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Lenny came in as a stray, but now has been adopted by one of our technicians. We don't know if his smashed-sideways face is from an old injury or some congenital defect, but other than some snorting and messy eating habits, it doesn't slow him down one bit. This ug-dorable kitty is quite the character.

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He looks like when you're first learning to draw things in perspective.

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Yeah, and you think "hey this doesn't look bad!" and you show people and this is what they see

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he's always a little tilted 😂

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So like the Overwatch community

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It’s Picasso !

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I would have had to name him Pablo.

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Pawlo Picatsso

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If Picasso drew cats.

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Lenny is beyond precious and regardless of what he looks like he is a handsome boy. I’m so glad he was adopted and will be well loved and taken care of. I absolutely love Lenny.

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This is like the opposite of most comments I see on the internet, I love it.

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I'm going to subscribe to your comments. I want a daily dose of this every morning.

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What a good boy! So glad to hear he has a home. Is his shirt wet because he drools?

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The fact that you called it his shirt has made my entire day

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Haha! I always referred to it that way, as well as the matching pants and socks! Nothing beats a good pair of fluffy cat pants!

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He just finished eating (messily, gravy canned food) then went to wash himself with his messy mouth. He doesn't always end up damp like that.

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Are whiskers normally that long?

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Does he have vision in both eyes?

Edit: oh I just saw where you answered that already. Glad to hear

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This cat has CHARACTER!

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He definitely has a TON OF CHARACTER!! Sweet little fella!!!

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*slaps the fluffy(figuratively)*

This baby can hold so much character!

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I spot a fan of Crybaby 👀

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He looks like he's a cartoon that was hit in the face with a frying pan. (god I hope not)

Somehow this makes him endearing though. I'm glad he has a home and is doing well despite his injury. He looks cuddly!

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Shoulda named him Salvador Dali.

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That made me laugh out loud!

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I fucking love you thanks for taking in a cat like this.

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I’d like to step in here and also offer advice that was neither called for, nor do I have the professional experience to give.

This thread is amusing with all advice.

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I happen to think he’s super adorbs :3 I’m glad he’s got a home ❤️

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Shhhhhhh! Don't tell him he doesn't look like all the other cats. You want to ruin his self-confidence?

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such a great word

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“He’s so ugly! I love him!!!”

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Moar pics please.

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I’m glad he found a home, because all things considered I wouldn’t mind having a disfigured car myself, I just find this cats face creepy ;-;

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You guys are lucky :) he's adorable and handsome! 😍

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Has he been x-rayed to make sure the bones aren't still broken?

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Should have called him Picasso.


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This is especially funny in Norwegian, as the Norwegian word for purr, "male", also means to paint

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I wonder if he'd look normal if Picasso painted him?

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My aunts cat was Picasso. Pico for short.

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Salivador Dali

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Or just Pablo maybe?

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Damnit, of course someone thought about this already.

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Pick your own asso.

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I don't giva shit! I'd pet that dude anyways! I'm not very pretty either so whatevs

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I will adopt you.

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and I, you.

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And my axe!

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& Knuckles

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Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

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My roommates and I adopted and paid the vet bills for our neighbour's cat who got severely burned in a house fire. The owner lost everything and didn't have the money for the $2200 vet bill. So we pooled our money and brought Caramel aka Carl home. Her face was burned very badly. She lost an eyelid and ear and eventually the eye. It was pretty gross actually. She would always come and rub her puss eye on you.

She lived an additional 11 years after that accident and just passed away last fall.

She had a evolution of names Caramel > Carl > Carlos > Carlos Mancia > Melty Mancia

RIP Melty

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Poor thing

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She was a very happy cat. 0 fucks given.

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I've been a firefighter for almost 9 years now; I remember one of my first fires, it was a 12 unit apartment; One of my buddies I had been hired on with was manning a ladder on one side and this random ass cat was on the roof! My friend was able to hold the cat all of 3 seconds before it noped the fuck outta his arms and jumped off the roof... The cat landed fine and ran off! I'm bout to open a beer for Caramel, rip firecat.

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Bruh call your mom

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Happy Cake day, son! You haven't called your mother in three days! I'm not getting any younger, ya know!

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Oddly enough, I haven't called my mum in 3 days...

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Happy cake day!

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He looks just about ready to squanch

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Squanch yeah!

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I... squanch... my family!

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Oh that's disgusting

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Please stop saying that.

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Hey I'm squanchin in here!!

