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Save Water. Drink Beer.

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actually it takes roughly 5 litres of water to make 1 litre of beer.

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Nah mate, that car's too flash to get pulled over. Put the numberplate on a VL Bombodore and see how you go though.

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Probably a craft brewer who is doing well.

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Saved up big bikkies to get that 15 year old C Class.

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And then complains when no one has parts in stock to fix his old car

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Mercedes old car parts availability is incredible. Same as bmw. My 32yr old bmw has every part available from tbe dealership.

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But not always in stock, and that's only the dealer.

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Compressed beer? That's a scary thought.

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All beer is stored under pressure :)

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It's actually only pressurised once you attach the gas at a bar

Edit: I'm wrong. I just checked un-gassed kegs at my work and get sprayed in the face

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Then why does my stubbie foam up when I remove the cap?

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Ah nope. Beer is carbonated, so when sealed in a container you end up with a higher pressure inside the container as it seeks equilibrium.

Which is exactly how you carbonate beer to begin with if you aren't using external gas, add a small amount of fermentables (usually dextrose) and seal the container, which leads to a buildup in co2 that partially dissolves into the liquid.

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Now compress it further!

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Wonder how much he/she could flog that off for

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Obviously never seen or heard about the cars in the late 90s/early 00s with plates like “pig b8”, 5lutb8” and “bkdfkp”.

Not to mention one car in particular with an airbrush of the driver and his brother firing a rocket launcher at police while robbing a bank.

How times have changed.