I can't move any building except silo here... by Ericlong in StardewValley

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I think there are issues if there is anything in the space in front of the door; I had some problems moving a coop and barn around the other day. Turns out it's because I pre-laid out the paths for them.

This is the top image that you get if you Google search "idiot" by HumanNutrStudent in pics

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Enough you fucking losers. Stop jamming your politics down the rest of our throats. I've blocked all the political subreddits, didn't realize I needed to block r/pics too.

This is the top image that you get if you Google search "idiot" by HumanNutrStudent in pics

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When did r/pics become the shittiest default sub? Between all of the heroin addicts posting that they're 3 days clean, the pictures of dead kids for karma and now this political bullshit, this sub is a fucking mess.

Cheddar or as I call him SoftPaws by psween in CatTaps

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He is! He is a rescue, I got him when he was 5 years old after he was kept in a cage for six months passed over for the younger kittens. I suspect intensive emotional neglect as well. Very gentle but scared of his own shadow. He had been adopted twice and brought back because he peed on everything. Family that dropped him off originally had him declawed and he has some behavioral issues! He had anxiety issues and urination issues as well. So I think they disciplined with anger :( The couple who dropped him off to the shelter had a new baby and he went around peeing on everything and they couldn’t handle the responsibility. )

But don’t worry, I’d never ever ever declaw an animal for the sake of vanity for a piece of furniture. He gets daily foot massages to help ease the pain on the toes (don’t worry the entire time I let him know he’s a good boy), a pathway of shag carpet to get around so he doesn’t have to step on hardwood ever, brushed every day so he never gets mat’s anymore and I’ve built him a enclosure in my butterfly garden so he can watch the bugs which he loves. Plus through positive interactions and reinforcements he doesn’t even hide when I bring out the vacuum, hahah sometimes I wish he’d give me a little more space.

Cheddar and my other rescue Io love to play and hunt each other as well so he is active, so he doesn’t display signs of pain at all anymore. He is accident free now for over a year and spends most of his day following me around, purring and playing :). It’s a happy ending for Cheddar.

When people say they lost everything in 2008, how? by Zero_G_Balls in investing

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I think a correction is in the near future but it’s really hard to predict exactly when. Bull markets can’t go on forever unfortunately and we’re in one of the longer ones in the history of the market. A correction or bear market isn’t always going to be in the magnitude or severity of what happened in 2008 however. In fact, in terms of severity and it’s reach on the stock market/economy/real estate market all at the same time, 2008 was a bit of rarity and something that typically only occurs once every few decades. If you’re invested in the stock market long enough, you’ll likely experience a little bit of everything over the years from years of incredible growth (2017), nasty stock market crashes but otherwise decent economy (2001), stagnation (2015), high inflation (1970s), real estate booms (early 2000s, current), and year’s where the market over or underperforms modestly but nothing too drastic.

I personally think mid to late 2019 is going to be the time when the bear market hits but that’s total speculation on my part so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t think it will be anywhere near as severe as 2008 but I do think we’ll experience some frustrating underperformance or stagnation in late 2018 and early 2019 then in mid to late 2019 starting to see consistent red numbers, with it being a major focal point in the lead up and during the 2020 election. Besides some issues with debt (both consumer and as a nation) along with crazy real estate prices in some areas, the economy as a whole is in decent shape and while old habits die hard, I do believe we are better prepared and did learn a lot from the 2008 crash.

As far as having some sort of safety net, it depends on what you define as one. For something like 2008, there really wasn’t anywhere to run to and put your money that was safe or not impacted. You could buy treasuries, hold cash, try shorting the market, or try your luck with precious metals but honestly you’re better off just holding through it and trying not to predict it. The best thing you can do is to have a diversified portfolio invested in good companies. Have some money in stocks, some in bonds/treasuries, some international exposure, and if you can afford it some real estate or even just REITs.

