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Hey everyone! As our previous thread was just archived, I'd like to welcome you all to our third official request thread!

I want to take a second to applaud all the amazing work we've seen from everyone who participated and helped out in the previous threads. Your kindness and talent really makes me proud to be a part of this community. I hope to see that continue on in this request thread as we see more pillars of the community rise up and help out!

Now, some of the things that we can do for your images:

  1. Darken backgrounds to make them true black

  2. Remove any graininess in an already-black background to make it true black

  3. Refine the edges of an image's subject to make it sharper

  4. Remove an image's background completely and replace it with true black (like this)

  5. For certain simpler images like logos, drawings, or shapes (made up of solid colours), I can vectorize them and make them larger while still retaining quality and clarity. Here's a good example of an image that I upscaled from less than 720p to 4K, and here's another that I upscaled from 2.5K to 10K while making the background black.. Note that not many people have the tools to do this, so if you have a request for this and nobody answers you, tag me in a comment and I'll see what I can do.

If you've got an image that you think might work well if amoled-ified but doesn't quite fit the criteria above, post it here anyway and we'll see if anything can be done for it.


  • We aren't pros at image-editing; these requests are fulfilled on our own time, and most of them are done by our community stars here. We can't promise that every request will get fulfilled, but we'll try.

  • Usually, those who fulfill requests here will post them as their own submissions on the subreddit, to widen their audience and share them with more people. If you don't want that done, just let people know when you make the request.

  • Please link an actual image so people have something to start with

  • If you'd like an image edited with a specific resolution or aspect ratio in mind, make sure you include that.

Lastly, remember to say thanks; it's a simple gesture that goes a long way for someone who's spending their own time to help you out for free.

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Hey there, folks! We'll be taking a temporary break from stickying our homescreens thread in favor of a special announcement.

A little over a month ago, someone reached out to us and told us they're working on an android app that could help out our community here. Since then, we've been working with them to help test the app and provide suggestions for improvements, and we now feel that it's ready for you all to try out!

Here's a description and a note straight from the developer, /u/OLEDBuddy:

OLEDBuddy allows you to easily open an image, view which pixels are true black, what percentage of pixels are true black, and convert lower-valued pixels to true black with three tunable sliders or by tapping anywhere on the image to set a brightness threshold. Once converted, a notification allows easy viewing and sharing of your image, and even a shortcut to set it as your wallpaper (provided >= Android 4.4)! The only permissions required are reading storage, and writing storage, with no ads or IAPs to be found!

OLEDBuddy was built with this subreddit in mind, so if you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know!

And before you say it, I'm no graphic designer, I know the icon is terrible!

- /u/OLEDBuddy

Without further ado, here's the Play Store link for OLEDBuddy!

As mentioned, among other things, the app will let you see the percentage of true black pixels in an image and can also amoled-ify certain images as well (by adjusting red, green, and blue hues), which I think can really come in handy for some of our users.

The app is still in active development and testing, so upgrades and bug fixes will be made when possible for the developer. With that in mind, please post your opinions and feedback here; we'll turn this into a dedicated discussion thread for the app.

Lastly, I'd like to give a giant "Thank you!" to /u/OLEDBuddy for putting in the time and effort to make this, and also another big thanks to the community that makes this subreddit so great. Cheers!

In case you missed it, the link to the app can be found here:

Edit: If you'd like to donate to the developer, their PayPal link can be found in the stickied comment.


Looking for a good wallpaper app that fits iPhone x screen, thanks!

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