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It occurred to me that Kuma definitely knew exactly where he was sending the Straw Hats during the timeskip, since none of them ended up in the Ocean and they all ended up on Islands which would train them in their respective skills. This means that Kuma knew Weatheria, the sky island where he sent Nami, existed on the Balloon Terminal up in the sky. How in the world did he know Weatheria existed, and exactly where it was? Did he go to the White Sea or White White Sea up in the sky sometime? Are the lesser-known civilizations of the Sky common knowledge to the Revolutionary Island or World Government/Vegapunk? Didn't the Balloon Terminal float around random places in the sky, so it would never be in the same place?


i just bought the game yesterday and i wanted to know, sid a make a mistake buying it on the sale from this weekend? cause the EVERY OPS. is 25k that is really fkin much considerang that you only earn like 200 per match on casual.

or it is normal?


Le forum libre nouveau est arrivé : A vos claviers

Ce sujet est généré automatiquement^


I’ve gotten to know this guy over the course of about a year, and got closer within the past two months. Last week, we both told each other that we liked each other when we were playing 20 Questions, and he asked me to go to Sonic with him. This is occurring tomorrow, and he wanted to have it at “lunchtime”.

We both live in walking distance of each other and Sonic, and I told him I’d meet him halfway at a set of apartments so he doesn’t have to walk as far. But, he said “No. I want to meet at your house. Besides, I don’t mind walking”. I gave in, and told him to just let me know when he’s almost at my house.

This is my first time going on a potential date, and I don’t want to assume anything or it be very serious bc it will give me a lot of anxiety. I like him, but I want to be relaxed and have fun without feeling pressured. My family also loves to hover, and my many siblings (5 total) love to run outside to be all up in my business with my friends. I’m just worried he wants to come in my house and see my family on our first potential date before we go, and I have extended family in town too.

What’re your thoughts? Is he just trying to be gentlemanly and meet me at my house?


I have been trying to play all night on pubg and it has crashed every game. So I figured it was the game then I went to bf1 and it keeps happening


Personally, I believed that we were playing without a striker and midfielder for the most part of the season. Drinkwater, Pedro, Luiz, Fabregas & Willian could very well possibly be leaving. Pedro's seem to hit his decline and could move to a Spanish club.

Drinkwater hasn't really proven himself since moving here and has looked lost in the team, far worse than Bakayoko with the same price tag. Last season, we wanted Bakayoko to develop under Matic. This season, we need a midfielder who can take over and control our midfield. My pick and most important transfer that we need to get done is Milinković-Savić. This man is a younger Nainggolan who doesn't tackle as much, but he's physically strong and can hold the ball really well. He also has a great shot on his kit. If Fabregas leaves, we have Loftus-Cheek who I think should be rotated into the team, maybe not start immediately. This will also only happen if Drinkwater is sold, Barkley/Bakayoko are sold/loaned (personally, I think 1 of them or maybe even both should just be loaned. I thought Chelsea should have loaned Bakayoko in Jan but he has improved a lot since those horrid touches and dreadful passes iirc & there was no one else who played his position, but now we have Loftus) Seri is also an honorable mention.

With Pedro likely to leave, and Willian throwing his latest tantrum, it could either mean Conte is leaving or Willian, but after what Willian did, both won't stay. If Willian leaves (which I hope happens more), it could mean Willian try to move to United, and with Martial looking to force a move, I think Chelsea would very well look to make something happen. Of course, if that doesn't happen, another solid signing in the position could be Zaha.

At this point, I want to clear any confusion, but I would like to see what happened with Mazacar happen again. I want to see either a variation of 433 with Kante and Savic playing as CM with Hazard in traditional number 10 - CAM. If this works- Hazard, Martial & the RW/RM would be able to move around a lot, exactly what Hazard & Martial want, 2 very skillful dribblers. This takes me to RW.

Mahrez / Bailey. Both excellent targets. Left-footed. GOLDEN. We have no left footed players except Alonso. Apart from that, having a player who can cut inside from our right wing would be something we haven't seen since Robben. Mahrez and Bailey could be excellent options.

Morata / Batshuayi / Giroud / ? - Morata without doubt had a poor season. But I feel like it's slightly excusable. First season of English football, back injury, losing best friend, new country, 1st time starting striker, etc. I don't think we should spend on a new striker. I think in time, Morata will come out of his shell and begin to shine. We saw glimpses at the start of the season. Believe in him! In the event that we are unable to acquire the above mentioned targets, I think Icardi if available (100m I think) in, Morata could be heading back to Juventus (which I doubt will happen). That would also mean Batshuayi is either sold/loaned.

LB / CB / RB / GK - I think our current options are fine. Alex Sandro seems to be a slightly unrealistic target with his demands right now. Maybe a swap deal for Emerson could be on the cards but I don't see Alonso sitting on the bench. Maybe Luke Shaw, unhappy, could be a good option. Rudiger & Christensen can handle the back line I feel. Christensen is growing, and will learn from his mistakes. He will come back a better & more confident player from the world cup including Rudiger. Azpi @ RB. Period. Cahill & Zouma will probably rotate with Zouma being primary rotation and back up in case we stick to 3atb. I think Moses/Zappa is also sold.

Here's how I would like for us to shape up & also a TL;DR basically.

It also seems fitting that Mahrez & Savic have their favorite jersey numbers open right now, and Pedro leaving could open up to Martial too. Coincidence? /s

Would love to hear you guys' feedback.


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