Because of Lularoe... by pfc9769 in antiMLM

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Image Transcription: Facebook Comments

[Start of fifth image]

Vic Tory

#becauseoflularoe I am $14,000 in debt

Sil Antro

I'm slightly behind you #becauseoflularoe I am slightly over 12,000 in debt

Rick Shaw

Because of LLR I replaced my whole wardrobe with their clothing and now I hate it and don't want to go in public wearing their polyester shit!!!

Indy Nile

This except I don't hate it. All of my stuff was bought in 2016 for the most part. 🙂 My husband hates it tho for sure; LLR is a VERY sore subject in our house.

Rick Shaw

I have some 2016 I like but mostly I'm sick of the fugly crap, the 2-packs, the quality and blah 🤮

Ken Tucky

Because of Lularoe I missed watching my daughter actually grow up from the day after her first birthday to her third. It's like I was out of the country gone. 😰

Sara Bellum

So much truth in this, I've come to the realization that the top consultants literally have to live LulaRoe that's all their life is about 24/7, no time for relationships, or family.. or even time to their selves.. it's actually really sad... 😕

Tom Foolery

[Responding to Sara Bellum] yeah that's sad 😞

Curt N. Call

#becauseofllr I have a mountain of boxes of inventory I can't get my money back on and I owe my mom lots of money for it. #soblessed #dreamscometrue

Phil Erup

[Image of a glass cup with an amber liquid in it sitting on a rough fabric surface. In the background is a Christmas tree with decorations in many different colors; a beige wall with a small part of a picture listing visible; and a very small part of a fireplace visible. On the glass is some text, reading "because trump Lularoe." This text is spread over three lines. The original text is in black; the strikethrough and 'Lularoe' are in a hot pink tending towards red. 'because' is written in a cursive-style bold font; trump in a standard serif font; Lularoe isn't in any font but rather "handwritten" (or more likely, photoshopped onto the picture)]

[End of image five , image six follows below]

Cal Orie

[Image of a white woman in a kitchen, swallowing alcohol straight from a green glass wine bottle which is more than half empty. The woman has long black hair and wears a black dress with a white polka-dot patterning and half-sleeves; and a necklace of red beads that start small near her neck but grow larger near the bottom of the necklace.]

Terry Bull

Because of LLR, I don't even try anymore 🤪 #uglyisthenewomg

[Image is a selfie from the waist-down. Part of a dress or tunic is visible; this is black with many large stars on it. The stars are of various different colors including white, red, blue and cyan, but all have a golden lining. Below this are a pair of red leggings with an unidentifiable pattern in what is either a greyish cyan or a slightly blue/cyan-ish grey. Part of the person's bare feet are visible, resting on an unidentifiable blue object.]

Zack Lee

Ok..... so bad things only?

Lost a very good friend of 12+ years. ... See More

Nick R. Bocker

Oh, honey! So sorry for your loss. And so grateful to him (and you 😥) for his sacrifice.

Cliff Hanger

I wanna cunt punch her for you!

Kat E. Gory

Because of LuLaRoe, I'm in 4x the debt I was in when I got started hoping it would help us get out, my husband almost left me and my mom threatened to have my kids taken away and now I'm stuck with a shit ton of crap clothes I can't even get what I paid for out of them. 🤷🏻😭😭😭

Rick Shaw That's horrible! So sorry hun. Things will get better. Just keep taking baby steps away from this company. You can get through this! Praying for you dear! 🙏💗

Kat E. Gory

[Responding to Rick Shaw] thank you. At least now my family is much better since I decided to get out...now we just have this huge debt over us and are struggling to pay it back.

[End of sixth image; seventh image onwards in next comments]

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Houston police chief: Vote out politicians only 'offering prayers' after shootings by TragicDonut in atheism

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Of all your 7 points neither would have had any effect on either of the last two school shootings. I'm a liberal democrat and your talking points are how we lose elections.

What you are suggesting was tried in the 90's. Even the FBI admitted it had no effect. But go ahead and try to elect someone who can repeat history.

Alright Montana where do I need to visit by Weatherby7 in Montana

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you like my home more than me and want me to tell you about the nice, quiet, not-oregon places so you can go there too?

try colorado instead.

