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Posted byAzerbaijan1 month ago

Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus only get 1M 1F spot at Olympics • r/weightlifting

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Wtf have any of us even been caught doping other than Russia?

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

We're a country which is proud to have Mariya Stadnik in our Olympic team. We got her, after she was banned from Ukrainian Olympic team due to a doping scandal.

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

Mariya Stadnik

To be fair fair, good chunk of female team is represented by Ukrainian. I think half of Azerbaijani team for women volleyball is composed of Azerbaijanis and other half by Ukrainians and a Polish woman I'm pretty sure.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

Which isn't good in my view. I'd be ok if they were Azerbaijani born Ukrainians. But these are just foreign bought people. And yeah, other countries do the same. I don't care. I just see no point in us doing that.

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

Actually I think couple of the "foreigners" are actually born in Azerbaijan, they just come from different ethnic background. One of the Ukrainian foreigners who plays for volleyball team also married an Azerbaijani guy which I guess makes her Azerbaijani citizen and she adopted his last name. The others who are foreigners though is kinda pathetic, other countries do it to but we can make ourselves feel better that we aren't Saudi Arabia where nearly their entire team is filled with non-Saudis.

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

Wtf have any of us even been caught doping other than Russia?

Don't think so, by attempting to limit and create restrictions from nations which introduce high competition for weightlifting it gives countries like the United States an upper hand for once.


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Won’t Russia just drug their contestants anyway

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

Our weightlifting team is shit anyway. It's so bad, our best weightlifter left to Kazakhstan and won a golden medal by beating a world record while representing Kazakhstan. Those idiots, who let this guy go, because of some disagreements with his shitty coach deserve this punishment even if they didn't do any doping.

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

A lot of our male players for various sports go to play for other countries because they offer more money. One of the track players that I remember who won gold for Turkey was Azerbaijani who switched teams to Turkey.

We have extremely good wrestlers and weightlifters. Maybe bring and invite South Azerbaijanis who have been winning Iran gold medal for years. Hossein Rezazadeh was one of the most renown powerlifter for Iran and was an Azeri.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

A lot of our male players for various sports go to play for other countries because they offer more money.

The guy who went to Kazakhstan didn't go because of money. He left because of a conflict with his coach. The coach made sure that no one else in Azerbaijani team took him, so he was essentially kicked out. And it was super stupid to allow this to happen, given that he beat a world record after that.

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