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Let him squanch in his cage in peace

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Goddamnit beat me to it!

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I hope beyond anything that it was from birth because I really don’t wanna have to be pissed off at something i can’t help. But bless you for taking him in op, not many would have

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Lenny is one tough cat. To have endured whatever left his face that way and it to have completely healed, that is some strength!! What a trooper. I’m so glad he’s found a forever home, sounds like he won the jackpot. I love him 😍

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I wanna see updated pictures of a happy little guy

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You can follow him on Instagram @lennythecat18

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Awwww. Hugs and kisses for that baby.

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Look at him! So glad he has a furever home 😍

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does this cute nugget have an instagram account? I'd love to follow his adventures!

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I'd follow this cat in a heartbeat

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His Instagram account is lennythecat18

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Does he have vision in both eyes? (they look different)

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As far as we can tell- the eyes themselves aren't damaged, just the lids pulled in different ways by his nose asymmetry.

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Tyrion Lanisfurr

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Bless his sweet little heart. Hey, Lenny, looks aren’t everything, hon.

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With a name like Stinky Pot Pie, that should probably be your family motto.

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Look at this pet cemetery lookin mother fucker, i adopted an ugly cat on purpose once, because i thought no one else would take him ..turned into my best friend for like 17 years

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Good for you awesome human

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My awesomeness is relative but that cat was special..in his later years he would sit in front of the neighbors house wall and just meditate for hours ..where i believe in his younger years he would hunt mice...but once he brought a dead mouse home to me like a gift and i slapped the shit out his nose..and he saw it upset me..he never did that again ..he seemed like an old soul..he never technically died..just disappeared when he became skin an bones.. too old i guess.. I like to think he ascended to Nirvana or something 😢

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Well he was hugged and kissed one side and they weren't finished when he found you. They didn't get to the other side to make him look even. Therefore you must continue the kissing mission until he says turn the other cheek.

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I'm not crying, you're crying!!!

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It really makes me sad to think of what he has had to go through his entire life.

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Poor little guy.

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I love him.

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Poor little dude obviously had a rough and painful past. I'm glad he's found a good home where he'll discover that life can be happy for a good kitty.

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I would adopt the shit out of this little guy

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I'm glad he has a good home so that he can put any bad experiences behind him.

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That's an injury from a traumatic impact. He should see a special vet, and he will need surgery to help him live a long life.

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That is what we suspect, but other than a little snorting, he's perfectly functional as-is and doesn't really need reconstruction.

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doesn't really need reconstruction.

But is that what the vet said or what you said? His right eye (left in the pic) kind of worries me.

EDIT: Guys, chill. I didn't know OP was a vet and this comment wasn't meant to come off as passive aggressive. Was just genuinely curious about the health of his eye, not the aesthetics.

[–]Dragoness42[S] 248 points249 points  (7 children)

It's what I said, and I am a vet. The other vets at our clinic said the same. The eye looks funny in the pic, but he can blink it all the way and nothing rubs on it, so we see no need to mess with things now with whatever trauma it was long-healed. The biggest concern we had was if any of his mis-aligned teeth were poking him in the mouth, but they don't seem to be causing any trouble.

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He's the guy who's going to burn your house down. With the lemons.

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Ah that's good. Glad he's got a good home now.

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Surgeries like that are very expensive. If the cat is functioning as is why bankrupt the shelter or whoever decides to adopt him to get him fixed. If he's living a happy life and can't see from one eye just love him and give him a home.

[–]SwedishMeatballGravy 42 points43 points  (1 child)

Man that comment went on a rollercoaster. +10 to -6 in an hour.

I wasn't being passive aggressive, I was curious if the vet had said the cat doesn't need reconstruction, I was worried about the eye.

I didn't know OP was a vet, nor did I say there was anything wrong with the cat. I would adopt this guy in a heart beat, you're just assuming I wouldn't because I made a comment worried about his health? You chill bro.

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See, this is why I sometimes hesitate to comment on Reddit. You made a perfectly logical observation and got shot to shit for it.

Thanks for having the cat's best interests at heart. OP didn't state he was a vet so how were you to know?

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Who are you and how did you get in here? I’m a locksmith, and I’m a locksmith.

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Oh Lenny you are perfect baby.

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Different doest mean ugly. That precious bean looks like snuggle kitty!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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if I ever saw this cat someone would be out of a pet because he would be mine.

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Broken nose that didnt heal right maybe

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Hey Cassius, get in the flask

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Lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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You missed an opportunity by not naming the cat Owen Wilson.

