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Get your Veteran's Day free meal on! Also, remember the food is free, not the service, so tip you stingy bastards.

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Each year this is like Christmas for me. I polish my dog tags, wrinkle my tap out shirt, and rip some more holes in my jeans. I throw on my wounded warrior free gift hat, grab my cane and head to apple bees. The moment when I open my Pontiac van door and step out wearing my ultra white new balance.....pure adrenaline, takes me back to my days in basic, right before my injury in AIT that ended my service.

slow clap

Slowly rendered hand salute with no cover


15U/152H63 points·6 months ago

I'd rather wait and pay the full price on another day than wait in line for an hour around a bunch of assholes wearing dogtags on the outside of their shit to show they are veterans.

Just the thought of avoiding the Dysfunctional Veteran crowd and cherry privates is motivation enough for me to cook at home tomorrow.

Well, how do you get people to TYFYS if you are not wearing dog tags and a Kmart shirt that says something about POWs or fallen heroes?

UH-1H22 points·6 months ago

If it wasn't for my Cold War service at Ft Polk you'd all be speaking Russian right now. And we would live in a worker's paradise where tipping would not be necessary because everyone would be paid according to their needs, not their ability.

1st Couch Division12 points·6 months ago

Yes, Uncle Willie

How many of these do we need.

If the sever screws up my tip will reflect.

8 points·6 months ago

Now is it the server screwing up, or the kitchen?

It's the cooks, obviously


It's always the kitchen, gotta get that 35%.

It really depends. The server should be able to catch a lot of issues before they get to the table. Some they can’t like the food taking forever or being cooked fucked up but if they know I said no cheese and the cook puts a mountain of cheese on top and the waiter brings it to me then I blame both.

What’s that patch on his chest? Shit is huge.

It looks like a flight patch. Flight companies will make their own patch that incorporates the company mascot. He’s probably a crew chief. It’s generally only authorized on the flight suit, and it looks like he’s in regular ACU’s, but it’s hard to tell the uniform for sure, and some units might wear them in ACU’s.

Ah ok. Thanks

As usual, I will be doing some form of AT on Veterans Day. 4 years in a row, woo!

Appreciate the reminder!

filthy civie6 points·6 months ago

Username checks out.

fuck off

My local Chick-fil-A hook up free combos today. Two of the three within 10 miles are veteran operated. Both are very cool people, who also are JAG in the reserves. One AF, One Army.

In regards to sit down spots? Eh... most of me and my friends are on call at the hospital. So a 1-2 hour wait, isn’t really the best thing. I was going to call my TX roadhouse and ask if I could just pickup? Then drop a $10 tip or something.

The “Ed Hardy” for Veterans clothing crowd does have me cringe. Rather in and out of the “holiday”.

I don't tip, but I also don't feel the need to go to Applebees for suboptimal food. TMFMS.

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