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San Francisco Giants
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Have you been Around the Horn today?

Hey Sportsfans--it's time for Week 22 of r/baseball's Power Rankings--[replace sample text with witty opening before posting]

Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:

"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."

TRANSPARENCY: this link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!

If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.

Total Votes: 28 of 30.

# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Red Sox 0 I love JD and I also LOVE how Mookie isn't even in his final form. 4 games against the Tribe, and another set against the Rays. 9.5 games over the Stinky Stankees. 88-37
2 Yankees +1 Andujar having another hot week, hitting .379/.379/.862 over the last 7, and a frontrunner for the RoY at this point, is representative of the Yankees young bats this year, where they are the fifth youngest in the MLB and have the second best OPS. In other news, the Yanks have a 13 game stretch against teams under .500, and only 4 of their 12 remaining series come against teams with a positive record. However, they only have 4 off days for the rest of the season, so it might still be a grueling last month. 78-46
3 Astros -1 3-7 in last 10. Springer is back. Verlander got his 200th win. It's weird having a team breathing down our necks. Pls stop. 75-49
4 Athletics +1 While the last game was a loss, the A's took two of three from the Defending Champs to send a message of impending takeover this weekend. Our next crack at the Astros is next Mon-Wen on the road. With the Matt's establishing themselves as top defenders in the AL, and the rest of the baseball world finally starting to tune in, the A's are riding a 7-3 record in their last 10 games into a series against the Rangers. 74-50
5 Cubs -1 The Cubs continue to play decent baseball despite injuries. In a recent twist for the 2018 season, the offense has been struggling while the starting pitching has been getting it together. Hamels has been surprisingly good so far, though he definitely can't count on 7 double plays in every start. Darvish had another disappointing setback. As the Cardinals heat up and the Brewers falter a bit, the dynamic of the NL Central has shifted recently. 71-52
6 Indians 0 The red-hot Tribe is coming off a 5-1 week, and has an unbelievably easy schedule the rest of the way - aside from 7 games vs the Red Sox, no other opponent currently has a record better than 63-61. It is because of this ease of schedule, the all-but-assured division win and the fall of other strong AL teams that I anoint the Indians the #1 slot. 71-52
7 Dodgers 0 I think the Dodgers wanted to set a record this year, so they decided to see how many games in a row the bullpen could blow. They only got to five though, and I think there have been way worse runs than that. Starting pitching has been brilliant as usual; I don't know if he can beat Acuna or Soto, but right now Buehler deserves a serious look for NL ROY. If the Dodgers are going to make the playoffs, they need to find some offensive consistency and figure out the bullpen woes PDQ. Homestand against the Cardinals and Padres this week. 67-58
8 D-Backs 0 The D-backs mostly did their jobs and took 3 of 4 from the Padres after failing to capitalize on easier opponents earlier in the week. Goldy is on fire, which will be useful as the D-backs have one of the most difficult remaining schedules. 69-56
9 Braves 0 The fact the Braves got swept in a 4-game series by the Rockies and stilll hold the lead in the NL East is nothing short of incredible. Ronald Acuna Jr. won the NL player of the week, and Bryse Wilson is making his debut today. Things are still looking good, but it's time to run through the tape. 68-55
10 Brewers 0 The Brewers are definitely in a funk but there is a path out of it. The next 4 series played are Reds, Pirates, Reds, Nationals. If Milwaukee can find their groove against these middling teams the magic could be back. 27 of the final 36 games are against division opponents, that gives plenty of opportunity to secure a spot for October. 69-57
11 Cardinals +2 The Cardinals won 3 of 4 games versus Washington and 2 of 3 against Milwaukee, improving to 68 and 57 on the season and .5 games back of the second wild card. 68-57
12 Mariners -1 As of today, August 20th, the Mariners' playoff odds sit at 22.6% per Fangraphs. One month ago they were at 72.1%. Such is the life of a Mariners fan. 71-54
