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I want to get into the IL2 series coming from War Thunder but Im a bit lost at which game I should buy, Stalingrad, Kuban, Moscow, BodenPlatte? Are all these seperate games or function more like expansion packs? Im confused.


I feel dumb, since I've owned this game for a while, but I just wanted to setup a scenario to practice stuff, but I don't see anywhere to do that?


I've searched the forums but could not find any posts about this ButtKicker Gamer 2. I know that the performance varies from game to game and it is very dependent on the amount of low frequencies sound effects already in the game. Does anyone know how well it works with IL2 specifically?


VR in this game is so much better than I expected. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now (having come from a few months of TrackIR) and it is even more immersive than I could ever have imagined. The feeling of ‘being there’ is difficult to describe, but a couple of things stand out. Firstly, there is a definite sense of ‘presence’ being in the cockpit and you get a real sense of the size of these machines. Looking out the window of the A-20 while the big radials start up is amazing. I also occasionally without thinking try to rest my arm on the cockpit canopy sill of some of the smaller cockpits (Me-109).

Secondly, and the best example of the immersiveness that I can try to describe is when you come to a stop after landing. As you decelerate, in that last moment as the aircraft comes to a stop, as when you are in a car, your body stops slightly after the vehicle and you are restrained by the harness (or seat belt). Or in other words, your body moves slightly forward from the seat back and then drops back into the seat again. The game is so immersive that when it doesn’t happen, it’s quite jarring and throws off your sense of balance for a second or two.

Anyway, I had to share for those sitting on the fence about VR. I was unsure and I'm so glad I jumped in.


Lets say that you are shooting at an opponent from their 6.

Can 7mm actually penetrate the plane, wound the pilot and damage the engine? And if so, on which planes?


I play against the AI on Ace settings and find that it doesn’t really do anything all but slow, defensive turning. I just find it gets kind of old seeing the AI always doing the same thing. I never see them really attempt anything other than turning. Anyone else feel this way?


Hi guys, I just got this game and I'm still figuring out how exactly the campaign works. Twice now I've flown a mission, completed the objective, and ended the mission only to see that the rest of my squad ended up KIA/MIA even though I didn't see them get shot down.

On my last mission we did a bomber escort mission and completed the objective. I followed my crew of 109's and bombers back towards our base. Right as we were about to pass into friendly territory I looked behind me and saw a 109 veer off to the right and didn't see the others, even though they had been right with me during the flight back. I ended the mission once I was in friendly territory by hitting "Finish Mission" and saw that my whole squad was MIA.

This has happened to me twice now and I'm not sure why it's happening. Is it because I ended the mission through the menu instead of landing? I know for sure at least a few friendly 109's came back with me towards our airfield and only noticed them disappear once we were well away from any conflict. I specifically started a new campaign after this happened during a mission only to have it happen again on the very first mission of the new campaign.

Can someone help me figure out what's going on?


I recorded this video of the spazzing bombsight. It does this for sure in the JU 88 and HE 111 that I've tried so far, but I'm guessing it's happening in every bomber. I dont remember this happening before last time I flew bombers some months back. Has anyone seen anything like this?


Hello all, just started playing recently, playing vvs yak1. Enjoying it immensely, however to feel that the ai 109s are going too easy on me.
After giving them a poke and possibly hitting the water cooler (white smoking) the 109 after a few attempts to out run me and escape will suddenly cut throttle to 50% and just run straight with a few gentle curves, resulting in immediate death by me.

Is this the Ai trying to coast a damaged engine home? Or is it just being stupid, like trying to turn fight with a 109 instead of energy fighting?


Hey guys,

Recently took advantage of the 40% sale and purchased both BoS and BoM. I was able to download BoM, but don't see BoS.

Where do I download the game from?


Hi guys, i recently reinstalled Il-2 sturmovik with a friend. He created a server with the coop sample mission.

We join the same flight and everything seems to work but.... i can't see him or other planes. We were on the same runway and almost the same spot.

Can you please help me ? Also: is there a good spot to download coop missions ? I used to download them on mission4today with the old il-2.



I've always played Cliffs of Dover, or IL2 Forgotten Battles. It's just so that I don't have a headtracking form, I heard about how to use your phone as a headtracker. But I have no clue how to do that, but to get to the point. I want the 'older' head controls, is there anything I can do about that (Or alternatively, can I get an explanation how to setup that phone headtracking thing? Here is the link;


Mods, is it possible to give us editable flairs for this subreddit? It's a relatively small community and it would be nice if we could add our ingame callsigns for our flairs.


First, I bought it on sale for the VR aspect and it's awesome. I'm not a big flight sim person, but this one has grabbed me.

  1. How do I get access to all the planes that the enemy has? When I set up a quick mission, they have like 30 and I only have 8. I've seen the dlc planes, but there's not that many and they're 19.99 each?

  2. Will there ever be mods?

  3. Are the older IL2 games able to be set up for VR very well?

  4. Does anyone have a good suggestion for joystick and pedals that won't break my bank? All I have right now is a Logitech 3dPro.

Thanks in advance.


I've been finding it really difficult to accurately level-bomb using the Pe-2 (went 10+ missions with zero hits D:), and I've had more success using the 500 kg bombs and dive bombing. What I would really like is to be able to set things up for the entire flight to dive bomb, instead them level-bombing and me dive bombing.

I've tried arming the entire flight with 500 kg bombs, but the flight leader still level bombs. I've tried to lead the flight, and dive bomb using the 'follow me' order: this kind of works, the other Pe-2's dive with me, and drop their bombs on my command, but they don't seem to realize that they need to use their air brakes, so they end up overshooting.

Is there a way to get AI Pe-2's to dive bomb, using air brakes?

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A subreddit for 1C and 777's next title in the Il-2 series of flightsims.

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