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"Mornin' Tina." A light, delicate voice greeted. I cringed internally as I tried to pretend that my voice hadn't changed.

"Oh! Good morning, Jim!" a gruff, baritone voice responded.

I tried not to stare too hard at Tina, who is now musclebound and with a handlebar mustache, and yet is dressed in a blouse and skirt.

Luckily, my... "change" wasn't too extreme. I was still pretty flat-chested (which, looking back on it now, is pretty nice since it didn't chafe too hard against my shirt seeing as I had no bra). But when I looked in the mirror this morning, my nose, brow, and jawline had definitely shrunk. More importantly, when I stood to take my morning piss, my package was missing. And that was when I panicked. Something had gone totally wrong. I dressed normally in my white shirt and slacks + loafers and headed outside.

The cute girl that normally takes my orders at the local coffeeshop had changed too. Her jawline and chin had become stronger than mine was even before I changed. But nobody said anything. Nobody pointed it out. Everything just chugged along like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Had I gone insane? Has the world always been like this?

I sit down at my desk, leaving "Tina" to her work. My boss rolls on by (no longer the rotund, sweaty mole of a man that I knew, but rather a sexy, lithe supermodel type with a perky chest and flowing hair). In fact, I wouldn't have recognized the person as my boss until she slammed a stack of paperwork on my desk and barked at me to get to work... albeit with less snorting.

I finished the work day... then decided to call my girlfriend. A rough, gravelly voice answered. Oh god. It happened to her too.


"Yes Jim?"

"Are you free right now? I just got out of work. Wanna grab a bite?"

"Oh... uh. I'm not feeling too good right now." I noticed she (he?) tried to make her voice higher pitched. It didn't work out too well and the voice cracked.

"... I understand."

Kate probably didn't want me to see her like that. Being changed. This is only temporary right?

Seeing as I was done with work, I decided to take a closer look at my body after I got home. Yup, hips are a bit wider than before... there is a chest now, albeit slight- a B cup at best. There was a little bit of extra fat in my posterior as well, and I've lost quite a bit of muscle mass. My Adam's apple was gone, and my genitals have changed.

Perverse thoughts suddenly entered my mind. I sat in front of a mirror, naked... and became turned on at the sight of my own naked body. I felt a viscous wetness between my legs...

[Author's note: Due to Rule 2 I'll leave whatever happened in the next hour to the reader's imagination ;)]

I then decided to make some money. I went on Twitch and started streaming. My viewercount broke a new record within minutes. Netizens in my chat were typing stuff like "ooh cute gril" and "open bob." Others said things like "lol get back in the kitchen" or "how is a girl good at games?"

I was also popular on the camgirl sites. Though I did notice that there were a lot more models on there. Same as with Twitch. So this change really did affect everyone then.


On the television there was a special news bulletin. Someone had finally stepped forward to address the genderbent elephant in the room. She had platinum blonde hair, tucked tightly into a bun. Her cerulean eyes twinkled with intelligence.

"Greetings. I am Dr. Zachary Bell. Mad scientist. Intelligent, diabolical, and soon to be filthy rich. I am broadcasting directly to all news stations from a secure location. As you all have noticed, I have caused all of you to swap genders." Dr. Bell gestures to the side and the camera pans right to reveal a large contraption.

"I have here, the Androgynos 3000. The machine I have worked on for several years. And, its first experiment has been a resounding success.... Albeit with a few casualties along the way." She (he?) points at herself as she says that last bit.

"My demands are simple. Transfer 10 million dollars into my bitcoin wallet by tomorrow. After I receive the funds to continue my diabolical, insane mad scientist work, I will return the world to its proper genders." Dr. Bell then displays a string of letters and numbers, probably the code for his bitcoin wallet.

The transmission cuts off.

"Well, shit. Hope the Feds pay up then." I think to myself.

Following the announcement, the government began requesting tips to locate the mad scientist. Obviously, they weren't gonna pay up and wanted to resolve the issue by force. Soon enough, the FBI and SEAL teams had the mad scientist found and cornered.

"Back! Back, you fools! One step further and I'll destroy it! And do not even think of shooting me. Ever heard of a deadman's switch? Yes, that's right. The lab and the device is rigged to blow upon my death."

In the end, they couldn't do anything but allow the scientist to escape the premises, lugging the Androgynos 3000 with him.

Ultimately, the government decided to transfer the 10 million to Dr. Bell's purse. And within the hour, as promised, the world returned to normal. I confirmed the change for myself. I had a triumphant pee standing up for the first time in forever at that moment.

I breathed a sigh of relief after living genderbent for an entire month. Sure, the extra money from camming and streaming was nice, but that first time I bled out from below the waist? Yeah, not worth it. More importantly, I'll get to see Kate again. She had avoided me the entire month this was going on. Life is finally returning to the way it should.

I texted Kate. She agreed to meet.

And then my heart sunk like a stone.

"... Long time no see, Jim." A gravellly voice came forth. A reverberating bass. A bouncing lump in the throat.


Was the machine defective?

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It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, yes, I went from being a 6' man sporting a beard and looking like a lumberjack to a 4'9" baby-faced woman who looks like she just walked out of a teen romantic comedy. It was a huge change, and yet... it could have bee worse. I was kinda of shocked by it after waking up with a huge change in the downstairs plumbing if you know what I mean, and decided to text my boss, saying I had some food poisoning from some bad calamari last night from Olive Garden. He bought it and said that there were some complications at work anyway.

I spent the rest of the day trying on my old clothing and trying to manage my stupidly long hair. Eventually, I threw on some old boxer briefs and workout shorts with a t-shirt and sweatshirt. It was a weird feeling to say to myself, "Thank god I have small boobs." The only drawback was that I had big, floppy shoes to wear to the store.

I walked there, because, well... who would know, y'know? I made it to Walmart and, strangely it was really busy. Like, too busy. Didn't bother me much and I managed to slip inside. Everyone seemed to be having problems, but it was none of my concern. The clothing section was stripped bare... but i managed to scrape together some form of outfits from the children section. Decided against a bra. Did not want to admit to myself that much of how much i changed.

I think it was when I got back home and changed when I had thought to myself, "Damn. That's a fine ass." It made me laugh, and I finally got dressed in some good fitting clothes. After that, I showed up to work at Gamestop and some new manager. She wasn't Mike, but she had his name tag and stuff. Probably a new manager, I thought at the time. I said hey, and she seemed very upset, so I just went to work. Life finds a way they say.

After a few days, the world continued living as though nothing happened or changed. I think it was by day three that I realized I was not the only one to have been changed. No one was saying it out loud, but we all did. Mike still waned to be called Mike. A lot of people still kept their old names. Authority figures definitely did. Me? Well... I used to be Frank. Now... I think I'll like being Franqui.