13 Phillies -1 If you need any pluses from last week (3-4), here they are: We split the Red Sox and won a lot of kids' hearts by hitting home runs. 68-56
14 Rockies +1 Posting a 650 win percentage over 46 games is always impressive. Doing so when all 46 games are against opponents over 500 is nuts. The Rockies look like the team we were hoping for pre-season 68-56
15 Nationals -1 Teams that went 3-7 or worse in their last 10? Nationals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Royals, Marlins, Padres and Astros. However, one of these things is not like the other..... “I felt like we always been ahead at this time, super far. I think for me and everybody in this clubhouse I think we should be excited where we are at because if we rattle off and do what we need to do and gets us hot to go right into the postseason." -Bryce Harper 62-63
16 Angels +2 It's really hard to write a blurb week after week for a team this mediocre and boring. 63-63
17 Rays 0 The Rays won a series vs the Yanks and lost a series vs the Sox. Jalen Beeks and Willy Adames are the two Future Rays of the week after great performances. Glasnow has also impressed in his starts who has had extremely strong performances with the exception of one bad inning. 63-61
18 Pirates -2 The Pirates allowed only 4 runs total in a four game series against the Cubs, and yet they split the series. Blame it on the putrid performance of the offense, one that hit into a record seven double plays on Friday. The rotation is firing on all cylinders and Keone Kela has been a big boost the bullpen. Whether the Pirates can climb back into the playoff hunt will be determined by how many runs they can rack up. 63-62
19 Giants 0 Chase d'Arnaud is the best pitcher in the game, don't you even fucking dare @ me about this. 61-64
20 Twins 0 59-64
21 Reds +1 It's been injury after injury for the Reds. With Joey Votto going to the DL, he joins Winker, Schebler, and our top three prospects. However, this team keeps on chugging, embarrassing the Giants in a three game sweep and keeping hope alive of a third straight month above .500. I have low expectations for series in Milwaukee and Chicago this week, but this season has already been much more fun than I could have expected. 55-69
22 Rangers +1 Go Ranjuhs. 56-70
23 Blue Jays -2 55-69
24 Mets 0 deGrom continues to deGrominate. Fuck the win stat. 54-69
25 Tigers 0 An August that has brought a 5-12 record demonstrates the rut the Kitties have been, even though only three of those games were against clubs above .500. Soon, eyes will turn towards September callups, but Detroit might not call up any major names for a cup of coffee. That said, at least we get to see the ending of V Mart's career- a career that has lasted two years too long. This week: 2 vs. CHC, 4 vs. CWS. 51-74
26 Padres 0 Orange Juice, romaine lettuce, cayenne pepper, 3 ripe avocados, pear, zucchini, tapatio, chicken breast, toothpaste, paper towels, french bread, corn tortillas, cilantro, pepper jack cheese. 49-78
27 Marlins 0 Last week: 0-4 against the Braves, 2-1 against the Nats. Spin: What a wild week! FWIW, I don't think Jose Ureña hit Ronald Acuña on purpose. I'm not going to attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by Ureña loving to pitch inside. Does he need to tighten up his control? Absolutely, ASAP. However, the writers calling Ureña a headhunter or a coward? I think they're dead wrong. Up next: 2 vs. NYY (Stanton's 1st time in Miami since the trade!), 4 vs. ATL 50-76
28 White Sox 0 The prospects are arriving! Sox fans rejoice as the club's top pitching prospect Michael Kopech is scheduled to make his big league debut on Tuesday. Kopech is sporting a 3.70 ERA in Triple-A this season, and many feel he can become the ace of the Sox's young rotation. 46-77
29 Royals 0 The Royals still have three games against the Orioles to come later this season, which will be important in the chase for the first overall pick. #BlowItforWitt 38-86
30 Orioles 0 We're 2/3 of the way through August and the O's are officially eliminated from the postseason. Can't say I saw that coming back in March. Oh well. At least we got to see Cedric Mullins hit his first career homer! And Alex Cobb toss his first complete game since 2013! Cobb now has a 2.03 2nd half ERA to go with a 3.24 FIP. A nice change from his 6.41/5.13 1st half numbers. 37-87
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Atlanta Braves
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This makes up for Saturday where we had no business losing. Tonight we had no business winning.

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Seattle Mariners
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