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[WP] A new drug hits that market that can permanently boost a person's intelligence by up to 30%. By chance you are in the 5% who cannot take the drug, after 12 years side effects of the drug begin to manifest and you feel like you dodged a bullet.

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Moderator of r/WritingPrompts, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 3 months ago · Stickied comment

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14 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

(This is much more of a dark shot at this, be warned and apologies if its not the answer that was intended)

I remember waking up on that faithful day like any other miserable day. Slowing rising up and slinking my way into the kitchen of my tiny one bedroom apartment. I looked out the window, up at the sky. The dark gloomy, ugly sky. A perfect representation of what my life had come to. BRN-3U7D hit the market and changed everything. The drug, witch most people referred to as brain stud flooded the entire the world in a matter of months. The miracle medicine gave anyone who took it a massive boost in IQ, cognitive function, and reaction time. Only problem was that apparently I'm allergic to the dam thing. I like many others couldn't access the stuff. For the past twelve years of my life, I had been ridiculed as an inferior being. Denied so many opportunities, and outcast from most of society.

Then it all changed on that faithful Sunday morning.

I was just about to head to work when I heard a blood curdling cry come from across the hall. I new it came from Joe, my next door neighbor. He was a 75 year old contractor and in poor health. Like many, he had taken Brain Stud. But I didn't think of it at the time, it sounded like he was being murdered. I burst through the door to see Joe lying on the ground in agony. He face was beet red and blood was poring from his noise and around his eyes. "Shit, shit, shit" I thought as I scrambled to call 911 while seeing if Joe was still breathing. But all I got was an auto response.

I didn't time for this, I had to get Joe some help. I ran down the stairs to the second floor and banged on Lillian's door. She was a nurse in training (as well as being a Brain Stud user) and probably the only one in my building who could have helped. But my banging yielded no response. Putting my ear to the door I tried to listen make out if maybe she was getting out of bed or something, but All I heard was the sound of someone choking on blood.

I was shocked and starting to get hysterical by that point. Just as I was about to try and bust down the door, it opened. There was Lillian, it the same state as Joe. Red face, and bleeding profusely. Before I could even flinch in horror she collapsed at my feet, dead.

By that point I was nearly vomiting. I didn't know what to do. I ran down stairs, and out into the streets. Praying that there was some logical explanation for this. I gas leak in my building perhaps and I just got lucky. But as I looked onto the side walks. All up and down the streets people were dying, horrid, painful, bloody deaths.

Through the sounds of agony I hear footsteps behind me. Turning around I saw a man that appeared to be unaffected but had the same look of horror on his face as me. I asked him if he knew what the hell was going on in a panicked voice. He looked off into the crowds of suffering people before turning back to me.

"Stud" was all he said.

And that was it. The miracle drug that cost me a chance a good life had done all of this. Never had I been so happy and yet so disgusted at my luck.

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Quite good, not sure if you wanted to portray a concept or if you did it was the same one I saw, but it was still a great short story.

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My father was a librarian and my mother was an accountant at a large hardware company. When I was born, my parents put $200 into a savings account for my college fund. Every month until I was 18, they added $200.

My father read books to me until I was 13. I wouldn’t’ve minded if he had read books to me every night to the age of 50. He was the kind of man who found wonder and enjoyment in everything. He narrated with ridiculous voices and exaggeration that had me in giggles.

He died four days after my thirteenth birthday. His love for books lived on in me, as well his temperament: laid-back, logical, well-humored. He never believed in taking shortcuts.

When I was 16, I finished high school with a full record of honors. I went to college with a full ride and majored in library science. At 19, I was the youngest librarian to ever work at the Library of Congress.

My first year of employment was the same year that a new drug hit the market all over the world. It could be found and purchased in every pharmacy over the counter. Most people bought and took it without thinking. The drug’s claim to fame was a substantial increase in intelligence.

