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Everyone knows. Stop it.

This has been going on for too long, and circlejerking on an unofficial and unaffiliated subreddit is not going to do anything to fix anything - all it does is flood other posts about gameplay.

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Gonna preface this long and controversial post by saying I am 100% going to be criticizing mercy and the SPECIFIC PORTION of players that play her in this way. Where you fall in the category of Mercy players is for you to decide. I am simply pointing out my personal experiences and thoughts regarding Mercy.

As a 4100+ NA/PC flex/support player who started off as a silver player and has dedicated a lot of time and energy into this game to climb out. These are my thoughts on Mercy and why I think Mercy is a trap for newer players that becomes increasingly difficult to get out of once you start.

Out of the many heroes in Overwatch. Mercy stands out by far as one of the most newb friendly heroes in the game. She was designed as a hero for players without any FPS experience or even a gaming experience to pick up and play and still contribute to the team without needing to be a widowmaker who lands every head shot. Aside from character design. I believe the way they designed her game play is one of the reasons why she is so popular in the community especially in the lower end of the skill spectrum where most players reside. I believe how she was advertised was why so many players are drawn towards Mercy at first but then is incapable of transitioning and diversifying their hero pool.

Mechanical skill and Game sense.

We first need to distinguish the difference between Mechanical skill and Game Sense. Mechanical skill defines stuff like aiming or inputting keys or movement or anything you physically have to do for the game to measure. The game is incapable of measuring game sense like determining the ultimate % of the enemy Reinhardt based on how many fire strikes they have landed on your team. Knowing what you need to do in a given situation is Game sense. Executing that knowledge by moving/shooting is Mechanical skill.

This has always been a point of contention among the community but in my opinion: Mercy is a low mechanical skill hero. The mechanical aspect of her is simply not that difficult compared to other heroes. She is not a brain dead hero. But she is no where near as difficult as some and I would consider Mercy to be on the lower end of the spectrum. Mastering her is a different story. EVERY HERO in the game is difficult to master. But again: She is one of the easier heroes to master. I am not expecting or saying every hero needs to be as difficult to play as Widow/zen/ana but there is always debate about how easy or hard Mercy is to play so I am just leaving my personal opinions on it.

This leads into the problem with Mercy: She is easy to pick up and play. But difficult to stop playing and transition out of due to a few reasons. First reason being a lack of transferable mechanical skill.

Since no hero utilizes any of the same mechanics as her or does but a VERY small amount. It's impossible to play Mercy and retroactively play other heroes because you cannot take the mechanical skills as Mercy and transfer it over to another hero. Her beam can be a toggle. Toggling a beam is not difficult to do nor does it require Mercy to learn how to toggle. Her guardian angel is also a toggle and it has added mechanics like flying past allies or doing a very high "bunny hop" but again: No hero has this so the benefits of mastering this will not carry over. Her pistol is rarely utilized even in the best of situations so the transferable mechanical skills on a projectile based weapon is low at best.

Since there are no hero is as easy to play as Mercy or even share the same kit that utilizes the same mechanical skill set. Playing Mercy ONLY improves your ability with Mercy. Where as playing Tracer for example will retroactively hone your ability to track which allows you to transition into a hero like Zarya because her laser shares THE EXACT SAME tracking mechanic. If you can aim with tracer. You can aim with zarya with maybe a slight adjusting due to slightly higher range. A hero like roadhog shares a similar mechanical skill to reaper. Despite reaper having a much faster rate of fire. The spread of both heroes is relatively the same which means players needs to understand and learn hitboxes. Both roadhog and reaper will fire at the same areas when targeting heroes. Mostly near the neck to upper chest and fully body shots on smaller targets. So in turn. Practicing on roadhog will retroactively allow you to practice on reaper with minor adjustments needed.

The elephant in the room is Game sense. The #1 argument I see regarding Mercy and this topic is that "Mercy uses more game sense than other heroes because she does not require as much mechanical skill as other heroes". This statement in my opinion is completely false. We have established Mercy requires less mechanical skill than other heroes. But that does not mean you use more game sense than the rest of the roster. It just means you require less mechanical skill.

Game sense and awareness is tied to the player. Not the hero. The amount of Game sense a hero can utilize is the same across the board: an infinite amount. Game sense is interchangeable. A Tracer can utilize the game sense you obtained from Mercy and Mercy can use the game sense obtained from Tracer. Any hero can use game sense. And just because your hero is harder to play or requires more mechanical skill. That does not mean you use less game sense. It means you require more mechanical skill ON TOP OF requiring game sense as well. Only VERY BAD DPS PLAYERS think all they need is mechanical skill to do well with DPS heroes. DPS players are expected to have the same game sense as a support player while requiring the necessary mechanical skill to execute what you think is best for the situation. To rely only on mechanical skill and do well with it. You need like aim bot worth mechanical skill.

Knowing what you need to do in a given situation is Game sense. Executing that knowledge by moving/shooting is Mechanical skill.

