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63 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I think the idea behind the design is decent. It surely is interesting. Now....the quality and design of this particular one needs a lot of work.

Edit: After googling and seeing some others that are just like it....There is no way this design should ever be applied to the skin of a human being. Here is a sketch of this design. I still think the idea is a decent one. But the design has too many curves that need to be done properly, and I can't think of a piece of skin that is flat enough to do it. It will always look funky on the body.

Oh they're skulls! I thought it was two weirdo sharks like Jaws looking up

I thought it was a veiny scrotum with whatever disease that chick from teeth had but for dudes

I thought it was an ass and vagina with teeth coming off the edges.

I thought it was a heart with mouths

Me too.

I thought it was just a broken / shattered spade symbol...

I thought it was two turntables and a microphone

2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Me too! I thought it was 2 Jaws holding 2 globes, but only one Jaws has a eye thanks to his mole!!!

THANK YOU for this! Now I can finally see what it was supposed to be. I kept trying to focus on different parts trying to see what thr spade was made of.

I had it narrowed down to testicles with teeth or biting nippleless boobs.... with teeth..

Which still anatomically makes no sense. The eyes are so small, and the jaw/teeth are huge. I thought the sketch would be better but both are stupid.

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