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Please read this entire post carefully and format your application appropriately.

This post is for new panelist recruitment! The previous one is here.

The panel is an informal group of redditors who are either professional scientists or those in training to become so. All panelists have at least a graduate-level familiarity within their declared field of expertise and answer questions from related areas of study. A panelist's expertise is summarized in a color-coded AskScience flair.

Membership in the panel comes with access to a panelist subreddit. It is a place for panelists to interact with each other, voice concerns to the moderators, and where the moderators make announcements to the whole panel. It's a good place to network with people who share your interests!

You are eligible to join the panel if you:

  • Are studying for at least an MSc. or equivalent degree in the sciences, AND,

  • Are able to communicate your knowledge of your field at a level accessible to various audiences.

Instructions for formatting your panelist application:

  • Choose exactly one general field from the side-bar (Physics, Engineering, Social Sciences, etc.).

  • State your specific field in one word or phrase (Neuropathology, Quantum Chemistry, etc.)

  • Succinctly describe your particular area of research in a few words (carbon nanotube dielectric properties, myelin sheath degradation in Parkinsons patients, etc.)

  • Give us a brief synopsis of your education: are you a research scientist for three decades, or a first-year Ph.D. student?

  • Provide links to comments you've made in AskScience which you feel are indicative of your scholarship. Applications will not be approved without several comments made in /r/AskScience itself.

Ideally, these comments should clearly indicate your fluency in the fundamentals of your discipline as well as your expertise. We favor comments that contain citations so we can assess its correctness without specific domain knowledge.

Here's an example application:

   Username: /u/foretopsail
   General field: Anthropology
   Specific field: Maritime Archaeology
   Particular areas of research include historical archaeology, archaeometry, and ship construction. 
   Education: MA in archaeology, researcher for several years.
   Comments: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Please do not give us personally identifiable information and please follow the template. We're not going to do real-life background checks - we're just asking for reddit's best behavior. However, several moderators are tasked with monitoring panelist activity, and your credentials will be checked against the academic content of your posts on a continuing basis.

You can submit your application by replying to this post.

Stickied post

Mastermind, by Genomenon, is the first-in-kind genomic search engine that connects clinicians and researchers directly to the most impactful scientific literature in their field. It provides a web-based search on a full complement of medical literature comprising over 6 million full text genomic articles cataloging the genetic relationships to human diseases. With a simple query, Mastermind returns a list of prioritized, clinically relevant genomic articles including insight into gene, mutation and keyword matches for each article. We offer a free edition of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine to clinical, research and academic institutions to advance genomic analysis and DNA data interpretation. Come ask us anything about precision medicine, genomic testing, bioinformatics, and more!

We'll be on from 2-5pm EST (19-22 UT), ask us anything!


I believe (as layman) that some sounds 'trigger' a stutter. Different languages have different sounds, so maybe there are languages that trigger stuttering more than other languages. And if so, which languages has the most people who stutter?


I was puzzling this with my friends and we ended up with a lot of questions. We had two assumptions: the fish was in a bowl, and the bowl had just regular water in it.

1) Would the fish be able to get oxygen from the water?

2) Would it be possible for the fish to flap its fins and create an air bubble around it? That would presumably kill it.

And beyond all this, would the fish be able to even handle being in 0 gravity?



If a tunnel cracks then how is it fixed? Do they have to be repaired from above?


Do they have to account for radiator positioning when doing calculations for a stable orbit?


Are there any animals that can't be albino?

Additionally are there any animals (especially mammals) that can be albino but we have never seen an albino version of? Is there a list?

Thank you.


It seems to happen with a bunch of emotions too. Whether angry, upset, nervous or whatever.


Since "very fast-moving" is ill-defined, suppose the atom were moving at close to the speed of light, like in particle accelerators.


  1. Would it "hurt"? Would it cause short-term or long-term health consequences?
  2. Does it matter what kind of atom it is, eg. a very light atom like helium vs. a heavy one like iron?
  3. What if the atom were moving slower, such as at the muzzle velocity of a bullet?

Usually here on Earth I know we do this by sinking grounding rods into the earth. How does space based electronics do it? I assume they don't tote a giant tub of dirt up into space, as funny as that sounds.


I understand that genes are passed on down generations, which helps determine birds' structure, size, plumage etc., and to a certain extent, behaviour. But something as specific as a very particular song or call with a certain number of notes at a certain speed with a high level complexity, which is incredibly accurate/similar over a vast geographical range and a vast time range too, through generation after generation?

I'm not talking about birds that mimic other sounds, and I don't believe young birds learn songs or calls from their parents (birds such as the cuckoo never interact with their parents for example). Humans obviously learn language from others, and apply that to a genetic ability to make sounds with their throat and mouth. While birdsong isn't anywhere near as deep as human language, it is still complex.

So is it really just developmental proteins containing instructions for behaviour as intricate as a bird's song, passed on genetically? How on earth can such information be stored? (I think I need to do more reading on genetics if that'st the case!)


Downvote away if this is silly, but I'm sitting here wondering what my newborn smells like to my cats.

Since my son is half my DNA and half my wife's, is his scent a mix of us as well?


I've been wondering if animals have ever been observed training their bodies. This could mean an animal running to practice it's stride, a monkey continually slamming a heavy stick like a human swings a hammer, etc.


How does NASA and other countries space programs simulate a “zero gravity” experience for astronauts preparing to go to space? Are there ways to simulate an anti gravity force on earth, if so, how?


I got new polarized sunglasses and noticed that some surfaces have a weird reflection on them. It looks a little like reflektor patches on warning vest etc. (bright greyish) I get the effect of blocking transmission of light with 2 polarized filters, but what could cause this effect?


i’m specifically thinking of iodine hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol ex. rubbing alcohol is used for shots iodine for surgeries and hydrogen peroxide for at home use on cuts and scrapes and i’m just wondering why they are used this way (my last post was removed for this so i would just like to clarify that i am in no need of advice and i will not change my general health practices based on any answers i receive i am only wondering why doctors recommend or use these disinfectants in these situations)


It is observed that after sucking liquid medicine from vial into syringe, there is air left in it. The doctor holds syringe in vertical position with needle at top and pushes piston from bottom till the air gets removed and little bit of liquid comes from needle. And then it is injected in body.

What if some air remains in syringe and gets injected in body? What effect will it have on our body?

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