Let us say that 3 players are in game and they are playing tracer/mercy/roadhog. Their teammate next to them starts getting dove by the winston. In this situation. All 3 heroes would execute something differently correct? But the knowledge and understanding that led them to that decision is the same. Tracer would probably start shooting winston. Roadhog would probably hook/shoot winston as well. Mercy would start healing ally. Despite all 3 heroes doing something different because each kit is different. The decision to do something is the same. All 3 players looked at the situation and determined that was the best course of action. And this is why Mercy DOES NOT utilize more game sense than other heroes. Just because your hero does not require as much mechanical skill does not mean you understand the game better than the rest of us. It just means you have 1 less thing to worry about while everybody has to worry about 2 things. They have to make the right decision and also requires the necessary mechanical skill to execute the right decision based on their hero.

Even positioning with Mercy is not the same compared to most supports/tanks. I have seen people argue that they can play winston because of mercy but winston has like 3 times the hitbox and a much longer cooldown on his only escape tool which is why winston is not as easy to play as most think. You get punished WAY harder if you mess up as winston often straight up dying or feeding the enemy a lot of ultimate charge. And Winston is a dive hero. Totally opposite sides of where you need to be compared to Mercy. I see a lot of people argue that Mercy shares similar kit to moira but this in my opinion is also false. Moira's positioning is not the same as Mercy because she needs to heal multiple players at once. Moiras with bad position heals 1 person at a time and therefore runs out of meter faster. And moira's healing meter is a resource that shares similarities to pharah's jetpack. You can tell which moira player has never played pharah because they don't know how to tap heal. Pharahs who do not know how to tap hover can't stay in the air for more than like 6 seconds. Those that do tap hover can stay in air long enough for boosters to come off cooldown. Moiras who tap heal are also the ones that don't run out of meter so quickly and is forced to DPS.

Im sure we can continue nitpicking every little thing but I believe we have covered most of what needs to be said. Mercy has next to no transferable mechanical skill to the rest of the roster. The only thing she has going for her is game sense but playing Mercy does not mean you will understand the game better than those that play DPS or tank. It just means you will not be honing your mechanical skill as you play. While someone who plays tracer would be honing that mechanical skill and if that player allows it to happen: also be improving their game sense. Knowing when to disengage/engage etc. Game sense is universal and not amplified if you play low mechanical skill heroes.

Mechanical skill is something you need to constantly maintain. Unless you are so naturally talented player. You can't go extended periods of time not aiming and expect to start aiming and be effective. I was like 3600+ SR when I started playing a lot of symmetra. Needless to say that after 150+ hours of symmetra. My aim went to shit. I never had to aim with her so that skill deteriorated. I spent the next 2 months in QP getting my aim back.

Sense of accomplishment/contribution

Why is Mercy a newb friendly hero? Aside from being easier to play thus a greater access. It's the sense of accomplishment. You FEEL like you do stuff. Mercy constantly has a heal beam on someone. So you are constantly healing thus doing something. When you ress someone. Same thing. You are constantly providing your team with something thus you feel a sense of accomplishment. And this in another role can be felt with heroes like junkrat. A junkrat can mindlessly spam at the enemy. Get hits constantly but never any kills and he will feel like he is doing something. But more importantly just be feeding the enemy team ult charge. I have won games back in gold because my solo queue team quickly realized what the enemy junkrat was doing and the support player said "I'm almost to my transcedence. take a few grenade hits and let me heal you so i get it for final team-fight".

Now take for example someone like Reaper who really only does damage and nothing else. If you do not get a lot of kills or damage or even get a good ultimate off. You NEVER feel like you accomplished or did anything. You feel useless. You feel like you are dragging behind everybody else. Someone who requires a much higher skill requirement like Widow is the same thing. If you DO NOT get kills or hit anything with widow. You feel useless.

And this is the Mercy/junkrat trap. Because you are constantly doing stuff. Regardless if it's good or not. You feel like you are contributing or accomplishing something in game. This in turn triggers the cognitive bias in you to say that "Well I did what I had to do. It must be my team that fell behind then". How often have you heard a junkrat player prior to damage number rework say that "they had gold damage" because they shot a shield the entire game? I had many games where the mercy player said they had gold healing because they pocketed their duo reinhardt partner the entire game instead of healing others.

So because you feel like you do well or do better on heroes like mercy/junkrat. Why bother playing other heroes? To play a much harder hero that requires more mechanical skill to achieve the same sense of accomplishment only to be discouraged when you don't do as well? It's human nature to not like change. To be comfortable. Players are less likely to tough it out on heroes like Zen/Ana and go back to mercy when they see themselves not do as well on Zen/ana because of a higher skill requirement.

Which leads back to my mechanical skill portion of this post. If you get discouraged at playing other heroes because Mercy has always made you feel good playing support. Then you get stuck playing Mercy basically forever which in turn means you are only ever improving on that 1 hero instead of expanding and diversifying until you decide to tough it out on other heroes But sadly most don't. They continue playing Mercy which means they continue digging themselves in this hole that becomes harder to get out of.

I started off as a silver player. I reached like mid plat on DPS/tank. My support heroes were no where near as good as it should be for plat. It wasn't until I reached like mid diamond where it hit me. I had to play support and I was ABSOLUTE SHIT AT IT. Because I rarely played support. My supporting skills was simply not good enough to compete with other support heroes at that SR.

