fund in place for me, and I assume I’ll have the same job at the time because I’m going to a local university.

I’m not paying for anything more than the car. Of course I don’t want to be dropping my whole salary but I really don’t need a huge surplus of money either, I’m a pretty simple person.

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