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Amazon prime is literally so cheap this is just pointless.

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They just bumped up their prices

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99 dollars for an entire year is basically nothing.

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$13/month or $156 total is more than $99. Some haven’t taken advantage of the yearly price upfront. Check out the newest post in this subreddit for more details.

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It took me literally 3 seconds to find out about the 99 USD pricing for a year. If you overpay because you suck at research that doesn't mean you're getting ripped off. I'd accept your suggestion to scam them and steal content if they were trying to scam you first.

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It’s easy to find sure but it’s not an obvious choice for some...I’m sure you can understand that...you seem like a smart guy. I’m not suggesting any scamming...that’s just what this subreddit’s post on prime reflects.