I had always been an intelligent woman thanks to the work of my father. I had gotten a good job by the virtue of hard work. I never took the pill, and I was mocked for it. But intelligence without work does not make a person smarter.

It wasn’t until more than a decade later that the side effects of the drug were discovered. It didn’t happen all at once. People took the drug at different times, and it was accelerated in people who already had a condition.

At first, it was thought to be a fluke that only affected those, like I said, that already had the condition. Over the course of two or three years, the effect emerged in over 90% of the population who took the drug.

The drug caused a muscle in the optic nerves to tighten. It resulted in incurable constant strabismus. Simply put, practically everyone who took the drug developed lazy eyes.

So in addition to my impressive list of qualifications, I now pride myself on being one of the few humans alive that doesn’t look like a retard all the time.

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Giggled and then felt bad, and then giggled some more.

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4 points · 3 months ago

I have one lazy eye but I still found it funny.

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I actually have a lazy eye as well that drifts often without me realizing, so I thought I was in a position to write that, lol.

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Blood red gore bubbled from their mouths accompanied by manic screaming, as their veins swelled and their eyes went red with blood and their skin dropped off their flesh, layer by layer “Do it outside I’ve still got work to do” Gerald groaned. It was that time of the week again, all the people who took the drug where going through this again “Why do they have to scream, they knew what they where getting into when they took an intelligence in hanging drug” Gerald thought to himself trying to ignore the mad screams of his co-workers after about a minute he slammed his laptop shut and went into the break room, he didn’t get an extra break like all the drug takers but he took one anyway, it’s not like his supervisor could get him in trouble for it, he was too busy screaming his head off. Gerald put in his earphones and pressed “holy diver” on his I-phone 15, he couldn’t take the drug but he still got the benefits, science, technology and engineering where all furthered significantly, humans reached the andromeda galaxy last year and the same year the drug was issued they found a completely safe cure for cancer, which he was glad about seeing as how he himself had brain cancer before the drug was released. He looked out the window and decided it was a nice enough day to warrant a walk, he wanted to eat out but all the cafes where closed since it was that time of the week “Oh that’s right I finally bought that new app” he thought to himself, he closed music and tapped on the icon labeled “nous canceller” he pressed the activate button and everything when silent It was playing a sound which he couldn’t hear but it still outdid other sounds giving the illusion of complete silence When he got back to the office his supervisor was still screaming, about 5 minutes later it stopped and the day went on

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0 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Only 12 years ago I was pulling my hair out and screaming out loud after the results of the diagnosis came. I could not take dodexterin, I would die if I did. Today I sigh after seeing another dodexterin junkie coughing his brains out. Good God, I can only imagine how those people feel inside.

The first 5 years after the dodexterin was invented it costed a lot of money. I think 1 pill at the time was like around 150000 bucks so only wealthy people could afford. The real struggle came when it started to appear on the streets for a much more desired price, but from much more shady figures. Then the requirements on some job applications started to roll in. Millions lost their jobs, homes, families. Additionaly 10 years after that the pill became illegal so some people stayed "normal".

With time people became sick of this segregation between the masses. The ultimatum was sent to the president of the United States. No answer.... Thats when the shit hit the fans, massive protests began. In the end USA was split into two factions. The only thing that separates us is that wall that Trump built, but with additional "security measurements". Either way the world on the other said was rotting from inside out without knowing.

(My first writing prompt attempt) It is fun to write! Please have your criticism as rough as you want but make it constructive.

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I really love the ideas in this, but would love to see you delve into any of them a bit more. Pick one of your paragraphs and keep going with it!!

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Thank you! I will try with time)

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-11 points · 3 months ago(0 children)
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This entire text is a trainwreck. Fix your grammar and formatting and don't change it to 60% for no reason.

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My dude, just criticism, but the prompt does NOT need to be taken literally!

„Prompts are meant to inspire new writing. Responses don't have to fulfill every detail.“

Basically, some freedom is fine, as long as the spirit of the prompt still holds true.

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