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I recommend if you still have Windows 7, hang onto it for dear life. In my humble opinion, Microsoft should have just stopped right there

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Yeah sure, let's hang on to an OS that goes EOL in two years. We did that with XP and look what happened.

Upgrade to Win10, update to 1709.

Win 7 is going to be a legacy OS, and there's reasons for it.

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Like? Hmm.

Well, aside from no longer being supported by Microsoft past 2020, no more security updates, no more extended support...

But you know, if those reasons mean nothing then I guess you could say we could still well be using XP.

You know, like how a fuckload of people did until they figured out using an obsolete OS with no support or security patches and major flaws in SMB might be bad when WannaCry hit them and fucked them over.

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Is this still active? Anything particular needed for it to be complete?

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Yeah man.

*Edit: I was busy... It's an upgrade for folks with accessibility needs, but it works just fine. If you have a valid license already, it will still be valid after the upgrade, but you will not be required to fill in any info. I'm not sure, but I think you can upgrade unlicensed versions, but will remain unlicensed.

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I think you mean downgrade.