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Point in short: locking out progression to timed milestones is terrible design and desperately needs to be reworked.

I am going to be drawing many comparisons between Destiny and WoW in this post as WoW seems to be the best comparison regarding its leveling, dungeon, and raid system.

Looking over the current power system in Destiny 2 I have to wonder how it could make so many mistakes. So many activities are completely irrelevant due to the first cap of 500 power or -20 if you're above 520.


Once a valid way to gear for the raid strikes now are completely pointless to do outside of your 1/3 daily/weekly for the milestones. Their gear drops are invalidated just by doing the main story as you will get to 500 power assuming luck at least slightly coughed in your direction while doing it. For those who didn't hit 500 from the story how long honestly did it take you to hit it after getting to level 50? How many pieces of gear were you missing not at 500? I honestly want to hear from people who were not 500 because my entire clan all 10 of us hit 500 before we were 50 and we hit 50 by doing the last mission.

WoW's dungeon system is what strikes should be.

Normal Heroic Mythic Raid (normal)
310 item level drops 325 item level drops 345 item level drops 355 item level drops

If this was in Destiny we would see it be like this.

Normal 500 power Heroic 520 power Nightfall 540 power Raid 560 power
490-510 power drops 510-530 power drops 530-550 power drops 560-600 power drops

The two systems obviously work a bit different as Destiny's system is scaling based off your current power while WoW's is mainly static. You go into a normal dungeon in WoW and whether you're at 290 or 300 the drop will always be 310 if you're at max level. I don't think either system is better or worse they're just different. With Destiny's it allows Bungie to stretch the grind out more with less slots considering we only have 8 gear slots in total while WoW has 14 gear slots so more change to get a drop you don't need.

As it stands there is no reason to go into strikes beyond your weekly milestone as they won't get you ready for the more challenging content. Bungie knows this and that's why they have it a weekly and once every 4 day milestone, to force you into them even though you're not getting anything out of it aside from the milestone reward.

Public Events

These again are completely useless to do outside of the flashpoint milestone as they just don't drop gear with high enough power. Comparing this to WoW's world quest system at least WoW's world quests scale their rewards alongside your current item level. Since they are rather simple they are typically about 5-10 levels behind your personal item level but they can be used to fill out some slots that you might not have the best weapon or helmet in and could use a small upgrade. However since item level on each slot in WoW matters less for the overall calculation a 10 item level difference would be about a 5 power difference in Destiny. So public events shouldn't necessarily get you massive upgrades but they should at least drop usable gear somewhat close to your power level so you can grind out and round out a slot that you have that's low light.


The PvP reward system in WoW currently drops gear at item level 320 so right between normal and heroic dungeon rewards. It's a good system as the matches are going to complete no matter how good you are. You're not going to get stuck in a situation where you can't complete a match because both teams aren't good/geared enough for it so rewards are more based on endurance than anything. Yes you get more for winning but even if you do nothing but lose you'll still get gear just at a slower pace.

Destiny should adopt this same method with crucible, make the cap for gear 520 here so it can get you to heroics but you're gonna have to do the actual heroic strikes if you wanna move up to the more challenging content.

Nightfall vs Mythic+

WoW has a system in place called Mythic+, it allows you to up the level of a dungeon for increased rewards but also increased difficulty. At certain points new mechanics will be added based on how high you crank the item level to. Do the harder levels and you can actually get gear that is as powerful as the hardest raid content but you're going to be seriously seriously challenged by the encounters.

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Chest Azerite Armor from Weekly Chest
Mythic 2 345 355 340
Mythic 3 345 355 340
Mythic 4 350 360 355
Mythic 5 355 360* 355
Mythic 6 355 365 355
Mythic 7 360 370 370
Mythic 8 365 370 370
Mythic 9 365 375 370
Mythic 10+ 370 380 385

To put these levels in perspective

Normal Raid Heroic Raid Mythic Raid
355 370 385

So if you bump the level of a mythic + all the way to level 10 you can get gear on par with the hardest level of the raid. Of course a M+10 key is going to be insanely hard to compensate for that but risk vs reward.

The Nightfall with the challenge cards would be the perfect system for this. Use the light handicap along with modifiers to increase the difficulty but also increase the rewards. As it stands outside of the weekly milestone if you're 530 or higher power doing the Nightfall is pointless since you just won't get the upgrades you need.

Destiny has such a weird progression system to it that actively invalidates its own activities. Your gear progression should not be gated behind weekly milestones with RNG. I know how frustrating it is to get stuff you don't need but what's even more frustrating is knowing that if you didn't get something to replace those damn boots that just won't freaking drop and you've gotten 2 Edge Transits in a row and your last weekly milestone dropped a 3rd goddamn Edge Transit (true story ask my clanmates [Court of Miracles] about it they were on voice they got to hear the despair) you might as well just put down the game since there is no reason for you to play since there is nothing you can do to gain increased power as you've run out of milestones till the reset.

A game should never discourage you from continuing to play it and currently that's exactly what Destiny 2 does. Once you're above 500 power there is no reason to go and play strikes or crucible or do public events if you're out of milestones for them. Obviously you can just do them for fun but you're not going to be working towards anything. Any drops you get will just cost you insane amounts of resources to infuse up so you can actually use them outside of the crucible or the strikes.

Bring back the old progression system where if you wanted to grind you could grind up your power through the normal progression system Normal Strikes > Heroic Strikes > Nightfall > Raid. This current system keeps people playing but at what cost? How long are people going to continue to play if there isn't any progression for them outside of milestones.

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I'm so glad so many of you are happier and healthier now than when you were members. And I have no objection to you presenting yourself in a very positive light in your pictures.

But it seems obvious to me that many of the before-and-after pictures are cherry-picking shitty "before" pictures and comparing them to awesome "after" pictures.

The problem is that I think it is probable that the majority of people here aren't doing way better after leaving the Church. You see all these dramatic transformations and it sets a very high standard.

I'm sure if people really wanted to, they could select amazing "before" pictures and compare them to terrible "after" pictures.


So my question is to people in this sub that will string up anyone they don't agree with as a pedophile, rapist, etc. Why should we just brush this off? Please explain. I think Kavanaugh should be discounted for multiple reasons besides this. The Republicans acting like this is some urgent thing is beyond laughable to me. As Merrick Garland sat there for around a year and Republicans refused to even bring him up for a vote. Shits fucked and I'm sick of Republicans fake whining.


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