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One dog's happiness is a cat's life and death struggle

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Meanwhile, the dog can't figure out how to sit comfortably.

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Everywhere I sit there seems to be a kitten there! How many kittens are on this floor?

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Kitten’s thoughts at the end “incoming! bop Incoming! bop Incoming! bop Incoming! bop Incoming! bop

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I read that in Stewie's voice from Family Guy.

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Goal of the day........NEVER give up!

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5 points · 8 months ago

Never surrender!

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Reading that reminds me of this oldie...

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Kitten ran out of cat tactics at the end.

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This little baby killed me. So cute and determined!

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That tail hurts, at least in my experience back when I was 9

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That is too cute. I hope they're best friends

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Of course its a chocolate lab giving no fucks

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That's one tenacious cat. "I signed up for this shitty game, I'm gonna win!"

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Awww, he was (almost) sitting on the kitten! Lol

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Takes a licking but keeps on meowing

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2 points · 8 months ago

Dogs like I'm so happy you're here human. Meanwhile the kitten is having an end game boss fight if it's life.

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"Got it, lost it, got it, lost it, got it, got it, got it, DAMN IT TO HELL!

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He touched the butt

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What the hell has got that dog so happy/excited..

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Careful there Hollywood....

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