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How do people even capture pictures like this? Any time I try to take pictures of animals they usually just do whatever the hell they want or run away.

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lol either good training or excellent timing

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And about a 1000 pictures of blurs.

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Put peanut butter on the dog, keep taking a shit ton of pictures

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That is actually valuable information! Thank you!

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Burst photo

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It's really hard to take pictures of my dog. Most of the time he tries to sniff the phone when it's pointed at him.

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lovely doggo couple,

10/10 would boop both snoots!

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Whatever happened to their Instagram account? I miss them

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So cute! I love the bow!

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The only appropriate way to move on somebody like a bitch! Cheers for sharing :D

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Ugh, adorable! :)

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That pink collar is stunningly pink

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Wow. Lol.

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🎶and they called it puppy loooove🎶🐾🐾

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thats so cute! they have the same feeling as human.This 1 picture can describe the emotion of dogs. Thats why they are loved by all.

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You will never be

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At least someone is preaching the truth