And to be perfectly blunt: Many mercy players I come across at 4100+ SR fall into the same issue. They reached higher SR only playing Mercy which means they lack EVERYWHERE ELSE because again: Mercy doesn't transition well to other heroes. They were not capable of taking the mechanical skills they honed on Mercy and applying it to other heroes. Which in turn means they under-perform. Just the other day. I had an Ana one trick play widow because we had 3 support mains. That Ana was pretty good because they took the aiming mechanics on Ana and was capable of applying it to Widow.

How to not fall into the trap that is Mercy

Practice other heroes in QP and bring them into competitive once you are ready. Do not practice heroes in competitive. Nobody is going to trust you to play doomfist for the first time if you don't even have hours practiced in QP.

It's that simple. You should not expect to be instantly great at this game unless you are naturally talented. I practiced 50% in QP and 50% in competitive to be where I am today. Flexing wasn't easy. I had to make sure I had the skills to play multiple heroes in all situations and it eventually paid off because I worked hard for it. Trust me when I say that there were times where I considered only playing heroes like junkrat. It wasn't until I looked back on those games where I saw myself do subpar but thought I did well.

I see many people say they get "forced" into playing Mercy. I first off don't understand how that is physically possible because they can't pick heroes for you. And 2nd: EVERY SINGLE person I have come across in my games that has said they have been "forced" to play mercy has been playing her well before she became useful in season 6. People would not have asked you to play Mercy prior to her rework. It would have been Zen/Lucio and a little bit of Ana. Ana despite having one of the lowest win rates at season 5 had a slightly higher usage rate than Mercy at 4000+ SR. That was how ineffective Mercy was so no idea why people would have asked you to play her unless you played at extremely low SR.


I think Mercy is a death trap for new players. Easy to get in. Hard to get out. Because there is a lack of transferable mechanical skill when it comes to Mercy. Playing Mercy only amplifies your ability on Mercy where as other heroes will retroactively amplify your abilities on other heroes who share a similar kit. Just because Mercy requires less mechanical skill does not mean she uses more game sense than other heroes. Which again means that if you play mercy. You don't understand the game or learn the game better/faster than if you played other heroes. People who play DPS/tank should be learning the same amount while honing their mechanical skills which Mercy players simply don't do. And for players who do eventually want to play other heroes. They get discouraged when they play other heroes because said heroes are much harder to be effective on so they fall back to Mercy which then becomes a vicious cycle that becomes very difficult to get out of because of the sense of accomplishment you obtain as Mercy.

And again: In my climb from silver to GM. The Mercy players who say they got forced to play Mercy never in fact played anything else or practiced anything else outside of competitive. Nobody is going to trust you to play heroes you never played and even more so if that hero shares no similarities to heroes you already play. If a tracer one trick wanted to play zarya but never even practiced zarya. I wouldn't be comfortable them playing zarya but I would be a bit more comfortable with that tracer one trick than a mercy one trick because at least zarya laser is the same as tracer tracking mechanic.

I think Mercy is a good hero to play but you absolutely need to play/practice other heroes otherwise you get stuck playing her forever. Mercy is without a doubt the most main'd/one tricked hero in Overwatch. And quite frankly. Even at 4000+ SR. There are WAY too many Mercy one tricks and I believe that is because they started off playing her and was incapable of transitioning out.

To all those that read everything and made it this far. Thank you and good luck in your games.

Additional points/tangents

  • NOBODY should have to thank you for doing your job. It's your job. It doesn't matter what you play. If I play support. My team should not have to thank me for healing them. If I play DPS. I should not expect my team to thank me for getting kills. Maybe it's the name: Support. I don't know why specifically support players believe they need to be worshiped for healing the team. It's your job. Any DPS who asks players to thank them for getting kills would probably be burned at a pyre.

  • If I look at your profile. And all we see is mercy. And your quickplay doesn't show anything but Mercy. Why are you upset or shocked that the team wants you to play Mercy? EVERYBODY at one point or another is going to have to play a hero with zero time in competitive. But if you had time in quickplay. People won't care. I had close to 100 hours of zarya in QP before I played her in competitive and nobody gave me shit for it. Because I had put in the time and effort to go learn and play her. People trusted that I knew what I was doing. I am sure people will say they had a different experience but out of the 9 or so heroes I practiced for 50+ hours each in QP before I brought them into Competitive. Nobody has ever complained about it or forced me to play something else. Which again: I don't see how you can be forced to play hero. People can want or demand you to play Mercy. But nobody can force you to. If it was so easy to force you to do something. I'm surprised your identity or SSN hasn't been stolen.


Seriously, it's rampant. There are few places on Reddit where I can feel safe openly talking about sexism and feminism without some MRA sending me bullshit links to "disprove" feminism.


Trump is discussing selling an American ambassador to a foreign state that will kill him. I cannot sit back while this happens anymore.


I haven't done this before, so please comment with ideas of where and when! I am discussing this with people IRL and will try to update with time and location tonight!

EDIT: Thankfully our Senate has their heads on straight and came down 98-0 against this! A little bit of faith restored over here


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