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'Please don't go to work today' by owliez in aww

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If you want him to hear people voices while you're gone, NPR might fit the bill better than music. It's just talking.

Also, if you make your dog listen to NPR, he might become Brian from Family Guy, and you could get weed from him.

I left my truck door open for literally a minute and came back to this good boy. He’s not mine. Do dogs get to choose their owners like wands choose wizards? by elusivebigfoothunter in aww

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My dad was chosen by his dog. Story from before chips and the like were around.

Went fishing one day, and this random dog came up sat down next to him. Didnt bark, growl, or anything (except the occasional tail wag). Fish werent biting, so my dad just tosses the dog a couple hot dogs from his lunch box and climbs in his truck to leave.

Doesnt get 10 feet before his whole truck shakes violently along side a huge bang. Looks in the rearview, dog had chased him, and jumped high enough to clear the tail gate and land in the truck bed.

Took him to vet, dog was extremely abused. Hadnt been fed, had a collar way too tight, but tags were missing (whats the point of a collar if you arent gonna tag it?) Broken rib, bruising everywhere, needed his shots. Dad decided to go ahead and take care of it. He had been raised with animals, but once he moved out he just never got his own. Paid bills, got the shots, and nursed dog back to health. Turned out to be the most loving dog. And he was well behaved....if he knew you were watching. Didnt give him a name at first in case owners showed up.

Month or two goes by no problem, when a guy living down the street comes up and starts accusing my dad of stealing his dog. Causes a huge uproar about my dad being a crook, and he needs to return the dog or pay him for it or else he will call the cops.

Heres how i know my dad loved that dog to bits (normally he is very monotone and seems disinterested/angry and often just lets whatever happens happen, but hes actually similar to a mama bear when it comes to things he really loves) he said the dude could have the dog....on the condition they meet at the vet. My dad then goes on to explain everything that had been wrong with the dog and how much he paid to fix 'im up, along with the details of the ongoing investigation for animal abuse. Dude sits there for a minute, looks at the dog, looks at my dad and mutters "now that i see him up close, i dont think its my dog" leaves, and the two never crossed paths again. Dad ends up giving dog a name next day.

And thats how Hooch and my dad chose each other.

Blind dog playing fetch! by Cahirr in aww

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i am de dog who canno see

oh Pleez, fren - throw de Ball for ME!

i hear you 'Umph' - de ball it Whizzzz

ok, Ok, don know where is . . .

Hang on ! - i heerd it 'Thump' de groun

now all i do is Sniff aroun . . .

I Got it! There's the Ball, my fren!!

now Hey, Pleez throw it once again?

Happiness by DenkeyKeng in aww

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These videos always make me realize how its the little victories that are the most important and give life its sweetness.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

― Ernest Hemingway

The floormat speaks the truth! by Rushfan_2112 in aww

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welcome, frens!

before you go

inside dis house

you oughta know:

dere's toys n balls

mos Evry where

(n yes, some doghair

here n there...)

dere's fun n games

n Lots of laughter

dis famlee lives

Hap Evr After

cuz We live here -

Good Girls n Boyes

wif Lots of Love

n Many joys :)

so come on in

n have no fear -

there's like a Lot

of Dogs in Here!

When my boyfriend had extremely low blood pressure, my 10 year old - don't touch me - grumpy cat purred him to sleep and stayed like that for about 3 hours by pandimiaunium in aww

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My bf has seizures. My dog and cat would cuddle up with him. Protect them both the best you can. Serious illness and the idea of what could go wrong always haunts me. That is a bundle of precious on that couch in this photo. It's your whole world delicately positioned in a 4 by 7 space.

I don't know if you feel what I am trying to say, but..... Yeah. Health problems and dating make for some sleepless nights just watching him to make sure he is still breathing. 😢 Tears streaming down my face at this photo.

I almost lost him once. He had a seizure that lasted too long and he went blue and cold and lifeless. I did cpr until the ambulance got there.

When he woke up in the hospital he was in a complete panic. The doctor said my name was the first thing he screamed when he woke up from literally being dead. 😢 I was his shelter and anchor to this world.

Everything about this photo is memories to me.

And your boyfriend is cute as a button too. You're a lucky lady.

Caught my kitty lounging by kaleonsale in aww

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I’d call that a catatonic state

Cuddle puddle 😩😩 by torrrrlife in aww

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I just had to post this immediately, it’s so heckin cute by neganxjohn_snow in aww

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I believe this was taken at Coachella - hands in the air, clap your hands, is my face melting

My daughter does this every time she wakes up and sees me by awash907 in aww

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Remember -- you're the parent and it's your job to continue loving them unconditionally, it's not their job to show you appreciation. They will if you can see them through to a mature understanding of life, but not if you give up, or start expecting them to meet your needs before they're ready.

Please note I just wrote all of that to myself and I didn't mean to be harsh to you in any way.

My daughter does this every time she wakes up and sees me by awash907 in aww

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Yup. Being a parent is so hard. Every day brings it's challenges. Sometimes you just want to walk away.

Then they smile at you. They look at you like you're the best thing they've ever had in their life. They run across the room and wrap their arms around you.

Every day when I get my son from school he runs to me, yelling "mom! Mom!" And every day, in that moment, every struggle, every fight, every time crying in the bathroom worrying that you're a terrible mom, it all goes away. And you're filled with love.

He is 17 years old, deaf, arthritic, riddled with benign tumors, and I need to carry him up the stairs... by [deleted] in aww

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from when to then, forever after -

thank you, hooman, for your laughter

no luckier dog there's ever been

than Me, becuz you've been my fren

remember All the good times shared

i Always knew you really cared

the years together - heaven sent

there's No one else i would've spent

my life with! cuz you've been the Best

i'm Happy dog - am Truly blessed :)

Stray cat has given birth to 2 kittens in my garage by ilJumperMT in aww

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She looks like a young mama. Get her spayed and then love the crap out of that little family :)

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