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New footage of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on wildlife has been captured by a BBC team.

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And we are meant to be the advanced species.. look at what we are doing to other animal species and the planet in the name of progress and economic wealth.

people scoff at me when I say we as a species don't deserve to be here!

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Plug for r/zerowaste

Some easy things we can do to reduce plastic waste:

  • Swap plastic toothbrushes for bamboo

  • Buy some reusable produce bags (onya, nourished life, op shop finds) stop buying fruit and veg in plastic and buy seperately

  • If you use straws, buy some bamboo or metal straws and keep them in your handbag/car/work desk

  • Get a reusable coffee cup and stop buying bottled water

  • Eat less meat (very plastic intensive storage), swap it out for bulk beans or lentils.

I would definitely recommend getting involved in a Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign near you. Spend a day at the beach with like-minded people, make some friends and help the planet!

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Subbed. Thanks for the link.

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Glad to hear it, you're very welcome!

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Eat less meat (very plastic intensive storage) .

Or buy it from a local butcher who cuts it in front of your face from a side that has been in his freezer and wraps it in paper. Zero plastic involved.

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Plug for r/frugal

Those onya bag look great but a quick search (reusable polyester shopping bag) on Aliexpress has them for about half of the price.

No need to pay extra for a brand name.

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Nah, I don't buy into that defeatist attitude. Maybe I'm only making the teensiest of differences, maybe none at all, but at least I'm not making the problem worse.

'We don't make a difference, so instead I'll keep contributing to the problem'

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Unless you plan to overthrow capitalism, the best way (other than voting) to put pressure on companies to change, or on governments to enforce better legislation, is to change consumer behaviour.

Plus, this is about plastic specifically. Its different to emissions. These plastics aren't just being dumped into the ocean directly by companies. It comes from us purchasing plastic products and then disposing of them.

These businesses are creating products for people. If we don't buy them, they stop making them.

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Kudos on doing those things. I still respectfully disagree with you. Even if you were right, it would still be no reason to continue contributing to the problem when it's so easy to avoid. When you say things like 'we don't make a difference' you're giving people, and yourself, an excuse to not bother doing anything. It's an appeal to futility.

I'm glad you make efforts to do the right thing nonetheless.

Have a good night!

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And it doesn't matter and does shit all, and it won't make a difference until companies are legally required to, or people start getting killed for it, which won't happen.

Legislation is one way to ensure change but legislation is difficult to pass without the public support. Do you think Vic government would have banned plastic bags if no one was using reusable bags? I don't think so.

Victorian consumers have been using reusable bags for years and Vic Government would have used this to build their case to push through the legislation.

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You're right. Everyone can live like that, but if there's not real change, we're fucked.

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Parent birds even feeding it to their chicks, fills up their stomach so they're full and can't get food in. That's so sad.

How can we break the plastic down without harming the environment while doing so? I know they've started doing things with oil spills but in the long run it turns out it just hid it by sinking it to the bottom of the ocean.

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Original Poster10 points · 3 months ago

The long-term solution probably involves creating bacteria that can feed on plastic. There are some advances in this already:

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But wouldn't the bacteria still end up in the food chain?

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Original Poster3 points · 3 months ago

Yes, but the bacteria actually break the polymer chains and extract the carbon atoms from them. Which mostly leaves hydrogen and oxygen in various forms as by-products.

Plastics integrity come from the strength of the molecular bonds in the polymer chains built around the carbon atoms - once you break the carbon out it is no longer plastic and the remainder would be much more easily degraded.

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Right. Seems promising then.

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