Trying to time the market is very difficult, especially for the average, casual investor. Even the professionals struggle to do it consistently. The best thing you can do is to work on yourself and develop skills, experience, personality, connections, and knowledge that are in demand to help you get a well paying and relatively secure career. After that, saving as much as you can and investing it in sound funds and companies is important. Don’t try to time or wait for bull or bear market. Instead, develop a plan and stick with it. Invest during the good times, the bad times, and stagnant times. It gets repeated and quoted a lot around but it’s for a reason, as the great Peter Lynch once said:

Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves

When I said safety net in regards to my retirement planning, what I meant was saving more than what most advisors, websites, or calculators out there tell you to. For example, if I need 40k per year to live a normal and fairly comfortable life in retirement, most calculators or websites will say to have a portfolio worth 1 million dollars and to withdraw 4% each year to be able to cover expenses and have a good chance of not running out of money over a roughly 30 year period. I’d personally want 1.5 million saved in my portfolio in that case so I have the extra wiggle room in case of worse case scenarios or major crashes. If I need it, it’s there. If I don’t, then I have the peace of mind and the money to live a little more comfortable or something to pass on to family.

This is the top image that you get if you Google search "idiot" by HumanNutrStudent in pics

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Wtf r/pics is just infested with progress pics and Trump.

I just want to look at interesting pictures....

Edit: I greatly appreciate all of the wonderful sub suggestions everyone! I will be sure to check them all out, thank you for your helpful information.

Also, if anyone is interested in seeing some good content, check out this comment chain, people linked some great subs.

Saying EU and U.S. are foes is 'fake news', says EU chief Tusk in swipe at Trump by MakerMuperMaster in worldnews

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Fake news isn’t even his vocabulary. The term was being thrown around before the election to describe actual fake news being shared on the internet. Then he took the term and made it his own to take away its real meaning. Now people take it less seriously when we here these charges against Russia and the spreading of fake news because people don’t understand the real meaning of the term.

2meirl4meirl by JoblessBear in 2meirl4meirl

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That’s the cue to switch to Anime and become an even bigger societal parasite

What does it look like when someone gives you gold? Do you get a notification? by AutisticMarsupial in AskReddit

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Like this?

Edit: It feels so glorious! Thank you kindly, anonymous redditor. I will not disappoint you.

Focused Feedback: Changes to PC Text Chat & Automated Bans by LordKeren in Rainbow6

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Nope, not smoking a thing. There some minor things I’d like to see changed with the chat system (bans come into effect post game, unless repeated infractions occur), but overall I really like it. I don’t see how allowing slurs in the game is at all a good thing, it just allows a hateful outlet for toxic/racist/sexist individuals. I think the false positives are high right now because people are falling for dumb tricks, but it’ll taper off once people get used to the system.

Even if this doesn’t “lessen toxicity”, I’d much rather not have games where people drop n-bombs or f-bombs. Call me an SJW, but I don’t find any reason for allowing slurs in text chat. It’s hate speech. I don’t care if it’s an inside joke of your friends to call each other n-bombs, keep that someplace else. Even if some people will say it doesn’t bother me that people use slurs, for some people it does. I don’t believe the attitude of just “toughen up” is at all the correct response, because it’s basically saying racism and hate speech are fine and accepted.

There are other problems in the game right now, especially concerning toxicity. This is a step in the right direction for tackling toxicity. Does it solve the whole problem? No, but it’s a good first step.

Let me ask you this, how does this make the game worse?

One-Handed or Two-Handed for a Dragonborn Shout Build? by ProUnicycler in EnaiRim

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It definitely is! Not by a whole bit but noticeable enough for me.

Russian bots, 'troll factory' test waters ahead of U.S. midterms by eaglemaxie in worldnews

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I’ve seen Markov chains that utilize popular/common one liners to get enough karma to post posts. I’ve also seen automated repost systems that post at similar times. I’ve also seen complex comment synthesizers that work well to say one sentence/paragraph over 10 ways(depends on the sentence ofcourse, some paragraphs have 10,000 possible variations). And that’s just US kids in college fucking about with spare time/home projects.

Just to prove a point on the how , your comment could literally be a Russian bot’s comment. You could set up a script that searches for keywords like, “Troll Factory”, “Russian Hackers” “Russian Bots”, “Russian Trolls” etc, and then have a team of 5 or so people sift through the comments with the most keywords and then auto post one of the variations of a sentence that says, “just out of interest can you point one out? like link to the comment?” which this sentence can be phrased a thousand ways and sows doubt into if there are actually Russian bots or not, which could be exactly what they want. Keep in mind this would be a very basic and barbaric way to do it and you could actually automate it even more with advanced AI that a country like Russia definitely has access to.

Congrats France! by toosanghiforthis in europe

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The French team did what even Napoleon could not: they won in Russia