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I wish that little fit the best.

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Poor lil guy but he's lucky now!

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He's adorable. He looks like a cranky old mariner dying to tell tales about life at sea.

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Lenny has stories. You'll need a Valium after.

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Looks kinda like those bad taxidermy pics.

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Poor fella got hit by a car. :(

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I see a cat that’s unique!

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He went that-a-way!

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I love him.

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That’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen. WANT.

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I love him to bits what a precious kitty. So glad he found a loving home and that his deformity isnt holding him back.

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He’s a perfect little guy!

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Thanks for giving him love!!!

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/r/unorthocat would love him.

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Oh nose!!


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my kids love those books!

[–]Knuc77 2 points3 points  (0 children)

They were some of my favorites as a kid! Really really great stories.

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Lenny the cat officially has an Instagram account! His owner is excited to hear of so much love for her fur baby! Follow him on insta @lennythecat18

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Give him lots of love please.

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This looks like Squish the dog. They think someone hit him really hard in the face when he was a pup. You can check him out on his Instagram @apupnamedsquish.

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Lenny's beautiful!

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Poor baby.

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Reminds me of the crack fox

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We have a cat that has this same disability. Some kittens when they're born get an infection in their eyes from there mother's milk. Without ocular neosporin, the eyes and the 2nd eyelid swell from the inflammation. If it's not caught in time, blindness and permanent eye swelling are the result. Unless both eyes are infected, it don't seem to affect them too much, it's just kind of sad to see a poor kitten or cat go through this.

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Good for whoever adopted him! Much love

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The snorting will grow on you. Have a cat with asthma and some allergies, and if he's not in the room snorting and snoring somewhere by the bed, I can't fall asleep.

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His brother probably hit him in the face with a shovel. Also he is super friggin adorable. Glad he got a forever home 😍

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My guess would be it was a congenital defect, possibly caused by a teratogen introduced during development in the womb, maybe? I would have named him Picasso, definitely. Love is the real beauty, I think.

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I'm almost positive this is Squanchy

[–]AbyssalDonkey 4 points5 points  (0 children)

its just my art style

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Still a very handsome little man.

[–]andreoidmem 3 points4 points  (0 children)

it's just my art style

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If you take a pano of him while he's moving you will get a normal face

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He's beautiful. I love him!

[–]MobilePornDevice 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Looks like he moved during a panorama picture.

[–]koidivision 1 point2 points  (2 children)

This post needs an updated pic, after adoption.

[–]Dragoness42[S] 28 points29 points  (1 child)

This actually is after adoption- he was adopted by an employee and she brings him in to work with her sometimes.

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Never would I imagine a living, breathing Pablo Picasso painting, yet here it is.

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I really respect you for adopting this cat, it can be really hard for people to adopt really old, messed up, or aggressive animals( i volunteer at an animal shelter), so a very heartfelt thank you from me to you

[–]arbaz1990 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Rename the cat to squanchy

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This is why you only let professionals taxidermy your pets, lmao I'd be asking for a refund.

[–]MedRogue 1 point2 points  (0 children)

haha, it looks like that anderson movie with the fox. Mr. Fox 😂

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Thanks for caring. He's kinda cute I see his personality.

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Needs Dr. Armond

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I love him, he's ugly.

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Good Oruk kitty

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All Lennys are beautiful!

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Good by dental plan..

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Missed opportunity to name him Picasso.

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aww little kitty

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I hope he has a happy, happy life. Well done you.

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Oh, those glorious whiskers!

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I hope he doesn't have chronic pain issues.

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This cats name should be Picasso.

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Lennythecat18. That's his Instagram.

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Lenny looks like he just read the title of this post and would like to have some words with you.

In all seriousness though, thank you for the amazing work you are doing.

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A young kid drew that cat

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I can’t help but feel sad when I think it could be from an injury and what he might have endured. But I’m happy he’s safe and well now!

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“That was the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs”

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I can only imagine waking up to this guy staring at you.

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I just spent five mins laughing at this cat. 10/10 would adopt

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Look at that catnip addic

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Does the owner have an Instagram for him? He's really cute,in his own weird way!

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His Instagram is lennythecat18

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Reminds me of the simpsons crazy cat lady.

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I love Lenny :)

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D'aww. Looks almost like a birth defect, but it somehow makes Lenny even cuter!

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A decade from now this cat will unfairly appear on the 'bad taxidermy' websites.