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This Swiss lady raises those 2 lions but when they get too big they were put in the zoo. 7 years later she goes to visit by CanYouGiveMeGoodName in aww

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So fucking underrated, this comment should have gold lmao 👏🏽

Edit: Thanks for the gold fellow Redditor, I did mean the comment above mine, but knowing Reddit, that's the whole point of getting the gold 😂

13 years, 4 states, and thousands of miles in the car, and she's as perfect as ever. by ayostepht in aww

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And all of the kindness and patience in the world. Kids, nervous people, and other more energetic and pestering animals and she is sweet and patient to all. Every person who meets her, dog person or not, always says she is the best dog ever. I feel so grateful to have her by my side through high school, college, first jobs, grad school, and now. I'm increasingly aware that our time together is somewhat limited. She's healthy as can be, but starting to show signs of aging and I'm feeling overwhelmingly grateful for her companionship, and making sure that I never take it for granted.

"Haha fooled you, I'm the real kitty!" by natsdorf in aww

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Today the human placed me next to the dead one. His stare is cold and distant. The human is amused. Is this an attempt to remind me of my own mortality? Or just some kind of sick joke? What does it mean to be feline? I may never truly know.

Edit: Wow, my first comment to make it big! And it even led to some gold for a fellow cat narrator. Today is a good day.

My good ol boye turns 20 today! Bring on 21! by TheKungFoSing in aww

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Some good feels background.

My wife found he and three others dumped in a bag near a creek. Toby (my little guy) had a broken leg for a few days and his two brothers and one sister never left his side.

We had a choice to amputate or.... Let's not talk about option two.

We amputated (why wouldn't we!!!). Cleaned them all up, gave away the other three and kept Toby. He's the last of the four here and kicking on!!!!

Love my little guy!!! Best friend and loyalist little buddy!!!

Edit: Holy crap! Didn't expect this response! Thank you to everyone for all the kind words!!! Makes me even prouder of my little guy! He loved all the donated pats too!!!

Edit 2: lots of people asking about diet. Honestly, it's nothing special. for the last 5 years we have used a specialty dry food Hills - low fat, senior toy breed. Because he's not very 'active' this is important. In terms of other foods, we just give him ordinary dog good (my dog mostly) in the mornings and usually cook an 'extra' serve of any meat apart of dinner.

I think the fact he's been am inside buddy for the a while has impacted too.

In terms of treats, pig ears, kangaroo sticks and raw bones.

All that said he's part cattle. So I think in the end this has the largest impact.

Again thanks for all the love guys :)

Majestic cloud by dhruveishp in aww

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He's being held down, not up, so he doesn't go back to his cloud friends

Fennec Fox reunites with his best friend William the cat by KnowledgeableNarwhal in aww

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My naym is cat

Frum Russia too

Where I am frum

The pussy liks you

Police dog loves his partner by Baked_anne_frink in aww

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Not unlike what I do on my dads pubes haha

Police dog loves his partner by Baked_anne_frink in aww

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Police dog loves his partner by Baked_anne_frink in aww

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“He might only be here for a part of your life but, for him, you’re his whole life.” - A meme I saw a while ago.

Edit: gilded for this?! Thanks!

Also: what a great conversation this started! There should be a /r/wholesomethreads/ for things like this :)

Edit 2: ah, there is, but it’s empty?! Let’s fill it up, people!!!

Give her back!!! by 9999monkeys in aww

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she thicc

she quacc

but most importantly

she aflacc

Edit: thanks for the gold, I'm gonna go to disney world

From kitten to cat. by natsdorf in aww

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I think that's the key. You're not the cat, you're you. So you gotta be that loving person. Not only for the cat, but for everyone in general.

From kitten to cat. by natsdorf in aww

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I hope you know that there are people out there who have a complete, lifelong love for humanity. They’re not the ones who are always loud about it; they’re busy at work doing what they can to show their love to those who need it. They do it despite whatever challenges they face. And they do it because they care about and love people like you. It’s a type of low-key heaven, but it’s always there, lurking in the background.

Edit: btw, if anyone wants to read my story of how I came to start trying to be kinder to people, here you go. Maybe it’ll give you inspiration to do the same!

"Haha fooled you, I'm the real kitty!" by natsdorf in aww

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Brother! Your fear is misguided! Do not view The Ouside as a paradise, for the paradise ends at The Window!

I have visited Ouside with and without the presence of the human! In the first moments it truly feels like the paradise we see. Foods of all colors, creatures of all sizes. It truly is a magical land.

However The Outside is full of runaways and deserters and the bastards of ancestor cats long since past. They fight, they kill, they poop on the stone. Food is not plentiful. Shelter is unwelcoming. The human knows this. The human bathes us in luxury. To escape from our guilded cages is to give up the very elements that make us who we are!

Oh to be young again. To dream of an Outside of comfort. To question the human. The humans understand The Outside better than we ever shall. They conquer it with ease in ways few cats can. Stay hopeful, young kitten. Stay faithful to the human. For the human truly is good, and the human truly is love.

My dog ran away and wandered into the local Home Depot... this is what I arrived to when I picked her up by chowdersauce in aww

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Customer: "I'm looking for some shingles, can you tell me what section of the store that's in?"

Dog: "Roofin'."

My dog ran away and wandered into the local Home Depot... this is what I arrived to when I picked her up by chowdersauce in aww

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Customer: "I'm going to have to put some anchor bolts into concrete. What sort of tool should I use?"

Dog: "Cordless hammer drill."