This is the last photo of Ann Perkins, the teacher killed at Santa Fe HS. Taken when she came into my friend’s work to get a free gelato for Teacher’s Appreciation Week. by enygmaeve in pics

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i would rather see 10 different versions of pictures like this instead of pics of one media glorified cuntbag that is only used to sell commericials

Much like pluto I aim to not be a planet any more. by FatGuyTriesKeto in keto

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Hello Sir and welcome to our group. NORMAL. You have some serious medical issues that might not be a result of your weight, but your weight may be exacerbating the problems. I would be willing to bet that you feel a bit "out of control" in regards to your own body. How many times a day do you say this: "If I just lost some weight, I could do X"? I used to say that to myself 10 times a day. I still say it to myself 10 times a day, but now, I say it for different reasons. Before, it was things like, "if I just lost some weight, I could trim my toenails". Or, "If I just lost some weight, I could actually do my own grocery shopping." Now, when I say it, it is like this: "If I just lost some weight, I could buy and Audi TT Coupe." Or, "If I just lost some weight, I could go have fun in Jamaica." In short, the difference in my statements is that if I just lost some weight, I could stop existing and begin living.

Right now, I suspect that you are simply existing. You have probably shrunk your world down so small to where it is work and home, work and home, work and home. Existing, but not really living. So, when you write that you want to be NORMAL, I read that you are really saying that you want to have a kick ass life. And so, I am here to tell you that you DESERVE a kick ass life. You are going to have to bust your ass to EARN that kick ass life, but by taking control of what you eat, you will begin to earn it. By taking control of what you eat, you will begin to take control of your future. You will begin to take control of your life. It is a damn good feeling when that happens, but for you, I imagine it will be an AMAZING feeling. Healthier and happier is damn fun. Healthier and happier is a powerful combination. And sir, being healthier and happier will make you feel bulletproof. Yes, it is work, but it is the work that will make you respect the results. It is the work that will make you respect yourself. It is the work that will make the victories taste even sweeter.

> I am scared please help

Eat fewer than 20 grams of net carbs a day. Eat at a decent caloric deficit. Reach or exceed your protein macro. And get your electrolytes. 4 little things, and you will kick ass. Seriously, do those 4 little things and you will begin to take control. YES, there will be issues. Cravings will happen and those cravings can be a bitch. BUT, you will be strong. You will be powerful. You are stronger than a damn twinkie. You deserve better things in your life than a damn twinkie. Taking your daughters to Disneyland. Chasing them on the playground. Being the father that you always imagined you would be for them. To be that man, the first step is to simply take control of what you eat.

> I've~~ always bee~~n WAS the fat guy I was the fat baby, toddler, kid,teen young adult and now old man.

I fixed that for you. All I did was a strikethrough. It took about 12 seconds to change how you should think. You WERE the fat guy. You are NOW the kick ass guy. You WERE scared. You are now in CONTROL. Master of your universe. Kicker of the ass. A man on a mission. A man in control. On Monday May 21 2018, a new man wakes up. In control. Powerful. On a mission. You wake up ready to attack the world. Making good things happen. Being an agent of change. Being an agent of good health. Tomorrow, you wake up to a new world.

It is in this new world that you become a new you. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Dream big because YOU CAN MAKE THOSE DREAMS COME TRUE. I hope to hell you are excited. I hope to hell you are fired up. I hope to hell you have trouble falling asleep tonight. Like a kid on Christmas Eve kind of excited. Because sir, tomorrow, you wake up and begin to unwrap a gift. And what a wonderful gift. Health and happiness for yourself.

Opinions, experiences, gripes with the Austin Colony area by superruiz93 in Austin

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I bought a house Austin's Colony in 2004. Obviously I like it out here. It's quiet, and crime is low. You will have COA electricity which is fine, and Southwest Water Co., which sucks. Expensive and very hard water. You may have either gas or propane, not sure which it is near Deaf Smith. I have propane, and it's pretty expensive. But my mortgage is $757 a month, so I don't worry about the utilities. Taxes are low too. We bought the house when my girlfriend (now wife) started her PhD at UT, so affordability was our main priority. We now have a much larger house in a much nicer neighborhood in the energy corridor in Houston at 4 times the mortgage. Other than the traffic and lack of shopping nearby, we both like the Austin house and neighborhood better, though now we are usually only there on weekends and holidays. Or when our Houston neighborhood is only accessible by helicopter or boat during the 500 year floods that occur several times a year. We spent 18 days there during Harvey.

