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Posted by
Moderator | /r/Tiix
5 days ago
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Writers Spotlight

This week's spotlight's tag is "Forever procrastinating on wp tbh" and I'll say we're happy they are here! This week's spotlight not only writes great stories all the time, but reads and comments on other's posts too! These are the kind of people we’re looking for, and we need YOUR help!

We rely on you amazing members to help us find the next spotlight, so please! Be on the lookout for the next person you’d like to see in this post, and let us know HERE.

subtlesneeze is this week's spotlight writer. You can ask them a question by tagging them with "/u/subtlesneeze" in your comment. Subreddit: /r/astoriawriter. Check them out!

How is a spotlight chosen? If you find a writer who hasn’t been in the limelight yet, has multiple decent entries (at least 6 or more) over the past few months, and you think deserves a spotlight, send us a modmail with your recommendation! We’ll add them to the list and with luck, they’ll make it up here.

Past Spotlight Writers

[/u/TemporaryPatch] - [/u/Galokot] - [/u/TemporaryPatch NameCreator]-[/u/m0zark]-[/u/you-are-lovely]-[/u/elfboyah]-[/u/alannawu]-[/u/Potatowithaknife]-[/u/XcessiveSmash]-[/u/Inorai]-[/u/AllHarlowsEve]-[/u/ThreeEyedCrow1]-[/u/PhantomOfZePirates]-[/u/EdgarAllanHobo]-[/u/ecstaticandinsatiate]-[/u/wpscarborough]-[/u/LisWrites]-[/u/CSDouglas]-[/u/It_s_pronounced_gif]-[/u/Becauseisaidsotoo]-[/u/angelbreed]-[/u/apatheticviews]-[/u/Kuroikami]-[/u/EphesosX]-[/u/VanceValence]-[/u/M81atz]-[/u/Conleh] and many, many more. Check out the archives!

Spotlight Archive - To highlight the lesser known writers.

Hall of Fame - Our every month spotlight of a selected "Reddit-Famous" WP contributor.

Did you know we have a chatroom? It's open 24/7! Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good ol' word sprint every now and then? Come and Join the Chaos!

Posted by
Moderator | /r/Tiix
15 hours ago
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SatChat! SatChat! Party Time! Excellent!

Welcome to the weekly post for introductions, self-promotions, and general discussion! This is a place to meet other users, share your achievements, and talk about whatever's on your mind.


  • MajorParadox is out partying to get away from the rest of us here in ModLand, so you are stuck with me today! Welcome to CHAOS!

  • Shameless Promotion: Don’t forget you can Modmail us for nominations for our weekly Spotlight and monthly Hall of Fame!

This Week's Suggested Topic

What is your writing process?

Do you plot and plan, or just start writing? Do you use outlines or flow charts? Worldbuild, or just go with the flow? Something else? Let us know! Remember everyone does things a bit different, maybe you can get some new ideas from others!

Challenge: Find that WP that excites you and try a writing process that is different from your norm - It may surprise you!

Previous Weeks New to WritingPrompts? Want to find great stories? Check out r/bestofWritingPrompts!

OK to Post
  • Introductions: Tell us about yourself! Here are some suggested questions:
    • Where do you live (State / Country)?
    • Male, female, other?
    • How long have you been writing?
    • What is your writing motivation?
    • What programs do you use to write?
    • How fast can you type? Try 1 minute on Aesop's fables
    • Want to share a photo? Photo Gallery!
  • Promotions: Anything you want to promote (books, subreddits, podcasts, writing-related websites, or even your social media stuff)
  • Discussions: Nothing to promote? Tell us what's on your mind. We recommend that you do this along with any promotions. If not in your comment, try to chime in on another discussion. Suggested future topics are always welcome!
Not OK to Post
  • Off Off Topic Promotions: Don't post links that would be considered outright spam. (So... still no linking to your gambling site).
  • Full Stories: That's more in line with Sunday Free Writes! :)
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