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For those of us who experience fresh cilantro as tasting like soap, this is a very important little tidbit!

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Oh man, I feel bad for those people. Cilantro is the best.

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I always say that the biggest problem with rice is too much flavor.

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The mixed rice has citrus juice and salt too. The rice is mixed on demand so the only rice in the store that is mixed is on the line. If you prefer you can ask for the salt and citrus just without cilantro. Also if its in the kitchen you can ask for it. You can get stuff like diced jalapeños (not on the line but used to mix salsa), raw onions/peppers, and for an extra dollar you can even get a kid sized bag of chips crushed up and rolled into your burrito.

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The cilantro rice makes chipotle/qdoba what it is imo. I even started making cilantro rice at home to put in burritos on taco night. Cilantro is life.

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Why are people incapable of spelling and speaking "C H I P O T L E" properly?