My street is great, and I have (mostly) great neighbors. Our Houston neighborhood is largely a mix of yuppie scum and crumblies, whose main joy seems to be whining on Nextdoor about dogs, squirrels, and cats and being trapped in floods. Austin's Colony is a lot more laid back. You will be in an HOA, but they aren't very intrusive in my experience.

Traffic is bad during rush hours, but non peak travel time to UT is about 25 minutes. It's about double that in afternoon rush hour. I don't know about morning rush hour, since I am retired. When I worked at UT it was about 45 minutes. That should get somewhat better once they finish the expansion of 969, which will 4 lanes with a center turn lane all the way out. The idiotic two lane bottlenecks at SH 130 cause a lot of the traffic delays. PM if you have any questions.

Divorced people of Reddit, what red flag did you ignore before you got married? by Nocturnt in AskReddit

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I married my first wife extremely quickly. She wanted to get married, I didn’t want to break up.

The day of my wedding, my friends asked me how I was feeling, and my response was “Well, I can always get divorced. “

Don’t settle. Marry someone you really, truly love and can see spending your life wife. That you’ll still want to hang out with when you’re both old, and fat, and infirm.

I’m remarried, and it makes the world of difference. When you’re with the right person, you know it. If you don’t know it, you probably aren’t with the right person.

TIFU by unzipping my balls by r00__ in tifu

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cracks knuckles


trimming his pubic hair

vagina miner

creative euphemism for his dick

Kentucky fescue

pubic hair

less on Alvin and moreso on the chipmunks

not on his dick but rather on his balls

uncoil like your grandmother's knitting yarn

very literal and exactly what it sounds like; uncoiling like the way a ball of yarn does

taco bender

another creative euphemism for dick

split open my hog like [a] FedEx shipping envelope

split the skin on his balls in a way similar to the aforementioned envelope, which has a string you pull to rip it open

angry inch

idk if this refers to the wound or if OP is claiming that his dick is only an inch long. edit: reference to a musical, see comments.

hope that helped

edit 2: top comment contains the phrase "vagina miner." nice

edit 3: gilded. n i c e

Teachers of Reddit, what former students of yours are now famous (or infamous) and did you see foresee their outcome while students of yours? by troypayne2 in AskReddit

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I've worked as a teacher and as a behavioral therapist with kids with special needs. While none of my students have gone on to do anything famous (that I know of), I ran into a former client last year that comes to mind (also not famous). I worked with him when he was 3 or 4 and he had severe delays in speech and communication. There was some concern he might not talk clearly or ever converse. During my time with him we did a lot of activities that encouraged speech. His favorite was when I would put him on my back while I pretended to be Godzilla. I would only step when he said "step!" We would stomp around his house for hours if I let him lol. We worked together for a few months before his family moved, and we kept in touch a little. Anyway, ran into him and his dad at a local Comic-Con last year. He's 13 now, and we had a full on conversation for over an hour. It was awesome to see how far he had come and to think I may have played a small part in that.

EDIT 1: Wow! Thanks so much for the kind responses! You guys have made MY day! Thanks!

EDIT 2: added a little clarification.

EDIT 3: thank you for the gold!

Windows updates are so shit. by CloudiaNYT in Windows10

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At some point over the years, developers started thinking everyone lives in a major metropolitan area like Silicon Valley with a broadband connection.

They also think that a never-ending stream of relentless updates is the right way to do software. Our culture runs on "Fear of Missing Out" and "Staying in the Loop", so it was a natural transition.

I understand it's necessary to patch software for security reasons but it's no excuse to push out shit code with a mindset of "we'll get it in the next patch." Which is what they do. All the time.

Patching software weekly (or even multiple times a week) is not a sign of software health or good customer service. But they seem to think it is. They think update frequency is a positive metric instead of a negative one. They're wrong.

Just think of how many apps on your PC, phone, tablet, etc you have and how often they're constantly downloading and auto-installing updates. Multiply that times thousands of apps and millions of people and devices. What a huge waste of precious time and resources.

It doesn't have to be this way. App developers need to code for quality, not faster turn-around.

David King doesn't rate the West Coast Eagles as a top 2 side. by Mugoombie in AFL

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Even though his points are stupid it still highlights the bullshit situation in which the Eagles or any other non-vic team experience when playing a GF at the MCG. If WC or RIchmond met in the Grand final, it would be at Richmonds home ground regardless of whether the Eagles won the rights or not. It is a terrible situation that the AFL should be ashamed of.