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They Labradore each other.

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You know that's right.

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You hear about Pluto?

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Messed up right?

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Oh shit it's Sh , Dynasty!

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Spelled: S, H, comma to the top, dynasty.

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My friends don't understand my love of that show, but it's honestly one of my favorite series I've ever watched.

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The jackal switch.

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Love retrieved

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I can't decide if I should up vote this or smack you.

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"When you get to your new home, things are different. Don't pee on the carpet. That's number one."

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and especially don't poop, which is number two.

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And when the time comes, dont puke on the carpet. Thats rule three.

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“Other than that, you really gonna like it here. These hoomans are good hoomans, we get food and beds and all the pats we want. Its heaven”

“Sounds like ill really love it here”

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"Hey why are we doing this?"

"It makes them happy"

"Then let us continue"

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Which one is the new rescue? Both are adorable!!

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Thank you! One on the right is the new guy!

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Did you take the current one to the shelter to "interview" the potential new pup? I'm curious about how you knew they would get along.

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Yes we did. We had them meet each other/play together for several hours before we decided to take the yellow lab home. We could tell the black one wanted a buddy :)

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We had a collie like that. She just seemed down. We adopted her a buddy and she was just in heaven.

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Because everyone needs a friend

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If only this is how it would work in the human world.

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Yeah, meeting someone and spending time with them until you decide that you like each other, what a crazy concept.

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If they don't get along at the shelter, they won't get along at home. If they do get along at the shelter, they might (but also might not...) get along at home. If your dog (and the other one) is used to other dogs and gets along with them, you'll probably be okay. Labs are usually super friendly to everyone, too, so that helps.

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What do you do if your current dog isn't all that friendly to other dogs to begin with?

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Uhh, not adopt another dog.

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Lots of training and a very slow introduction. At least 2 weeks separated fully except for exchanging smells is the first step.

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He totally looks like he has dressed up in an oversized checkered suit for the occasion :D

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Yes he does!! 😍

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One could say they're labradorable

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"Did we just become best frens?"

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At first I thought ops username was boopsies4life but then I realized nevermind.

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"It's nice to see you, old friend"

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Ebony. And ivory. Live together in perfect. Harmony

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Get those two some spaghetti.

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How about some spaghett

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“You’re gonna like your new home.”

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Still a better love story than Twilight (are people still saying that or am I old).

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We shall keep saying it for as long as Twilight is on sale.

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Thanks for rescuing!!!

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Awwww double kissy booped snoots

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Thumbnail looks like righty is wearing a suit

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Which is the new one? White?

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Yup, the guy on the right. His name is Otis.

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Either way, they're both adorable

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There aren't that many pictures that actually make me go "aww" in real life. This one is definitely one of those.

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Are you sure they're not brothers/sisters?? They look so alike it's crazy!

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They look so happy!

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Babies. :)

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😍😍😍😍to cute I can’t handle it!!

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I'm new which one is the newer one? Also that pretty cool

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The one on the right is our new boy!

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Good dogs, good people, good homes, and all is well.

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Red and Andy when they met on the beach.

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aww beautiful interracial couple

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Am I the only one seeing a heart between them?

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Your black pup looks EXACTLY like my dog. That was weird. Congrats on your new addition!

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Oh wow. Snoot to snoot boops on the first date. Not in my day.

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This is absolutely heart warming

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What if they hadn't gotten along from the start and you couldn't put them so close in the car?

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True puppy love! 💕

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Was it good for you baby?

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They’re booping snoots!

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I've havent seem something more beautiful in a very long time

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Thank you!!

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Nice job !

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SO precious!!!!

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The day we brought home our second rescued pup 🐶❤️🐶

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Im glad they're instantly pals! I cant imagine trying to stop a dog fight in the back of a car while you're driving and driving doggos around is literally my job.

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Cute picture even though the backstory is bullshit.

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That's not a pup ... that's a full grown dog...