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Posted byFunk-Soul Patrol4 years ago
Stickied postModerator of r/bboy
Welcome to r/Bboy!

What Is...
A b-boy/b-girl (or break-boy/break-girl) is a male/female dancer who practices breaking or b-boying/b-girling, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style, commonly known as "breakdancing."
Want to learn more? Watch The Freshest Kids a movie on Breakin' history.


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Hi, I'm looking for nice songs to train, but not just simple beats like you find in compilations in youtube, more like "real" songs wich have the good rythm for bboying. Whenever I look for these types of songs on youtube all I find is compilations of beats like those you would here in battles for example but that's not what I'm looking for. I like old school sounds by the way.. So tell me your favorite songs for bboying :) Thanks, I hope you understood me, sorry for my english lol i'm french


I wanted to practice gymnastic circles, I think it may help with the strength part in the flares. Any suggestions?

Here's my flare video, 2 months of practicing.


I understand that he's considered one of the most influential and original bboys of all time and the originator of the Origami style. But I want to get a better sense of his impact since I often see comments about how newer bboys are inadvertently biting him.


So I've been doing all of my sessions barefooted and I got calloused thumbs, usually from pivoting my leg. But once I use my shoes, I don't feel that comfortable compared to using my bare feet. Should I spend more time on practicing with my shoes or should I try to practice by feet and by shoes one at a time?

Posted byempty cypher7 days ago

Howdy r/bboy and welcome back to another installment of the Bboy AccountabiliBlog (working title, let me know if it is too cheesy). This link will take you to the previous installment covering a different way to look at practice. This post will cover personal history, give insight into the motivation for these posts and provide a road map for the future. Without further ado:

History and Background

I started dancing during my junior year of high school, back in 2005 (yes, that would put me around 30 years old). The salsa dance team, or rather the girls on the salsa dance team, created an interest in the dance arts. In addition, it was something to do between athletic seasons that could excuse a need for off season training. Though dance started in high school, breaking did not commence until after graduating and enrolling in college. Naturally, like most high school athletes, I did not go on to participate in athletics in college. Being sedentary was not an option, so instead I searched for other activities that would promote an active lifestyle. Originally I planned on focusing my time towards skateboarding, shameless plug, but living in a college town built on flat ground quickly killed that. I enjoyed dancing so it became the next logical step. Fortune smiled down and my graduating class was filled with other like-minded individuals. We took it upon ourselves to create and foster a community for freestyle dance in the form of an organization. We even placed well in talent shows and competitions. Needless to say, I was hooked and wanted nothing more than to be the best I possibly could. I pursued dance with fervor and vigor, to the detriment of my education.

Bboy Progression

Naturally being a bboy, or more correctly an eboy, I wanted to run the whole gamut of what it means to be a breaker. I joined a crew, one that I am no longer a part of, and traveled to as many battles as I could manage. Suffice it to say I was pretty cringe-inducing at the start but not quite as much further along. Small time success followed with the amount of time and focus I placed in my dance. I could never win a jam, even a small local one, but I booked some dance gigs here and there as well some work as back up and background dancers for artists. Being in a small town with virtually no scene aside from my peer circle also created a false sense accomplishment in my abilities. I practiced less and expected more and became jaded to the scene and dance in general. I lost my focus and my reason for dancing and threw away my education and a good portion of my future in the process. Bboy Gravity succinctly describes and mirrors the same path I went down, albeit he was, is and most likely will be much better than I could hope. After a furious foray into dance and breaking I walked away and gave it all up for a life of partying, drugs and wasted time.

The Prodigal Son Returns

At this juncture you may be asking, "So what brought you back and why are you here now?" Simplest answer, because breaking brought me out of the death spiral of bad decisions and poor judgment. Contrary to popular belief, the party does end. I found myself in a place in life that you would call rock bottom. I was working a dead end job, gaining a lot of weight and going nowhere in life. My entire life I grew up a winner and successful, nothing major but something I could be proud to talk about with friends and acquaintances. I wanted to get back to even a fraction of that previous life and the first step required that I at least take care of my own personal well being. In my previous post I touched on the Insanity program, I can not stress how much that kick-started my journey. I realized that I could incorporate the same ethic to breaking. Breaking now is not just a dance I do, but a process and a program for self-enrichment. Each day challenges me to be better than myself from the day before. These goals have crept into other aspects of my life from returning to and completing my college education to searching for work that I enjoy doing. Jams and battling again may be in my future, but for now my only competition is myself and my only goal is to provide a perspective for others.


Thanks again for taking the time to read this post. I hope that this helps some of you who may be in a similar situation or at least provide a good story/warning for those who are not. Future posts will involve more day to day and week to week discussion and topics. I felt that to understanding where I am going with this you should know from where I came.

Practice Mix of the Post

DJ Fleg (LOZ)-Strife TV Bboy Mixtape


i see a lot of short bboys throw high level powermoves like its nothing and they barely condition themselves while a tall guy has to do like thousands of pushups, core exercises, and starvation to have the strength to do those things.

Posted bybboy jonas fanboy7 days ago

Hey guys, I've been trying to learn the headspin, and I'm a bit confused.

Should you upper body be leading when doing headspins, and your legs follow, or your lower body follows the legs?

And also for headspin drills, is it the same? I've been watching footage of me failing them, and I seem to notice that I only make a quarter of a turn before abruptly stopping. Here's a vid:

Thanks, I don't even know how many posts I've made about help lol :)


I’ve always wondered how Bboy’s spin on their hand(2000,1990,deadman 90, sidechair spin,etc..) without any equipment. I really want to learn these moves but I twist my wrist whenever I attempt them. Can someone plz inform me on how they spin on their hand w/out any equipment?

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A community for anyone interested in b-boying/b-girling (or as more know it: breakdancing). Come to watch videos, see pictures, or discuss about the dance and culture.

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