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Weekly New Cyclist Thread - July 16, 2018

The Weekly New Cyclist Thread is a place where everyone in the /r/bicycling community can come and ask questions. You might have questions that you don't think deserve an entire post, or that might seem burdensome to others. Perhaps you're just seeking the input of some other cyclists. This is the place to ask that question, through a simple comment. The /r/bicycling community will do its best to answer it.

The WNCT is geared towards new cyclists, but anyone is free to ask a question and (hopefully) get as much input as possible from other cyclists.

Here are some questions that have been asked previously, leading to good discussions. If you'd like to ask again, go ahead, it's okay.

Posted by
Allied Alfa, Space Horse, Niner Jet 9
1 hour ago

New bike day


Anything wrong with wearing damp/wet cycling shorts

Sometimes I get super lazy and put the my kit in the washer too close to my ride time, this means my kit only air dries for a few hours b4 I need it. So I sometimes end up going on a ride a partially wet cycling short ? It dries up through the ride but I was wondering if this is a bad thing considering the chamois and all


Tips? Recently started cycling and have a little quadriceps tendon pain

Total newbie here. I recently decided to try out cycling as running and other sporting activities have taken their toll on my body after playing competitive basketball for 20 years including at the college level.

I've suffered from chronic Achilles tendinitis for years and cycling has been the only activity that it doesn't seem to flare up on. It actually seems to make it better. Anyway, I have been absolutely loving it. I rode 65 miles my first week and now I'm in my second week. I may have over done it as I mixed in an interval session and now have some pain above knee cap where quad attaches. My guess is acute quadriceps tendinitis as I have a history of tendinitis. Its not that bad just a little funny feeling right now. Will probably rest and ice for a couple days now. But has anyone ever had a problem with this? I probably went too hard too soon as I have no chill when it comes to sports. I have ordered some clip-less pedals and shoes so I can start using my whole leg and not just the quads which I hope will help.

I just hope it wont be an ongoing issue and deter me from the sport since I seem to be really enjoying it. Any tips on how to get better/prevent it?


TL;DR: Got a bike, probably went too hard too quick, now having some light quad pain (above knee cap). Any tips?

Posted by
S-Works Roubaix, Cannondale Slate, Salsa Beargrease, El Mariachi
14 minutes ago

Needed a Sample Project For The CNC

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Posted by
Virginia, USA (2008 Fuji Cross Comp)
19 minutes ago

What is the “mercedes benz” equivalent brand or models in the road cycling world?

I can always look and assume a bike is expensive if its clean and modern looking, but what are some head turning, high end bikes that everyone knows about in this community?

For example Its more obvious with cars because they obviously have triple the horsepower of normal cars, unique styling, as well as advanced technology. But it’s harder to tell with bicycles because they all pretty much look the same..

Whats the experience like riding a road bike that costs between 5 and 10 thousand dollars?

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